Swimming pools and Outdoor Living

Custom pools and patios are now the norm for most highly finished out homes.
Beyond a simple pool or outdoor kitchen, things like custom cabanas, grottos, Tunnels, custom waterfalls, and water or fire features are one of the amenities you can add to your home that will boost the “wow” factor 100 fold.

We simply love elemental features like water and fire. These features can drop jaws and raise paws.
You’ll be the envy of your neighbors.
Our water and fire features are second to none.
Our premium features come equipped with Eco friendly internals and components that require less fuel or power, while producing more impressive flames or falls.

Our grottoes and caves are awesome additions to any pool or outdoor living area.

While building these features we get the opportunity to show off our creativity as well as our engineering skill.
These features are definitely complicated.
Caves, tunnels and grottos require a very learned builder who’s intimately familiar with the complexities of these big and beautiful creations.

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Decades of experience enable us to build these beautiful amenities and produce amazing results.

Water Rock Custom pools is known throughout Texas for producing all of these very gorgeous but tricky features mentioned above.


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