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5 Awesome Money Saving Tips On Bathroom Renovation


Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a new defined look? Have you thought about the design and planned out your budget for remodeling the space? The way things are becoming expensive, remodeling any corner of the house can be daunting and should be planned calmly, taking even the smallest detail into careful consideration. Everybody longs for a luxury bathroom with a sense of personal touch and comfort within the limits of monetary expenses.

Here some of the budget-saving tips to renovate the space without flushing down your funds on customization:

  1. Limit Your Tile

Tiles add a defining value to your bathroom, but these can be expensive and cost you a hefty amount on your budget. Wood can be one of the cheaper yet comforting options to limit the requirement of tile giving it an elegant regal look. To provide a clean and sleek look to the bathroom, you can remodel one of the walls with the tiles of your choice. The other option can be to add tiles on all four walls until midway and paint the rest of the wall. Limiting the tiles on walls will allow you to add chic tiles on the floor for a stylish look saving you a lot on the overall design.

  1. Do not disturb the plumbing

Plumbing is where you will spend most of your money while remodeling your bathroom. You need to know whether the piping is new or old. It is good advice to keep the plumbing as it is unless you are willing to spend at least 4000-5000$. Using the existing plumbing will save the expenses that you can use on other fixtures and renovations in the space. If it’s a newly built house and you need to remodel your bathroom, you don’t need to upgrade the plumbing, but if it’s an old space and things started to wear out, you need to think about changing the plumbing for good.

  1. Add a frame to the mirror

To give a classic grand look to the bathroom, add a side to side high-quality mirror and add a decorative plaster molding border to it. Adding an edge to the mirror hides the uneven wall around it and gives a neat edgy look to the wall. You can get several border installation ideas for the mirror, which includes a wooden frame and metallic frame to provide a rustic and contemporary appearance respectively to the bathroom. You can add extra lighting around the mirror to brighten up the whole area. The best-suggested place for installing a mirror is above the sink, reflecting the complete design in the most beautiful way.

  1. Upgrade the Fixtures

Keeping little change in more significant areas not just saves a big chunk from your budget but also allows you to bring out the more significant changes in the smallest details that makes the most striking statements. Upgrading your fixtures like lightings, faucets, metallic racks, magnifying LED mirrors, etc., are little investments that give a whole new meaning to your personal space.

5. Keep up with the trend on Counter Tops

Granite is the new trend in countertops that everyone wishes to have. There should be no second thought on installing the one that best matches the color theme of your bathroom. Put all the money that you saved from cost-cutting non-compulsory modifications in installing a granite counter. You can install the granite countertop to cabinets, drawers, or chest also to complete the look. It gives the whole space a luxurious experience giving it an added wow factor to your bathroom.

Final Thought

Renovations are done once in a long time as it costs a lot, so careful planning on budget and design on bath renovations is suggested. Reducing expenses on optional alterations and putting an effort on focus areas can give a distinct and well sought after space where you would love to spend your time. 

What is needed for outdoor lighting?


What is needed for outdoor lighting? It is not the light itself that creates the magical affect on a person’s mood and soul, but rather the illumination that illuminate the place where it is pointed. That is why we need to have the right outdoor lighting in and around our homes and property. These lights not only beautify our homes and gardens but also contribute greatly to safety. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons why lighting is very important.

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting protects our house against intruders. How? When we walk or come in from the darkness, we do not know if someone is peeking out from under a bush or just lurking in the shadows waiting for the time to strike. The presence of lighting around the property not only discourages such a person from invading our houses, but also warns him that he is being watched and that he better move out of the way or leave his stuff behind.

There is also the aesthetic advantage. Lighting is used to highlight our gardens or other landscaped areas. A beautiful setting becomes visible at night, making it even more enticing to visitors. It makes even the drab grounds look like a paradise. This is why we use outdoor lighting to add beauty to our outdoor areas. It not only adds visual beauty but also allows us to enjoy our garden at night. Contact Southern Outdoor Lighting for a list of options.

Besides being attractive, outdoor lighting also helps keep our house safe at night. There are many incidents reported where intruders were scared off by the movement of some lights in the night. What is needed for outdoor lighting is a sufficient amount of lighting so that intruders will be easily seen. For this purpose, we use floodlights, spotlights or lamps with bulbs that give out enough light to keep the intruder awake but not annoyed.

The last advantage that we have to worry about is keeping our outdoor lighting powered well. It would be a great loss if the battery in our outdoor lighting gets consumed quickly. This means that we are not able to illuminate our house properly for safety reasons. We need to replace the battery every now and then or use other forms of power that costs less such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Having answered the question, “What is needed for outdoor lighting? “, you can now start thinking how you can illuminate your house for maximum effect at night. Just remember that these need not be huge or expensive. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can install them in a very small budget and still provide you with all the comforts and security that you desire.

3 Smart Ways To Secure Your Home


Home is considered one of the safest places in the world. But, what if you had invested lots of funds on improving interiors and forget house safety fundamentals. Your home will look no safer and you will always be worried about thieves and burglars. Therefore, while focusing on the home interior give equal importance to your garage, interior, and outdoor safety.

secure your home tips

Let’s know more about these;

  • The Garage

Most people do not have a garage, even after spending their whole life hard earnings. But if you have a garage, feel yourself among the luckiest people. Because you will be no more worried about car parking space. Again the good news is that a garage can help you to reduce auto insurance premiums. Even you will get the liberty to store housing stuff which is used occasionally at your own garage.

A garage is an important part of your house. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to follow all garage safety tips. Because in most of the houses garages are connected to the direct entryway to the house. Ignoring its security means you are giving chance to thieves to enter your house. Hence, it is essential to reinforce the doors with steel, as steel is considered the most strong and durable metal.

  • Interior safety

As the exterior is important to be safe, similarly being a house owner you have to be sure about interior safety. Add home appliances and other devices that are safe and ensure your family security. As it is very common that you have added a burglar detection alarm in your house. Still, some other areas need attention. For example, check if your fireplace knows that you are using a traditional fireplace at home or not. If yes, replace it with an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are safer and secure options for your family. If you are concerned about the interior, keep in mind there are white corner fireplace options available that can fit in any space. Even if you have children or a pet at home, an electric fireplace won’t harm you even after touching.

  • Outdoor Lighting

Usually, people pay attention to indoor housing lights and forget about outdoor lights’ importance. Remember, outdoor lights are equally important as indoor lights. Ignoring lights or saving power bills means you are giving invitations to burglars to enter your house. A study also shows that it is conducted considering illumination effects on streets. Therefore, do not give a chance to anyone to harm your property or reputation and install lights on outdoor areas.

If you are worried about high bills, there is a solution for you. Just add motion detection lights in outer space. If someone will be moving nearby lights, these will automatically illuminate and save serious accidents. Motion detection lights also do not harm your power bills as these are charged by solar energy. Therefore you are commanding the word from both ends.

I hope the above information helps you to improve your house safety and security. Find out these areas in your house and do not leave any stone unturned that affect your dream home safety.

7 Tips for Buying the Best Patio Furniture


You probably landed on our website either because you bought a new house or the rental property needs a little upgrade. Everyone wants to give their living space a personal touch, some depth, color, and flair.

Decorating outdoor spaces is as necessary as the indoor. With the right furniture, the basic stone patio can turn into a beautiful space. Enjoy the breezy summer evenings and sunlit winter days outside. Once designed with the best furniture, the patio would be the one-stop for lounging, dining, and entertainment.

If you have moved to a new house, we brought a little housewarming gift, 7 tips for buying the best patio furniture.

Try Outdoor Seating

We recommend you to make a list before heading to the furniture shop, how you want your patio to look, what it must depict. Look for the comfortable patio chair and sofa, inspect by taking a seat and check how comfortable they are for regular use.

Easy to Care Outdoor Furniture

Your goal is to enjoy your outdoor living space not to spend a bulk of hours cleaning up the outdoor furniture. Most metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces come under the category of easy-care patio furniture.

Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces

Decorate your space with minimal clutter, go for foldable storage furniture pieces that take up less space. For instance, a furniture piece that can serve as a bench, and a table with drawers is better than the one that serves a single purpose.

Choose furniture that can do fine in rain

Patio furniture has to deal with almost all sorts of weather conditions including the worse one for furniture; rain. So, the furniture you are about to buy should handle rain well and the cushions must be waterproof.

Look for the area it covers

If you are planning to dedicate a small part of your lawn to have an afternoon tea or lunch area. The most important thing you need to look for is, the area it covers. Measure the area you are planning to dedicate and then compare it with the area the patio furniture you selected covers.

The furniture should be easy-to-carry

Look for furniture that is easy to carry so if you want to use it for any other purpose you can shift it without any aid. Look for the restaurant patio furniture or hotel patio furniture as they are easier to clean and carry.


So, you have finally decided to bring patio furniture home? You must keep these tips in your mind while making an order. The patio furniture, needs to be easier to carry and clean, must take less space, have to be comfortable, and should handle the harsh weather conditions well.

These are just a few important things you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Do not rely on this article alone as it is not written by a professional patio furniture dealer. Follow these valuable tips and ask a professional for help to save yourself from disappointment.

Hot Water Smells Like Gas? Here’s Why


If you’ve noticed that your hot water smells like sewage, rotten eggs, or garbage, you’re not the only one who experiences it. Plenty of homeowners encounter the same issue from time to time, although the exact cause of the smell is very challenging to pinpoint with just water testing.

In this article, we’re going to go over the sources of those hot water smells and look into ways to get rid of them.

Causes of Smells in Hot Water Supply

  1. Sulfur-Eating Bacteria

One of the most prominent smells usually encountered in your plumbing is rotten eggs, which is caused by sulfur-eating bacteria. This bacteria is normally present in the water but shouldn’t be a problem in rural areas. This certain bacteria feed and sulfur and produce hydrogen sulfide gas.

The most common cause of these types of odors is when the bacteria grow inside of your water supply drain. You’ll be aware of its presence after some time when organic matter such as soap, food waste, and hair starts accumulating on the drain walls. This waste serves as food for the bacteria to feed on. To fix this, you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure both your hot and cold water have that smell and that it’s coming out from either one or more faucets, but not all of them. Take a glass and fill it with water from the sink where the smell is coming from, then back off from the sink, and start swirling the water within the glass a couple of times. Tap the glass of water and if it doesn’t have the odor, then the problem may be in the drain.

  2. If you find that the glass of water doesn’t have any smells, then the drain must be disinfected and flushed.

If not that, then you should know that bacteria can also grow in water and the well also. Once you’ve determined this is happening, call a licensed or professional plumber to replace it with a good alternative like an aluminum rod.

  1. Chlorine, Chloramines & Chemicals

Sometimes water disinfectants like chlorine, chloramines, or other chemicals end up getting washed into our water supply, which is why homeowners end up detecting a slight chemical smell in their tap water. The reason behind this infection is probably because the disinfection chemicals were likely introduced by the water utility.

To take care of this problem, get to know the process behind the water treatment in charge in your community while also visiting the utility’s website regularly for information regarding water safety. And if you find that the local water utility utilizes chloramines, make it a good habit to frequently inspect as well as replace the interior household water lines, like those for the dishwasher and clothes washer, since polyurethane fixtures and rubber fittings degrade in elasticity and are more likely to fail being treated with chemicals.

  1. Sewage Odor

Another reason hot water smells bad is a problem with your drain, which is what gives it that awful sewage smell. This could probably be due to bacteria building up in your house’s pipe that’s close to the drain in the house and homeowners can pick up the scent when they’ve turned on the water as the p-trap is in the process of being cleared at that moment. Once that’s done, the gases will start coming out.

On the other hand, if your water heater was switched off at one point or is running at lower temperatures, it could have encouraged bacteria buildup. If this is the case, it is possible that the sewage smell may come from the tap. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, and you encounter such smells and tastes in your household, then click here.

  1. Earthy Smells

Despite fishy or earthy smells being harmless, most are sensitive to that kind of odor even at a very minute level. These orders are typically caused by:

  • Water well pollution due to surface drainage

  • Depreciating organic matter in the drain

In both cases, the existence of bacteria is quite common. But the most recurring cause of this issue is typically deteriorating organic matter that has been deposited for quite some time within the drain. To make sure this isn’t a well problem, take a glass and fill it in with tap water, then move away from the sink and then stir the water within the glass a couple of times. If the glass full of tap water doesn’t have any odor, then the issue must lie in the drain. And if that’s the case, then the only option is to disinfect, clean, and then flush the drain to completely eradicate the odor.

  1. The Smell of Gasoline, Oil or Petroleum

At times, hot water smells like gas. This may be the result of a bacteria that eats iron and is present in the water supply. The presence of iron in our water supply results in red discoloration in the sink in the tub, as well as red stains on our clothes. However, the bacteria itself is generally harmless and is more present in groundwater. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that the odor is unpleasant in the petroleum or fuel oil-jelly-like smell is something that no one wants on their clothes, hair, skin, or even in their drinking water.

Another cause of this gasoline smell, which can be potentially dangerous, is legitimate gasoline itself in our water supply. This probably means that an underground holding tank has either runoff from a spill or leaked its way into the groundwater and poses a danger to our health and public safety.

To take care of this problem, you need to straight away contact your local water company. And it’s better for you to act fast before it becomes an even bigger problem down the line.

Keys to Delivering Construction Projects on Time and Budget


Time and money are two of the most valuable assets in a construction project. Delays are unavoidable, and rework steals hours from the project causing missed deadlines and budget overruns. Construction Projects involve a value of trillion dollars, and thus delivering them on time and budget becomes a top priority. The better you are at managing time and budget, the higher your chances of completing the project.

Below you can find eight powerful tips for delivering construction projects on time and within budget:

  1. Research and Create a Detailed Plan

Planning is the first step taken toward project completion. It should start long before the actual construction kicks off. The project manager should create a detailed plan for the project’s design, pre-construction, procurement, and Quality assurance stages. Planning can be revised at each step or when unexpected problems show up. Each step of planning must have a dedicated team of professionals who coordinate their efforts to deliver the project successfully.

  1. Hire the Right People for the Job

Having the right people for the job ensures the timely delivery of the construction project. A project manager can quickly know whether the team member can do the assigned job or not. It should be his decision whom to keep in his team. He should create requirement criteria for the selection process and hire an expert team for the project. Experience is the decisive factor in hiring a person for the construction project. People who have worked on similar projects can use their expertise in completing the project on time and within budget. Experienced should be the main criteria for steel building construction companies before hiring a construction project candidate.

  1. Invest in Training

You are ready with your plan, timeline, and human resource; it’s time for you to focus on additional training they might need for the project completion. Many experienced construction workers are not aware of the latest equipment and tools used in the field. A skilled person should provide proper training on using specific equipment, materials, and even software tools to make appropriate connections with the team. It should be focused mainly on safety and communication to avoid risks. Training can prove to be a significant factor in delivering the project on time and within budget.

  1. Set a Timeline for Each Team

Once the plan and team are finalized, set a timeline for each phase and group to complete their allocated task; the timeline should include the expected and time frame required to finish the job. It should be made after a discussion with each team. In this manner, they will be aware of their duties and the timeframe to meet the deadlines. In case of delays, you can find the cause, hold the team responsible for it, and take quick actions to complete it on time.

  1. Keep Everyone Informed

The next step after the plan and team is finalized construction. Once the construction process starts, make sure the progress is according to the list. Preparing notes and updates is the key to ensure scheduled project completion. Each team and project manager should use field notes and ensure that the information is shared with the back office, contractors, and teammates to keep them updated at all times. It’s essential to regularly check these updates to know whether the project is on the timeline or delayed by the scheduled deadline. This way, the project managers can find the completion rate and hold meetings with the team to catch up if delays occur.

  1. Collaborate with the Right Digital Tool

A right digital tool where stakeholders, a Project manager, a superintendent, or a construction worker share updates can make a big difference in delivering the construction project on scheduled time and budget. Various digital tools are available for the construction project to connect with the team and share the reports and updates with the rest of the members. These software tools are easy to use and help one to send/receive updates without any hassle.

Significant features of software tools used by steel building construction companies are:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Graphical, Tabular, and Pie Chart reports
  • Tracking of each team’s action on-site
  • Detailed insights across projects
  • Real-time construction management
  • Easy to use customizations
  1. Analyze the Data

Data plays the most crucial and decisive resource for the timely delivery of the project. A good project manager should be able to understand the data provided in the form of reports. Suppose he can analyze the data and decide on factors like cost, time, resources, quality, and safety. In that case, the construction industry stakeholders can show remarkable growth in the construction process with minimum delays. Many Calgary landscaping companies are now hiring expert data analysts to understand the data and make the right decisions based on the reports.

  1. Develop a Risk Management Plan

A well-constructed risk management plan is the last saviour to deliver the construction project on time and within budget. In a construction project, you cannot eliminate all financial and physical risks, but proper planning can minimize risk. A substantial risk management plan helps you eliminate potential dangers before they become actual problems that can cost you time and money.

Things you can do under risk management are-

  • Make a list of all potential risks which covers political, economic, social, and technological factors
  • Determine all of the dangers at each step.
  • Perform a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of the risks using scenario analysis.
  • Find the impact it would have on the project.
  • Determine who will be responsible for each area of risk.
  • Come up with functional solutions to these crises.

Final word

For steel building construction companies, time is money, and even a small delay can cause an overrun of the planned cost, allocated resources, and scheduled time of infrastructure projects. It is challenging to deliver a construction project on time and budget but not impossible. Coordination with each participant and phase of a construction project can simplify this complex process. The above-discussed tips can ensure the successful delivery of the project and can give you a significant advantage over other construction companies in the market.

4 Creative Ideas to Reinvent and Accessorize the Bathroom Space


In modern homes, the bathrooms need not only be functional. They are rooms that can be stylish and comfortable for all to use at home. Since everyone uses the bathrooms, it is essential to consider using the space wisely when remodeling the space.   

Homeowners have the opportunity of expressing themselves by customizing their places. With the right budget, one can find high quality bathroom supplies & products that suit their lifestyle. It is critical to be attentive to the area that people spend a lot of time using the facility. The cost and time for reinvention and accessorizing depends on the ideas that you have in the mind. There are lots of ways to improve the space with modern equipment for the toilets, bathing area, mirrors, and floors. Interior designers and architects are qualified people to consult when looking for home improvement services.

Designs to considering

Preferences and tastes dictate the design that individuals choose when engaging in home improvement. Below are two common designs for a bathroom:

  • Contemporary design – It is a creative and innovative way to brighten up the bathrooms. The process includes changing the lighting, ceiling, windows, and floors. Contemporary designs can offer more light to the room and incorporate indoor plants that accessorize the space. It entails giving the room a natural touch to it.

  • Vintage design – It makes use of fittings and decors that are antique. By utilizing rare and classy bathroom equipment, homeowners can achieve an impressive outlook on the room. It entails blending different modern and traditional styles that will transform the bathroom.

Fancy and Classy Fittings

There is an increased need to make the bathroom classy and fancy. Bathrooms are the places that everyone goes every day to clean up. Having elegant fittings will be a constant reminder of a human’s personality and liking. Mats, knobs, mirrors, lighting, and showers are popular items for remodeling in a modern bathroom.

The ambiance in the Lighting

It is essential to do away with the old lighting and get a new system that is trending. Stylish lamps and bulbs can illuminate the space according to your liking. Remember to have enough light even though one is looking for ambiance. Choose lighting that offers a clear vision as well as exudes a good mood and feeling.

Stylish Flooring

Bathrooms can easily lose their floor appeal due to the constant use. The discoloration is common in the areas that get wet most of the time. When choosing a floor makeover, tiles, and vinyl are affordable and adaptable to the bathroom needs. Hardwood floors might require some polishing to get them shiny again.


A fresh coat of paint will brighten up the bathroom. Repairing the walls gives the paint job a clean and elegant look to it. Purchase paint that is friendly to the environment and is not affected by water and moisture. The walls should be easy to clean too.


Constant repair and maintenance are essential in taking care of the bathroom décor, equipment, and fittings.

Three Important Tips for Hiring a Local Siding Contractor


How many times have you considered getting some siding installed in your home? It is one of the best ways to protect the property and also increase its overall value. With high-quality sidings, you can have the opportunity to give your home a unique and gorgeous look. Moreover, they last for several years allowing potential buyers to know the worth. This further ensures that you go through less hassle in the future when in need to sell it off.

From Where Should You Buy and Install Sidings?

Buying and installing sidings is not a difficult job today because of the numerous dealers you can come across easily. They are available both online and offline and readily available to assist. However, you should be careful and select the best from the lot. And to do this, here are three important tips that will help you go a long way:

  1. Check if the company has a host of colors to cater to your siding requirements. Additionally, also look for texture and other material options available with them so that you can make a choice and choose the best. When it comes to choosing the materials for the exterior, they have to be installed as per the climate of your area. Hence, when you know the available options, you can come down to a decision to meet the required style and need.

  1. Inquire with your service provider about their years of business in the industry. Doing this will give you an idea about their expertise in the job and whether or not you should go for them. The experts at https://abrahamrs.com/ believe that having a good experience here is of utmost importance. It allows the professionals to not only install the right sidings for your property but also share tips on how you can maintain them. Additionally, they can also inspect the surrounding areas and suggest you with services and ideas for better results.

  1. Thirdly and most importantly, you should inquire with the company about the warranty and guarantee of their work. Getting a service received does not only mean that you should bid your goodbye to the company forever right then. You will have to keep in touch with them in case further services of the provided one is needed. And to do this, you should request the warranty documents for reference.

When choosing a siding company, you should also request a consultation with the experts. This way, you will be able to understand their work processes. In addition to their work process, you should also request a quote. When you will know the price of the services in advance, it will be easier for you to plan your budget. Another important question to ask would be to inquire about working time and day. You will then get to plan your schedule and experience a hassle-free service.

Follow these three very simple and significant tips when getting your siding services done. Check for every material and texture options available and give your home the gorgeous look it deserves.

Ace Up Your Decor Goals with Electroluminescent Paint


How cool are those glowing t-shirts in the dark that you see in the movies? Aren’t they just amazing? Well, this technology is gaining a lot of popularity lately and can be seen everywhere. This technology is called the EL technology, which stands for Electroluminescent Paint. You will be able to find a plethora of art forms using the Electroluminescent Paint in order to enhance its overall features. Some popular forms, apart from t-shirts, include helmets, walls, automobiles, bedsheets, phone covers, and furniture.

lumilor paint

Basic Understanding of How Electroluminescent Paint Works

Electroluminescence is simply a process of converting electrical energy into light energy. This is done through the activation of a non-conductive substance and the use of an alternating current. So, when you insert a conductive material with a combination of phosphor and plastic, you will get the light. What contributes towards the illumination of light is the presence of phosphor. The required amount of electricity passes from one layer of an electrode to another to give that stunning glow.

The Many Uses of Electroluminescent Paint

When talking about the different uses of this glowing light, there actually are dozens. People have been using Electroluminescent Paint light for activities for many years now. While these activities can be enjoyed, you can also take a step towards your own creative imagination and do more. After all, there are no limits to getting creative and making things around you glow, right? Apart from those, here are five interesting ways to use the paint and enhance multiple activities around you:


There is a lot of scope for businesses to enhance their reach with their audience with the use of Electroluminescent paint. They can highlight certain categories of products or even creatively showcase what they specialize in. For instance, if you are running a business and wish to grow your audience, you can:

  1. Create signage boards that will glow in the dark and let your brand’s name appear uniquely among the rest in the street. You can use multiple colors or just one based on your preference and design the signage board. Additionally, you can also put the same for the main door and window displays to attract customers walking past your business property.

  1. Design certain accessories that will help showcase the creative side of your work. You can choose the accessories of your choice ranging from pens and diaries to t-shirts and gadgets, depending upon your audience and budget. Get your brand’s name highlighted on the products so that when they are used by your employees or guests, the results glow like never before.

  1. Interior: Businesses who fall in the creative industry should definitely make the best use of this form of light to decorate their office and related elements. For instance, if you belong to the fashion industry, use the lights in mannequins or window displays to highlight the different elements. Additionally, the stairs, glass door, balcony, and even displays can be decorated with the paint.


Electroluminescent paint is a great way to ace up your home décor plans. You can use the options from Ellumiglow in almost every room of your home. It is also suggested that you apply the same in decent quantity. Applying too much may only cause the space to look congested. Additionally, it may also not help the other decor items placed inside the rooms to compliment it. Hence, it is extremely important that you know the amount to apply and take professional assistance for the same. Here are a few ways to help you decorate your home using lighting glow paint:

  1. Walls: The best way to effortlessly decorate your room with lighting paint is by creating a design on the walls. You can choose any design you wish to such as a mandala, night sky, mountains, or flowers. This will not only create a unique and cozy environment but also illuminate the room with enough light.

  1. Stairs: You can paint the sides of the staircase of your home in the gorgeous color of your choice. Doing this will create a perfect glow in the dark and also help you avoid accidents. Additionally, when you are planning parties at home, the paint on the areas of the staircase will do an absolutely wonderful job to awe our guests.

  1. Structures: Take out the old and plain structures that are kept inside the storeroom and apply them with glow paint. Once they are dry, you can decorate your home with the structures by placing them in different corners. Some of these structures that you can paint include book stands, wooden chairs, trunks, statues or showpieces, flower pots, and side tables.

When buying glow paint, it is extremely important that you research and find the best service provider in your area. You will be able to get the desired results only when you invest in electroluminescent paint of high quality. They will assure you of not wearing out and keep glowing for several years. A quality product goes through the different stages of testing and meets industry standards. For example, a quality product will have met the different ASTM standards such as:

  1. Salt Fog ASTM B117

  2. Chemical Testing ASTM 1308

  3. QUV A ASTM D4587

  4. Climate Cycling

  5. Outdoor Exposure ASTM G7, direct

  6. Mandrel Bend ASTM D522

  7. Impact Resistance ASTM D2794-10

One of the wisest steps to take is to consult with the service provider and get samples. This way, you will be able to learn about the quality that they have to offer as well as make color choices from the wide availability. You can also request them for the quotes of the different products they have available and take tips on how to use and apply the electroluminescent paints.

So, make it a point to definitely try these simple tips and tricks to enhance the look of your home and office spaces. The paints are easily available online and offline and work effortlessly to enhance your home decor goals.

Top Backyard Games That are Popular Today


Backyard games never go out of trend, offering loads of fun, family bonding, and keeping the kids occupied during holidays. The best thing with these is that age does not matter. These come handy at birthday parties, outdoor barbecues with colleagues, and even an ordinary day when you have nothing else to do. It encourages people to mingle and can instantly turn a dull get-together into an exciting one.

You can get also get a little exercise depending on which games you choose. These backyard games are perfect for those memories that you will cherish later. It’s one thing that can make your time at home to the next level- add excitement to your parties, and give your kids a good time that involves physical activity. Here are some healthy games that can keep anyone entertained for hours.

Ramp shot Toss and Bounce Game

For all those who loved the classic backyard games, they will love this one too. This game will require a little more energy making it perfect if looking for some physical activity as well. Teens and adults will enjoy this game that is similar to bean bag toss, but more action-packed.

Buddy Bounce Play Ball

Outdoor games and activities for kids have been a big hit in recent times. These life-size inflatable balls are good fun. Buddy bounce play ball is an all-time favourite as it provides a truly unique, fun-filled experience. Many come with built-in LED lights as well.

Throw Burrito Outdoor Edition

We all loved to play cards, and nowhere a new twist to the popular games. Taking it a few notches higher, the Throw Throw Burrito is a dodgeball card game. The goal is to collect matching sets of cards and battle as 3-foot-tall inflatable burritos are thrown and fended off.

The Classic Cornhole

It is a classic game and remains immensely popular due to the fun element it brings when you are together with friends and family. Play it easily with a beer in hand with your friends or colleagues to have a great time together. It is a bean-tag toss, and you have to toss the bean-bag into the hole.

A Unique Tossing Game

Here is a tossing game that is fun and frustrating, and hence you won’t be able to resist playing it. It is pretty similar to a lawn game, just bring a little strength and skill while playing. Teams are formed and take turns to throw their ball near the smaller one as they also attempt to knock their opponent’s ball out the way. Play it anywhere from backyards to beaches.

Frisbee Version of Horseshoes

Consider it more of a combination of horseshoes and frisbee, and the fun is unlimited. Two teams of two-player each are formed, and the goal is to score 21 points. This game is full of excitement, action, and teamwork too. In fact, everyone watching gets involved also. Try an annual family tournament next time with this to create memories that everyone remembers.

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