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How To Choose The Perfect Cooktop For Your Kitchen

How To Choose The Perfect Cooktop For Your Kitchen

For those with a sweet-tooth or an affinity for cooking, kitchen is one of the favorite places inside the house. In order to make your cooking experience even better, it is essential that you go for a good cooktop range. It not only provides a dedicated cooking/baking area in your kitchen and can also handle a lot of kitchen traffic when there are greater number of people working in the kitchen.

Depending on the design and aesthetics of your kitchen, there is a wide range of cooktop types that you can find in the market. Gas cooktops, electric hotplates, induction cooktops and glass cooktops etc. can be chosen according to your budgets and preferences. If you’re confused on how to choose a perfect cooking range for your kitchen, here are some tips that can help.

1. Know Your Budget

As already mentioned, cooktops are available in a variety of functions and types and pricing makes a huge factor in what type you should choose. The cheapest ones you can find are the gas cooktops with 2 – 4 burners. The electric cooktops with large heating elements can also come for a cheap price and are much easier to maintain than the gas cooktops. Ceramic cooktops are also a nice choice as they are easy to clean but the replacing the electric coils can be a little heavy on the pocket. The Induction cooktops are the most expensive but will prepare the food much quickly. This means that you can save a lot of time and energy while cooking.

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2. Know the Size

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you must carefully choose the cooktop so that it would fit your kitchen perfectly. It is important to properly measure the dimensions of the cooktop to avoid any sizing issues after the purchase. While you can choose from a wide number of different sizes, you should also make you choice based on the type of cooking you prefer. For example, if you like to cook whole meats and bake a lot, then it is essential that you should go for a larger sized kitchen cooktop.

3. Number of Burners/Coils

Most cooking ranges come with a minimum of 3-4 burners, but variants with 6 burners are also available. The number of burners totally depends on the amount of food you’re required to cook on a daily basis and the size of your kitchen. Some cooktops also feature a linking bridge that can be used to connect two burners for using larger sized utensils and cookware. Open and sealed burners also make a huge difference in the cooking time and hence should be carefully chosen.

4. Know the Functions

The different types of cooktops also allow different type of cooking and it is important to choose the functions carefully. The number of burners, the different types of coils and temperature settings are important things that must be carefully considered when shopping for a cooktop. Gas cooktops often come with an inbuilt ignition spark, which eliminates the need for a separate lighter or matchbox. You can also choose a hybrid cooking range, which combines a gas and an electric cooktop. No matter what choice you make, cooktops or even wine coolers that can be found on the website coolingwine.com can certainly give a more modernized feel to your kitchen and help organize your kitchen in a more efficient way.

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5. Easy to Clean

Along with the different functions, you must also make sure that the cooktop you choose is easy to clean and maintain. Electric cooktops with ceramic hotplates can certainly be easy to clean but their repair can burn holes in your pockets. At the same time, gas cooktops can be cheap and easy to repair, but cleaning them on a regular basis can be tough task due to the exposed burners and hard to reach corners. An induction cooktop on the other hand is extremely durable and easy to clean. It is also flat topped that makes it blend more seamlessly with the rest of the interiors. Nevertheless, induction cookers are much more expensive than gas and electric cooktops.

While choosing particular equipment is, a matter of personal choice and the above points only highlight the main things that you should be looking for in a cooktop.


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