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5 Awesome Money Saving Tips On Bathroom Renovation

5 Awesome Money Saving Tips On Bathroom Renovation

Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a new defined look? Have you thought about the design and planned out your budget for remodeling the space? The way things are becoming expensive, remodeling any corner of the house can be daunting and should be planned calmly, taking even the smallest detail into careful consideration. Everybody longs for a luxury bathroom with a sense of personal touch and comfort within the limits of monetary expenses.

Here some of the budget-saving tips to renovate the space without flushing down your funds on customization:

  1. Limit Your Tile

Tiles add a defining value to your bathroom, but these can be expensive and cost you a hefty amount on your budget. Wood can be one of the cheaper yet comforting options to limit the requirement of tile giving it an elegant regal look. To provide a clean and sleek look to the bathroom, you can remodel one of the walls with the tiles of your choice. The other option can be to add tiles on all four walls until midway and paint the rest of the wall. Limiting the tiles on walls will allow you to add chic tiles on the floor for a stylish look saving you a lot on the overall design.

  1. Do not disturb the plumbing
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Plumbing is where you will spend most of your money while remodeling your bathroom. You need to know whether the piping is new or old. It is good advice to keep the plumbing as it is unless you are willing to spend at least 4000-5000$. Using the existing plumbing will save the expenses that you can use on other fixtures and renovations in the space. If it’s a newly built house and you need to remodel your bathroom, you don’t need to upgrade the plumbing, but if it’s an old space and things started to wear out, you need to think about changing the plumbing for good.

  1. Add a frame to the mirror

To give a classic grand look to the bathroom, add a side to side high-quality mirror and add a decorative plaster molding border to it. Adding an edge to the mirror hides the uneven wall around it and gives a neat edgy look to the wall. You can get several border installation ideas for the mirror, which includes a wooden frame and metallic frame to provide a rustic and contemporary appearance respectively to the bathroom. You can add extra lighting around the mirror to brighten up the whole area. The best-suggested place for installing a mirror is above the sink, reflecting the complete design in the most beautiful way.

  1. Upgrade the Fixtures
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Keeping little change in more significant areas not just saves a big chunk from your budget but also allows you to bring out the more significant changes in the smallest details that makes the most striking statements. Upgrading your fixtures like lightings, faucets, metallic racks, magnifying LED mirrors, etc., are little investments that give a whole new meaning to your personal space.

5. Keep up with the trend on Counter Tops

Granite is the new trend in countertops that everyone wishes to have. There should be no second thought on installing the one that best matches the color theme of your bathroom. Put all the money that you saved from cost-cutting non-compulsory modifications in installing a granite counter. You can install the granite countertop to cabinets, drawers, or chest also to complete the look. It gives the whole space a luxurious experience giving it an added wow factor to your bathroom.

Final Thought

Renovations are done once in a long time as it costs a lot, so careful planning on budget and design on bath renovations is suggested. Reducing expenses on optional alterations and putting an effort on focus areas can give a distinct and well sought after space where you would love to spend your time. 



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