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35 Modern Living Room Designs For 2018 / 2019

35 Modern Living Room Designs For 2018 / 2019

Modern Living Room Design

The Living Room Design is one of the most vital rooms in the house; the living room is considered the main room in the house because it is a place that combines all the family at all times. Where they are spending all most of their time in the living room between watching TV and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. As well as family members talk and often deals with all the family meals in the living room where some people prefer to watch TV while eating. Therefore, the living room becomes an essential place in the house, where all the family members spend most of their time from children to adults. you can explore first this family room design It will help make you inspired by choosing the most beautiful family room designs.

Therefore, we must review the efficiency in the selection of the living room design to make it consistent with the function of this room and not a defect in the design lead to a weak choice happens. There are certain criteria must be met in choosing the design of the living room in order to get in the end successful living room design. We’ll show Here some tips that must be followed when selecting the design of the living room

Living Room Design Ideas

Find out the best living room design tips & inspiration ideas for a modern living room on budget; learn how to choose the living room colors, furniture, living room carpets/rugs, and the living room decoration ideas.

How To Choose Living Room Furniture

You must achieve standards of comfort in the selected furniture in Modern living room design, so that makes this furniture support entirely for the room user. Because all the family members spend most of their time in the living room so you must provide comfort for them by choosing luxuriously modern furniture, conveniently give a comfortable sensation psychological to users of the room, so they can spend their time in thoroughly enjoy.

Black-and-white living room colors
And also, must consider the distribution of the furniture in the room correct manner so that an error does not occur in the design of the living room. And here prefer hiring decorator to put the best solutions for the distribution of the furniture inside the living room correct manner. For example, must put all the pieces of furniture in the same direction with the mind All the pieces of furniture are destined to hand the place where the television there, so that all the people sitting in the room can be able to watch TV comfortably. Also,


Also, Should not put pieces of furniture under windows or close to it, for several reasons, including that put the furniture under the window makes use of the window becomes complicated, difficult to open and close it quickly. As well as if there are children put the pieces of furniture under the window is not safe for children.

simple living room designs
One of the most important things that you should notice when choosing furniture for the living room is the choice of suitable materials. So, that the selection of materials for the furniture in the living room is appropriate for the nature of the room use For example, must choose metals fabrics used in furniture pieces are easy to clean and distance from the ones that are difficult to clean because the existing furniture in the living room the exhibition always dirty must be chosen ones easy to clean. And also should choose colors suitable to the nature of the use of the living room, should be considered and the preferred choice of colors dark or colors embossed or decorated with simple so do not be quick soiling, and Dimension all colors stents that are rapid soiling such as white color.

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How To choose Living Room Colors?

Preferably choose simple living room design ideas and away from the designs annoying and full of shapes and lines annoying, because the living room design must achieve a comfort for visual users in the room, who spend most of their time in the living room and it makes the design of the living room requires achieve certain standards in order to be a successful design.

Living room designs 2016/2017
In general, the choose of designs colors depends on the size of the room first, and secondly to the color selected for room furniture. So, If the room is with small size preferred to use light-colored and bright to illuminate the space and make the room look spacious and cry from the dark colors that give a sense of the small size of the room and narrow, and it must also be far from the overcrowding in the paint on the walls and the use of annoying lines that give a sense of crowding inside the room. Preferably choose simple designs and drawings give a small quiet aesthetic appearance of the walls and check the desired beauty inside the room without considerable congestion in the designs.

But if the room with a large area and the walls of the petition, in this case, can choose the colors of dark or bright depending on taste owner of the house shall have the freedom to choose between colors without fear of that the room is small in size show. Also, can choose designs and lines of beautiful painted on walls, taking into account achieve consistency between the selected models with existing furniture in the room. It must be remembered that in all cases, the basic rule of beauty is the simplicity of choice.

Beautiful Design for Living rooms
As for the consistency of the Modern living room colors with the existing furniture colors in the room, it depends on the taste of the owner of the house, but there is an easy way if we followed can achieve the consistency required in the room. If the furniture colors are pure, and the pillow is embossed decorated and is quietly colors preferred in this case selection of designs for walls with beautiful engravings and decorations to give beautiful spirit in the room while maintaining coordination between the colors of the furniture designs and colors selected for the walls.

Cozy Living room decorating Ideas
However, if the existing furniture in the room with colors garish and with engravings and decorations to a significant amount preferred in this case to choose the colors of the walls is quiet and simple, away from the inscriptions and motifs in the designs selected for the walls in order to nuisance does not occur in the design of the room and so that consistency between the furniture and design checks and shows the beauty of the room.

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Gray living room designs 2016/2017

Living Room curtains

First, choose the curtains in the living room
When choosing curtains for the living room must follow the foundations of simplicity in the choice to match the curtains with the nature of the living room, where the preferred selection of fabrics is Simple, bright materials should be opaque and non-dim to allow the entry of light into the living room, and does not prevent the sun’s rays and prevents air from entering the room.  As well as the choice of fabrics, colors depend on the living room, on the furniture colors and the colors of walls and designs, it must be considered in the color consistency between all parts of the room so that the desired beauty is achieved in the room.

Living Room Designs in Gray

Living Room Carpet/Rugs

You Must delay the selection of carpet to the end after the selection of all the room parts of the designs, walls, and furniture, as well as the colors of the curtains and all the designs in the room, because the carpet is one of the parts in the room that must be chosen carefully in order to achieve beauty Integration in the room.

Must use a Beautiful Carpet to be suitable with the nature of use inside the living room, the preferred choice of materials is not fast dirt and are easy to clean and away from raw materials and colors that are quick dirty and difficult to clean. Taking into account the choice of forms suitable carpets for furniture designs in the room, so that does not happen a defect in the design of the room.

Modern Living Rooms

Living Room Lighting

The lighting system in the living room needs a proper coordination and prefers hiring lighting to be the distribution of light in the room correct manner, commensurate with the nature of the use of the living room. Where the living room design requires the nature of using special lighting system to achieve comfort for visual users the room and an imbalance in the system to not happens lighting resulting in harm to family members in the living room, For example; when watching television should be available a certain amount of lighting in the room so as not to harm the rays of the eyes of television watchers .. as well as reading require a high amount of light in order to be easy on the eyes. And the presence of children needs a certain degree of lighting is maintained to save children eyes.

Living rooms 2017

Living Room Decorations

Must in the end, think of some accessories which is one of the beauties that complement the beauty of the living room design, such as the use of some simple graphics that are commensurate with the overall atmosphere in the room .. as well as the utilization of some beautiful flowers that give a nice view in the room .. but we must cry from accessories that are fragile and damage, preferably selection of high-quality raw material for living room decorations to fit for use in the modern living room design.

 the living room design in purple

modern living room decorating ideas

awesome living room design

Modern Living Room Design For 2016/2017

This Collection of the best living room designs trends 2016/2017 If you are looking for for a modern living room we have assembled the latest living room design ideas to help make your room cozy & contemporary.

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