Top Backyard Games That are Popular Today

Backyard games never go out of trend, offering loads of fun, family bonding, and keeping the kids occupied during holidays. The best thing with these is that age does not matter. These come handy at birthday parties, outdoor barbecues with colleagues, and even an ordinary day when you have nothing else to do. It encourages people to mingle and can instantly turn a dull get-together into an exciting one.


You can get also get a little exercise depending on which games you choose. These backyard games are perfect for those memories that you will cherish later. It’s one thing that can make your time at home to the next level- add excitement to your parties, and give your kids a good time that involves physical activity. Here are some healthy games that can keep anyone entertained for hours.


Ramp shot Toss and Bounce Game

For all those who loved the classic backyard games, they will love this one too. This game will require a little more energy making it perfect if looking for some physical activity as well. Teens and adults will enjoy this game that is similar to bean bag toss, but more action-packed.

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Buddy Bounce Play Ball

Outdoor games and activities for kids have been a big hit in recent times. These life-size inflatable balls are good fun. Buddy bounce play ball is an all-time favourite as it provides a truly unique, fun-filled experience. Many come with built-in LED lights as well.

Throw Burrito Outdoor Edition

We all loved to play cards, and nowhere a new twist to the popular games. Taking it a few notches higher, the Throw Throw Burrito is a dodgeball card game. The goal is to collect matching sets of cards and battle as 3-foot-tall inflatable burritos are thrown and fended off.

The Classic Cornhole

It is a classic game and remains immensely popular due to the fun element it brings when you are together with friends and family. Play it easily with a beer in hand with your friends or colleagues to have a great time together. It is a bean-tag toss, and you have to toss the bean-bag into the hole.

A Unique Tossing Game

Here is a tossing game that is fun and frustrating, and hence you won’t be able to resist playing it. It is pretty similar to a lawn game, just bring a little strength and skill while playing. Teams are formed and take turns to throw their ball near the smaller one as they also attempt to knock their opponent’s ball out the way. Play it anywhere from backyards to beaches.

Frisbee Version of Horseshoes

Consider it more of a combination of horseshoes and frisbee, and the fun is unlimited. Two teams of two-player each are formed, and the goal is to score 21 points. This game is full of excitement, action, and teamwork too. In fact, everyone watching gets involved also. Try an annual family tournament next time with this to create memories that everyone remembers.


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