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Keys to Delivering Construction Projects on Time and Budget

Keys to Delivering Construction Projects on Time and Budget

Time and money are two of the most valuable assets in a construction project. Delays are unavoidable, and rework steals hours from the project causing missed deadlines and budget overruns. Construction Projects involve a value of trillion dollars, and thus delivering them on time and budget becomes a top priority. The better you are at managing time and budget, the higher your chances of completing the project.

Below you can find eight powerful tips for delivering construction projects on time and within budget:

  1. Research and Create a Detailed Plan

Planning is the first step taken toward project completion. It should start long before the actual construction kicks off. The project manager should create a detailed plan for the project’s design, pre-construction, procurement, and Quality assurance stages. Planning can be revised at each step or when unexpected problems show up. Each step of planning must have a dedicated team of professionals who coordinate their efforts to deliver the project successfully.

  1. Hire the Right People for the Job

Having the right people for the job ensures the timely delivery of the construction project. A project manager can quickly know whether the team member can do the assigned job or not. It should be his decision whom to keep in his team. He should create requirement criteria for the selection process and hire an expert team for the project. Experience is the decisive factor in hiring a person for the construction project. People who have worked on similar projects can use their expertise in completing the project on time and within budget. Experienced should be the main criteria for steel building construction companies before hiring a construction project candidate.

  1. Invest in Training

You are ready with your plan, timeline, and human resource; it’s time for you to focus on additional training they might need for the project completion. Many experienced construction workers are not aware of the latest equipment and tools used in the field. A skilled person should provide proper training on using specific equipment, materials, and even software tools to make appropriate connections with the team. It should be focused mainly on safety and communication to avoid risks. Training can prove to be a significant factor in delivering the project on time and within budget.

  1. Set a Timeline for Each Team

Once the plan and team are finalized, set a timeline for each phase and group to complete their allocated task; the timeline should include the expected and time frame required to finish the job. It should be made after a discussion with each team. In this manner, they will be aware of their duties and the timeframe to meet the deadlines. In case of delays, you can find the cause, hold the team responsible for it, and take quick actions to complete it on time.

  1. Keep Everyone Informed

The next step after the plan and team is finalized construction. Once the construction process starts, make sure the progress is according to the list. Preparing notes and updates is the key to ensure scheduled project completion. Each team and project manager should use field notes and ensure that the information is shared with the back office, contractors, and teammates to keep them updated at all times. It’s essential to regularly check these updates to know whether the project is on the timeline or delayed by the scheduled deadline. This way, the project managers can find the completion rate and hold meetings with the team to catch up if delays occur.

  1. Collaborate with the Right Digital Tool

A right digital tool where stakeholders, a Project manager, a superintendent, or a construction worker share updates can make a big difference in delivering the construction project on scheduled time and budget. Various digital tools are available for the construction project to connect with the team and share the reports and updates with the rest of the members. These software tools are easy to use and help one to send/receive updates without any hassle.

Significant features of software tools used by steel building construction companies are:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Graphical, Tabular, and Pie Chart reports
  • Tracking of each team’s action on-site
  • Detailed insights across projects
  • Real-time construction management
  • Easy to use customizations
  1. Analyze the Data

Data plays the most crucial and decisive resource for the timely delivery of the project. A good project manager should be able to understand the data provided in the form of reports. Suppose he can analyze the data and decide on factors like cost, time, resources, quality, and safety. In that case, the construction industry stakeholders can show remarkable growth in the construction process with minimum delays. Many Calgary landscaping companies are now hiring expert data analysts to understand the data and make the right decisions based on the reports.

  1. Develop a Risk Management Plan

A well-constructed risk management plan is the last saviour to deliver the construction project on time and within budget. In a construction project, you cannot eliminate all financial and physical risks, but proper planning can minimize risk. A substantial risk management plan helps you eliminate potential dangers before they become actual problems that can cost you time and money.

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Things you can do under risk management are-

  • Make a list of all potential risks which covers political, economic, social, and technological factors
  • Determine all of the dangers at each step.
  • Perform a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of the risks using scenario analysis.
  • Find the impact it would have on the project.
  • Determine who will be responsible for each area of risk.
  • Come up with functional solutions to these crises.

Final word

For steel building construction companies, time is money, and even a small delay can cause an overrun of the planned cost, allocated resources, and scheduled time of infrastructure projects. It is challenging to deliver a construction project on time and budget but not impossible. Coordination with each participant and phase of a construction project can simplify this complex process. The above-discussed tips can ensure the successful delivery of the project and can give you a significant advantage over other construction companies in the market.



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