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Excellent Tips to Troubleshoot a Vacuum Cleaner


You suck!” That’s what I always told to my old vacuum cleaner.

Obviously, before you even think about opening up your old broken vacuum, you should consider checking the warranty, or buying a new one. Why go through the struggle of trying to repair it, which involves a lot of work and curses, probably even for no results, when you can take the simple way, and just get you a new, more efficient one.

Before we proceed, you must know how to get a better or more reliable vacuum to minimize the chances of breaking down! According to stickvacuum.org, there are 10 factors to consider when buying a new vacuum.

Anyway, after you bought the vacuum for some time, the machine will get older and problem may persist! Then, you need to know how to deal with those problems.

To Fix the Vacuum Yourself or Not?

Depending on your level of general knowledge about electronics and mechanics, you should decide whether want to try and fix it or not. This is important, because if you open the vacuum you will probably not be able to put it back in place.

One last reminder about the warranty: once you open the vacuum by yourself, the warranty is lost. You should check the manual and see if you have any instructions. If you do, follow them.

Identify the Problem of Your Vacuum – Loss of Suction

There are many ways in which your vacuum could not work. The first would be that it loses or has no suction at all. The worst would be it doesn’t turn on at all. There are some reasons why your vacuum loses suction.

Firstly, check out all your filters, and your bag. Open up the vacuum as you would normally open it up to remove its container or bag. See if you can spot any major issues here, like a broken bag or container.

Having a hole there will obviously make the vacuum lose most of its suction. Sometimes things like pieces of plastic bags or other objects could get stuck right on the filter and would block the airflow of the vacuum cleaner.

Check out your manual and see if your filters can be washed or not. If they can be washed proceed with caution, because your sink will get very dirty in the process. I will also mention that you must try to dry the filters up to about 24 hours before placing them back.

Next, you can check the hose of the vacuum and see if it has any clogs. Some things could get stuck in there preventing you from being able to clean properly. To do so simply squeeze the hose between your thumb and your index finger. If you can’t fully squeeze it means that something must be there.

To clean the hose of the blockage you can also use water. If it doesn’t work, you can try using the stick, cable, or special wire used to unclog pipes. Sometimes the hose can be torn apart by time just like in the image below. In this case you might want to get a new one, or even a new vacuum cleaner, but some duct tape might also be able to do the trick.

Another common case of suction loss, is a broken fan. Although they are made of very solid plastic, at that rotation speed the tiniest touch to a fan’s blade could end up breaking it. And this is usually accompanied by a pretty strong sound. If you blade if you vacuum sound broke up you will have very small chances of fixing it, so your best shot is either getting yourself a new set of blades, or a new machine.

What Happen If Your Vacuum Cannot Even ON?

If your vacuum doesn’t turn on at all, then it must be a more serious problem. Even if it’s just a bunch of wires that got defused because of the heat, you will still have more work to do, because you will have to open the hidden part of your vacuum.

Look for the screws of the machine, and user screwdriver to open them up. Watch out for any clicks on the plastic covers. If you pull to pieces and they won’t go off then something must be holding them in place. If you pull out too hard you can break them, so watch out.

No useless wires should be found around, so if you do find the wire with one ending pointing in the air, you definitely have a problem. Trying to find out where the wire should be, and fuse it back, with a heat gun.

Check out if any short-circuits take place. This will close the electrical system and can probably damage the engine further. If you don’t know what a short circuit is, it’s enough to mention that they are two wires that shouldn’t be touching each other, but they are. Most cables are isolated so this should rarely be the case.

Some vacuums also have a safety feature that turns off your motor when it overheats. Please make sure this isn’t the case. Wait for about 30 minutes then power on your vacuum again. If it works it might have an overheating problem. If it doesn’t then some other parts maybe in trouble.

If none of the problems above are the case, then you might have an engine problem. As the motor is broke you might take a look at it and see how bad it looks. If the wires that produce the magnetic field are all torn apart then the motor is probably useless. You can again either try and fix it (with very small chances of success and a very low lifespan if succeeded), or simply look for a new one. If your vacuum is older you might have very small chances to find a motor anywhere. Your best bet here is to try and buy yourself a new vacuum.

Why I am constantly repeating that you should get yourself a new vacuum cleaner is because parts for old electronic devices are very expensive and hard to find. Producers don’t produce them anymore because of the new products they are building.


So, the thing about repairing any electronic devices is that you not only need expertise, but you also need the proper equipment. If you are an engineer or have any sort of knowledge, you wouldn’t probably read this page right now.

If you don’t have any expertise, and therefore you are reading this page, my advice to you is that you should not try to repair your vacuum by yourself. It might only be a tiny problem which would cost you a small amount of money at a repair shop, which you will turn into a bigger problem that could end up costing you a lot more or even be irreversible.

American Home Shield Review


The process of selecting a home warranty can be challenging and complex, but at American Home Shield, it is easier for anyone to choose the service and plans. Although there are plenty of companies with different plans, we will help you understand why AHS is the right provider and its plans. Customers can choose from four pre-set plans, including one that is custom-built by the buyer. They can also backdate coverage to when they moved in as long as they meet the right conditions. If you choose the right plan, you can have appliance coverage, systems coverage, or a combination of the two. Unlike other companies, American Home Shield keeps its costs competitive and flexible.

Overview of American Home Shield warranty program

Besides covering over 20 appliances and systems, this company offers optional coverage for pools, wells and septic systems, guest units, instant hot and cold water dispensers, ceiling fans, built-in food centers, and instant hot and cold water dispensers. Despite American Home Shield offering only a 60-day workmanship guarantee, it has access to a network of 15,000 independent contractors and 45,000 service technicians to do the repair work. Are there any other perks? Yes, before starting the plan, the company does not require any home inspection of the client. The various AHS plans provide flexibility to the customer since the service fee amount can be chosen from a pre-defined goal. Choosing a higher service fee typically lowers the monthly premium and vice versa. In the case of any prospective buyer looking to get insurance for their home but does not want to pay for more coverage than they need, American Home Shield is a good option.

Benefits of American Home Shield

Get a free quote: Visit the site

Number of plans: 3

Premium cost: $40–$58 per month

Service fee: $75–$125

State availability: 49 states (all except Alaska)

BBB Rating: B

Years in business: 50

Superlative: Best Overall

American Home Shield Features & Drawbacks


  • A leading provider of home warranty services
  • Has a BBB accreditation
  • Service fees are flexible


Offers only five optional add-ons

Some premiums are more expensive than others

Note: Homeowners can choose a $75, $100, or $125 service fee from American Home Shield. The cost of optional add-ons varies depending on the specific items selected by each company. An annual home warranty costs an average of $40 to $180 for each optional item.

On https://observer.com/2021/08/american-home-shield/, you will find information on various home warranty services and plans, allowing you to compare policies and choose the best plan. The home warranty plans offered by American Home Shield are generally the best choice for a person wanting to customize their coverage. If a customer wants a more extended guarantee on workmanship, they may wish to buy it from another company. The fact that American Home Shield covers 49 states is another benefit to avail from. With more than 15,000 independent contractors to choose from, this plan can be a solid choice for your home warranty needs.

Customer Reviews

The BBB has accredited American Home Shield and currently gives it a B rating. The BBB does not accredit their competitor Home Service Club, and it holds a C rating. Nevertheless, the BBB notes a pattern of complaints regarding The Home Service Club’s customer service department, which is why AHS is a better choice any day.

According to Consumer Affairs, American Home Shield has more than 19,000 customer reviews. The company has achieved an impressive 4.4 rating out of 5 stars. This shows that the company has high customer satisfaction ratings and that anyone choosing them for their home warranty can expect a good experience.


Customers often say American Home Shield provides excellent customer service and excellent coverage. Thanks to their extensive warranty coverage, American Home Shield customers do not need to worry about repairing or replacing appliances or systems that break down.

3 Things to Consider When You Need to Sell Your House Super-Fast


If you have made up your mind to sell your house, there is no reason to delay the process. This is because the longer your home stays in the seller’s market, the less valuable it becomes.

So, suppose you are selling your home when living in the cities such as Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens (GSAP) and need to find a buyer urgently. In that case, you need to consider some essential things before taking the final step.

Here you’ll find all the necessary information, which will help you sell your home in the shortest amount of time possible—also assisting you throughout the complex process of selling the house.

Let’s get started:

  1.  Hire a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Once you decide to sell your home, the first step you need to take is to hire an experienced real estate agent that will put your home on a buyer’s radar. They will act as a perfect medium of contact between you and the potential buyer of your home. They can further help you scheduling showings, marketing your house, and crafting your listing.

Also, keep in mind, houses sold without the assistance of a real estate agent usually gets sold for a lot less price. It’s because the whole process of selling a home is time-consuming, risky, and a piece of hard work. Therefore, if you are not sure about what you are doing, you put yourself at a significant disadvantage.

  1.  Choose the Listing Price, Wisely

When listing your home, selecting the highest price possible only seems logical. Since buyers will always try to settle the deal at the lowest price possible, so why not just set the highest price, right? However, this does not always work.

In most cases, buyers don’t always have the patience or time to negotiate with the sellers. Therefore, when you list your prices high above average, your buyers will lose their interest in your property. And if nobody is interested in buying your property, it will become stale; eventually, you’ll have to sell it at a low price. So, if you are asking yourself the question, how can I Sell My House Fast GSAP, this is the answer you were looking for in the first place. For this reason, first, do your research and only then put the final price in the listing.

An easy thing to do would be, look for the pricing set in your vicinity, and adjust the price for your property accordingly. Therefore, when you list your property according to market expectations, the number of offers you will receive is more likely to increase.

  1.  Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a perfect way to get the word out about you selling your property. Sharing a post about you selling your property can work as an advertisement for your property and attract interested buyers.

By “sharing” your listing on social media platforms, you share the information about your property with hundreds of people. This can generate curiosity among your friends and the friends they have, hence making a big chain from where you can receive multiple calls from people interested in buying your home.

Also, many groups and pages are meant for buyers and sellers to share information on their property. With its help, get a chance to find better prospects for your house.


Selling your house can be very daunting and confusing. But don’t overthink this decision. Patience and resilience always pay off, especially when trying to sell the property. Remember, real estate decisions are inherently hard but these 3 tips might make the entire process easier for you.

Why should you add holiday lighting to your business?


The holidays are a time to focus on the things that matter most to you: friends, family, and, if you operate a business, increasing sales. Investing in holiday lighting if you operate a storefront or retail business is a great way to attract more customers.

Who doesn’t like holidays? Most people’s faces light up when they think of holidays, which evokes delicious anticipation and nostalgia. The holiday season offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for company owners to spread a little cheer while taking advantage of increased activity and consumer traffic.

Adding some appealing and elegant commercial Christmas lighting to your business will help you show off your festive spirit, attract new consumers to your location or locations, and boost sales. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in business Christmas lighting. So why not share some holiday cheer while also improving your bottom line this year? You won’t even have to put the lights up yourself. There are companies such as American Holiday Lights that offer commercial Christmas light installation packages with superior customer service. They will complete all of the work for you. This guarantees that the Christmas lights are installed correctly without putting you or your employees in danger. 

Commercial Lighting Isn’t as Expensive as You Might Think

The good news is that professional light installation is less expensive than you would expect. In other words, you’re getting a higher-quality product that will help you save a lot of money on your energy bill. LED lighting uses 50% less energy than incandescent holiday lighting, so it has little to no influence on your energy bill. Commercial lighting may fit into any business’s budget thanks to low installation costs and no increase in monthly expenses. Finally, commercial Christmas lighting is an excellent opportunity to promote and advertise your company during the holiday season.

Add some art to your business

During the holidays, moods change to happier ones. Consumers who are in the Christmas spirit are generally on the lookout for businesses that share their feelings. Your shop can blend in with others on your block or stand out with Christmas illumination. Holiday lights can draw attention to your business while also displaying your holiday spirit. Taking in the holiday lights has become a ritual. More customers will visit your business if they stop to enjoy your Christmas display.

Exceed your holiday season goals!

It’s the season to be cheerful, and it’s also the season to increase your sales. Every day, you will set precise business objectives. Your environment can be transformed with holiday lighting in a wonderful way. The lights are a lovely sight that will help your clients become more aware of your brand. You also get to promote your company’s essentials in a unique way while simultaneously boosting client and employee morale. Consider it solely from an aesthetic standpoint. Do you want your outdoor space to appear dreary and dismal when you’re operating past midnight? Businesses that stay open late, such as a cafe, a nightclub, or a pharmacy, will undoubtedly wish to attract consumers with a bright display.

How Exercise Benefits Sleep


Exercise is a great way to improve your health, your sleep, and your mood. So far, most researchers agree that exercise is the one thing that determines daytime behavior and is also associated with better sleep. Sleep and exercise go hand-in-hand because it is easier to fall asleep once you have exercised, and you also experience a better workout session after getting a good night’s rest.

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?

It improves the quality of your sleep. It also increases the amount of time that you spend sleeping, especially the slow-wave sleep. Slow-wave sleep is also known as deep sleep and it is associated with feeling well-rested the following day. While in this state, the human growth hormone is released, your breathing slows down due to a slower heart rate, and your body repairs itself physically.

It is important to note that while exercise is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep for people of all ages, the effects of exercise on sleep tendencies differ depending on age and one’s overall health. For instance, older adults that have a routine for their exercise experience better sleep in that they do not experience restless sleep too often. They spend their sleeping time doing just that. When it comes to adolescents, evidence shows that regular exercise increases the amount of time they have REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during sleep. This is a stage of sleep that is associated with cognitive performance.

Does Exercise Help You Sleep?

Physical activity is one of the best ways to make your sleep drive higher or heighten the desire and need for sleep. It is because exercise helps the body feel tired, which is an essential part of getting better sleep. Your body wants to recover after it gets tired. Once you exercise, the body needs to rest and restore your energy.

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, which is a major cause of sleep issues. A large number of adults confess that stressful thoughts are the reason they suffer from poor sleep because of the intrusive thoughts that keep them awake. Exercising regularly causes the brain to release endorphins that help in boosting your mood. This also makes your body relaxed, which means that you can get to sleep easily.

The best exercises to relieve sleep issues are aerobic exercise. They are often a drug-free way to treat insomnia and several sleep disorders. After a study of people with obstructive sleep apnea was conducted, it was discovered that a 12-week program of average-intensity aerobic exercises, as well as resistance training, was able to reduce their symptoms by about twenty-five percent. In addition to that, regular exercises have been shown to help in relieving other symptoms of sleep apnea and insomnia. These are such as depression, daytime sleepiness, and depression.

Can Sleep Help Your Exercise?

Yes, it can. People that have restless sleep or those that do not get enough sleep are usually less active compared to those that have better sleep quality. Additionally, there is evidence that shows that people with disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia are not as physically active as people that have good sleep quality. It could be because of the other symptoms that are associated with such disorders – for example, daytime sleepiness and fatigue. They make it very difficult to feel motivated to work out.

Having bad sleep quality is a tell-tale sign of low activity levels, both in the short term and in the future. Experiencing one night of poor sleep can cause a person to miss their workouts the next day. Moreover, research shows that people that have poor sleep tend to become less active physically within a year or two. One way to help you get a better night’s sleep is to replace your old mattress, read these Sealy mattress reviews.

On the other hand, people that have sufficient workout routines can sleep better and get the benefits of good sleep quality. In athletes that sleep more, it was noted that they enjoy a lower risk of illnesses and injuries. A study conducted on the Stanford University Men’s Basketball team showed that improved sleep quality led to an increase in their shooting accuracy as well as sprint times. Some of them reduced their sprint times by half and increased their three-pointer shots and free throws significantly.

When Is The Best Time To Exercise For Better Sleep?

It depends on the schedule of each individual. However, experts warn that exercising too much at night can have the opposite effect. The reason behind this is that your body’s temperature becomes lower just before you go to sleep, but with exercise, your body temperature will be raised. It is best to exercise a few hours before you go to bed.

The high body temperature and the energetic effect that you experience after exercising go away after about an hour to an hour and a half. It means that exercising at least two hours before bed is reasonable and will not interfere with the quality of your sleep. Alternatively, you can do low-to-moderate intensity workouts such as walking or yoga. These can be performed at night without making your body too energized, and therefore being able to sleep better.

High-intensity workouts such as heavy weightlifting or running can make it unpredictable when it comes to better sleep. Some individuals can fall asleep even after such rigorous exercise, while others cannot. Some may find themselves experiencing restless sleep and waking up in the middle of the night. Such workouts are best suited for earlier in the day as this gives your body enough time to cool down.

Some studies conducted have shown that people who exercise in the morning tend to fall asleep faster, compared to those that work out at night. Furthermore, evidence suggests that people who wake up early are more physically active than those who sleep late at night. If you are a night owl and wish to become an early bird or vice-versa, exercise is one good way to accomplish that. You can shift your circadian rhythm by working out in the morning if you are a night owl.

A good way to discover the best time to work out is to keep a daily exercise diary for about two weeks. Noting down the type of exercises, how long it takes you to sleep after each, and whether the sleep was restless or restful is one way to figure out what works for you.

How Much Exercise Is Suitable For Better Sleep?

Several studies show that moderate-intensity workouts for half an hour are great for improving sleep quality. No matter how long your workout is, the key to having better quality sleep through exercise is to do so regularly. If you cannot exercise for 30 minutes continuously, you can split the workouts into shorter periods.

Benefits of a Wardrobe as a Bedroom Storage


Bedrooms are an important part of a home. They’re a place to retire your day into and have your night’s rest. Hence, you want to ensure everything is in order. But, what about those clothes and ties lying around? That is where a wardrobe comes in.

A wardrobe is an essential piece to have in your bedroom. Having a wardrobe in your bedroom helps manage your room space and serves as a place to hold items in the room.

Here are a few purposes a wardrobe serves in a bedroom:

1. Lower Stress Level

You lower your stress level by having dedicated storage in your bedroom. The lack of a wardrobe in your room lets you have your room littered with items. Since you don’t feel comfortable with how your room looks, you have to constantly arrange items, increasing your stress level.

However, with a good wardrobe cabinet, you can easily arrange your items and assign a specific place for them in the wardrobe. With this, you don’t have to see everything in your room, reminding you of what to do.

When your room clutter is away from your eyes, you can relax for the day and have a lower stress level.

2. Extra Space

Another reason you want to have a wardrobe is the extra space it creates. Though a wardrobe occupies its space in a room, it saves more. A well-designed wardrobe has numerous storage options, with which you have a specific place to keep your hats, scarves, hats, and shoes.

Keeping these items in one place helps leave your room with more space.

3. Numerous Apartments

Another advantage of a wardrobe is its availability in different apartments. Wardrobes are customizable, meaning that you can describe what you want to your furniture maker. This lets you have a wardrobe specifically designed for your needs. Hence, you have a place to store whatever items you need to store.

Common apartments in a wardrobe include hampers, drawers, shelving, jewelry boxes, tie racks, and hanging space. As such, you’re in charge of your bedroom storage.

4. Works with All Room Sizes

What usually scares people from considering a wardrobe for their bedroom is that the piece might not be a good option for their room. This is often the case for owners with a small room or odd shape room.

This is not true, as a well-designed wardrobe fits well into the room it’s designed for.

However, it’s best to consider your room size and shape and choose a piece that befits it. Another factor to pay attention to when choosing a wardrobe is the type of doors in the wardrobe that will work best for the room, creating enough space.

It’s worth mentioning that modern wardrobes come with different door types, including sliding, folding, and pivoting doors. Your choice should depend on your room size and style.

5. Personalized Style

Wardrobes are available in different options, with different materials, styles, and colors. Hence, you can pattern your wardrobe to suit your style.

Also, since you already have a style for your home decor, you want a piece that complements it. Modern wardrobes are designed not to alter the existing interior design but to fit into it. This also means you can choose the desired lighting for your wardrobe.

Based on your style and budget, options you can consider for your bedroom storage include wooden doors with metal hardware and glass door with wooden trim.

Best Top Dressing Lawn Guide


Growing a lawn primarily by proper soil modifications with nutrients and organic matter is not enough to keep it lush green for longer times. While managing the lawn is the most resource-intensive practice for longer health and life of grass.

Top Dressing the lawn with organic matter is a crucial practice to revitalize the soil microorganisms with time. Adding the organic by top dressing is the best alternative to synthetic fertilizers that has potential soil and plant problems.

Top Dressing the lawn is becoming popular in many developed countries with time and is a popular practice to improve the lawn condition. It adds a significant amount of nutrients and improves the soil profile by adding microorganisms.

But most people have no proper guidance on top dressing lawns with organic matter. That’s why gardeners and growers are unable to get the maximum benefit of the top dressing technique.

This guide completely defines the importance of top dressing, its benefits to lawn, practices for top dressing lawns, and the products that are good for doing top dressing.

Let’s get started.

What Is Lawn Top Dressing?

Topdressing is actually the practice of spreading a very thin layer of any material like sand or compost, over your lawn. The layer is just ¼” thick, not more than this.

The purpose of top dressing is to amend the soil with organics and amending the lawn soil while not disturbing the already growing grass through the top dressing material applied.

Benefits of Topdressing a Lawn

Soil loses its oomph or fertility status with time and growing plants again and again and it is very feasible to uproot all the grass to amend the soil. Topdressing is the best alternative to amend the soil with many additional benefits as:

  • It adds organic matter to the soil profile that improves the fertility and productivity of the soil.

  • It reduces the thatch.

  • Reduces the intensive fertilization needs.

  • Helps in smoothing the uneven terrains.

  • Improves the soil structure and water holding capacity.

  • Helps in the build-up of beneficial soil microbes.

What Topdressing Material to Use

Deciding the top dressing material is an important and crucial step in the whole practice. To get the maximum benefits of topdressing material, it should have better texture similarity with soil.

Compost and sand are the most used topdressing materials, while the custom-blended mixture is also used.

  • Sand – used on heavy clay soils

  • Topsoil – similar to existing soil structure

  • Compost – most recommended material

  • A blended mixture of all the above material as the choice of homeowners

How to Top Dress a Lawn

Here is the complete step to step guide on top dressing lawn:

  1. Soil testing: The first thing to do is testing the soil to correct the nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

  2. Kill weeds: Kill all the weed plants from the lawn before the top dressing for getting the effective output of the top dressing.

  3. Choosing the material: Select and buy the quality topdressing material to add nutrients to the lawn. If using sand, purchase coarse sand to add drainage.

  4. Small piles of material: Start dumping the material in the lawn by putting the whole material in a dump cart and make small piles over the lawn.

  5. Rake or smoothing: Use a rake to smooth a thin layer of material over the lawn. Make sure to break if any clumps of compost are found in the material with the help of a rake. The layer should be so much thin that grass is visible through the material.

  6. Starter fertilizer: Apply the starter fertilizer rich in phosphorus. Use any broadcast spreader for spreading the fertilizer equally.

  7. Seeding: Then comes the seeding stage after starter fertilization. Use any seed spreader for seeding.

  8. Irrigation: Irrigate the lawn just after the seeding to get maximum growth efficiency. Set the irrigation frequency higher in earlier days and lowering with time.

Techniques to top-dress the lawn

There are some valuable techniques for the top-dressing lawns. All of the methods or techniques have a unique benefit.

  1.  Topdressing by hand

The most simple method of top dressing is by hand. In this method, you spread the material over the lawn with your hand. Additionally, you will need a garden fork, shovel, and wheelbarrow for transporting material.

Scoop the compost from the wheelbarrow with help of a shovel and smooth it over the grass with your hand and move forward to the whole lawn.

  1.  Using rolling peat moss spreader

Using a rolling peat moss spreader is technically a perfect match for spreading compost as top dressing material over the lawn. These spreaders have a rotating barrel-like structure with metal mesh openings.

You will just need to fill the rolling barrel with compost and walk through the yard and the compost will drop through the mesh smoothly. But it works great if the compost is dry and screened.

  1.  Using a drop spreader for top dressing

Drop spreader works with traditional drop style technique and works best for top dressing dry compost.

Drop spreaders have holes in the bottom that can be adjusted as required. Fill the hopper with compost and sand material, and open the drop holes and start moving along the lawn.

  1.  Using broadcast spreader

The commonly used broadcast spreader is also used to top-dress your lawn. It has a spinning wheel at the bottom for dropping the compost. The wheel spins and tosses the compost onto the lawn.

  1.  Using tractor attachment spreader

If you have a larger yard then you must have a lawn tractor. It will be worthwhile to purchase a tractor attachment spreader that has multiple uses for spreading fertilizer, compost, and other materials.

These tow-behind spreaders have large hoppers with adjustable holes. You can use them for seeding the lawn too. It will help you in the whole process from soil preparation, fertilization, seeding, to top dressing.

When Is the Best Time to Top Dress

The best time to top-dress your lawn completely depends on the type of grass in your lawn. The time to top-dress for warm and cool-season grasses is entirely different.

The best time to top dress the warm season grasses in spring while the fall season is good for top dressing the cool-season grasses.

Warm-season grasses are:

  • Bermuda grass

  • Zoysia grass

  • St. Augustine

  • Carpet grass

  • Centipede grass

Cool-season grasses are:

  • Fescues

  • Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Ryegrass

  • Bentgrass

Tips for air conditioning rooms with slim windows


The summer heat can become extremely sweltering and uncomfortable at times. The least that you may want is a nice and cool room to relax a bit in such a situation. However, installing a large-capacity air conditioner is not always possible considering the space crunch in urban areas. So, the best option here is to go for the thinnest window air conditioner, also known as a narrow window AC. It means that you are investing in a limit and utilizing the same to the fullest. Here are some essential tips for ensuring that the air conditioner you purchase ticks all the right boxes. 

What are the best tips for buying an AC?

Before you finalize the air conditioner you want to purchase, you must do a bit of research and analysis. One of the most important aspects here is to assess the perfect size of the AC that will suit your room. Don’t invest in impulsion because that may lead to purchasing an AC that is more powerful or weak considering your requirement. Here is how you can decide what to purchase.  

Type of installation

Firstly, it is essential to decide what type of installation suits your choice when purchasing a narrow window air conditioner. Some machines are preferable for more standard window sizes. Again, installation types are perfect when you have created a separate space for the AC using dedicated mounting hardware. Last but not least, there are air conditioners that require casement window style installation. 

There are two significant types of installation:


In case you are searching for an air conditioner that can be installed through the wall, you may not find one quickly. It is because there are only a few brands that offer machines with a similar installation offer. However, if you find one, it is mandatory to note down all the installation specifications and then match your room space to see whether what you want to buy will be a good fit. 


If you are going for a proper window AC, then considering the widow dimensions is the most important thing. Sometimes, the window AC models come in designs that go perfectly with a casement or sliding windows. Therefore, if your house has the traditional double-hung windows, it is time you reconsider your demand. It is because the narrow model window AC that you like may not be fit for your home. 

Calculation of the size

You must buy an air conditioner with the perfect size and capacity to cool your room. Usually, a machine with a lower BTU level will take a lot of time to cool down your room. On the other hand, a higher-capacity AC will turn the room into a freezer, which is not what you want, of course.

Since both the conditions are not preferable, understanding the essential technicality is better. BTU is the aspect that you should consider to assess the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. So, the first step here is to measure and note down the dimensions of the room in which you will install the AC. Calculating the total square feet means you will have to find the product of the width and length. Now, the BTU will be clear when you divide the product by 0.05. Next, you can go through a size chart to give you an idea regarding standard BTU figures. 

Now that you are sure about the size of the AC that you want, it is time for you to see whether the electrical capacity is enough. For example, small room AC’s usually come in models having 115 to 240 volts. However, if you are purchasing a bigger unit, make sure that you have enough load. 

14 Home & Office Decorating Ideas for 2021


Your office is the place where you spend most of your time and do your work. Therefore, it must gather productivity, efficiency and organization as well. From desks, accessories, tables… you’ll get a lot of creative ideas to decorate your office from this guide.

Whether you’re an office manager or you own a business, and whether you’re decorating your home office or individual work station, these creative, office decorating ideas will help you a lot. 

1- Make sure to have a well-organized and efficient office.

Your office must be organized so you can easily find your stuff and finish your tasks. However, this doesn’t mean that your office must be serious without any fun. Add some accessories, toys and paint the walls bright colors.


2- Choose Eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly furniture provides a natural sense. Try adding an accent table or desk made from reclaimed wood to your office furniture. 


3- Paint bright colors

Paint your walls with bright colors, try blue, green, yellow and beige to have a more welcoming space.

You can also choose colorful furniture to spread positivity like grays and yellows things.


4- Pay attention to size and scale

Don’t miss out on details when buying your office furniture as size and scale are necessary for people to walk around easily.


5- Keep a distance


Make sure that the tools at your office like printers and storage areas are put away from desks and cubicles. Keep a distance between things to move easily.


6- Go for simplicity


Don’t put a lot of furniture and avoid big ones. Opt for simple pieces of elegant colors. Trendy white office desks and furniture will look amazing for a professional theme. 


7- Put some carpets

Small carpets at your office look amazing at your office providing warmth and texture. Choose simple carpets that suit the colors of your walls and furniture.


8- Have some plants

Green plants, flowers and roses can add a natural sense to your office. Don’t overuse plants. Just one or two at the corners are enough. You can use faux plants or real ones, but make sure to match plant pots to your decor. 


9- Add curtains

Almost every office has windows. Windows without curtains look poor, barred windows are not welcomed in friendly offices. So add some curtains to your office.

It will prevent the harsh sunlight and provide a friendly look.


10- Divide your office

.If you have a large, open space with many employees, think of using room dividers to set the employees apart for better focusing and fewer sounds.

 by screening views and muting sounds.


11- Try an ancient style

Ancient pieces of furniture can add a sense of elegance. You can try some ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui. or choose from these Decorative Pieces to add a special touch to your room.


12- Keep everything clean

This is one of the top home & office decorating ideas as cleanness is the key to beauty. So make sure to clean your office daily especially if you have a small kitchen or bathroom.


13- Put a lamp on your desk

The extra light will be more comfortable when writing or reading. So consider adding a desk light.


14- Locate some shelves

Using a few shelves, one or two, on your walls to hold some books, coffee mugs or novelties could add a friendly look.  


The above home & office decorating ideas are so helpful for decorating your office and adding a touch of productivity and morale, so consider applying them in your office.


Things To Take Into Consideration Before DIY Appliance Repair


The purpose of home and kitchen appliances is to get rid of the pain of doing things manually and save our time. No wonder each of the devices we have makes our life easier to an unimaginable extent. But every appliance has a life span, and after specific usage, they either get worn out or malfunction. If they are in a condition where they can be repaired, it is good to get it repaired or replace the defective part rather than buying a new one. Some of the heavy appliances are advised to be fixed by professionals only. Still, when it comes to small appliances like toasters, rice cookers, fans, dishwashers, stoves, you can try the DIY appliance repair manuals to get them fixed.

Here is a guide to consider to see if the broken appliance can be fixed by DIY repair manuals or need a professional repair person to handle the damage:


  1. Check The Power Outlet

Most of the time, the appliances do not work because there is either no power in the outlet or it is unplugged. It happened recently with me during my stay at a hotel where my electric kettle suddenly stopped working. The first thing that I considered checking was to see if the plug has the power, so I inserted my hair straightener into it and found out that there was no power in it. Checking and testing the appliances to a different socket is the first thing you should do to prevent their working. At home, you can check the reason for no power supply in the outlet by checking if the MCB tripped or it is something else that there is no power in the outlet. MCB trips due to circuit overload, which means too many appliances are running and consuming heavy power. Unplug the devices that are not needed and reset the MCB. It is entirely safe to operate the MCB knob.


  1. Check whether the appliance can be dismantled easily

Devices and machines that are easy to be broken down by removing their nuts and bolts can be fixed quickly as compared to devices that are complicated to open. The next step you can follow is to find what is holding the machine parts together and whether they can be dismantled by just unscrewing the nuts. Appliances like toasters, refrigerator coils, microwave ovens are not so complicated to handle and can be opened by just following the free appliance repair manuals. Sometimes these appliances need to be cleaned, which can be done quickly by pulling apart some of the appliance pieces. Do not try to unscrew the machine, which is held by rivets and hard to open. You might end up messing up the whole process while bringing all the parts together after the repair.


  1. Replace the damaged part instead of repairing

Heating appliances like dryers, iron, blowers, and ovens, which are used to heat the things, need a special wire called an element through which the heat passes. Most of the time, due to excessive heat, these elements get burnt, and the appliances stop working. These elements are irreparable and can be replaced at a nominal cost. If the appliances are small and can be unscrewed, you can easily replace the component and fix the machine. All you need is a screwdriver, wrench, and a multimeter to fix it. Similarly, you can check other appliances parts whether they can be replaced with a new one or not.


Final Thought

All appliances perform to a limit and get damaged if not handled properly. You can fix them at home using the DIY appliance repair manuals if you are confident in understanding the machine and the instructions mentioned in the manuals. 

Several sites offer free appliance repair manuals where each repair process is mentioned step by step with diagrams. You can avoid paying hefty bills of repair by fixing it yourself, and in any case, you find things difficult, a professional is always there to assist.

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