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2018 Best Induction Cookware (Ultimate Guide)

2018 Best Induction Cookware (Ultimate Guide)

Best induction cookware

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It is the time of the best induction cookware. In contrast to an electric hearth, an induction hearth operates with so-called electromagnetic alternating fields. These generate energy, which is directed into the bottom of the pot, from where it is distributed to the rest of the cooking pot and this way the pan is heated.

How does the best induction cookware work?

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Due to the particular technology of the induction cooker, the appropriate pots and pans must have a distinctive design so that they could be a proper function. In the case of an induction cooking pot, the bottom of the bowl has an induction loop. The unique feature of this technique is that during cooking; only the inside of the pan becomes hot while the bottom and the plate remain cold. The copper coil below the glass-ceramic surface is supplied with electricity and is delivered to the pot bottom. Therefore, it is essential that the bottom of induction cooking consist of a ferromagnetic material, otherwise, no heat transfer takes place.

Best cookware for induction cooktop

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Therefore, such pots are usually made of steel or cast iron. Meanwhile, however, the technology is already so far that other materials can be used, such as the light material stainless steel. This is possible because the bottom of the pot is still equipped with a ferromagnetic material so that the required eddy currents can be generated.

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The designs of induction pots and pot holders

best induction cookware uk

Pots and pot holders, which are suitable for cooking with an induction cooker, generally differ only in their material. But no matter whether the pot is made of steel, cast iron or stainless steel, a ferromagnetic ground is a prerequisite. And the pots naturally differ in their size and their diameter also in their lids.

The Advantages

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Heat is produced only on the bottom of the pot, neither external walls nor hotplate becomes hot, low energy consumption, boiling takes a few seconds and, they have a varied selection of types.

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Some induction pots are equipped with an additional internal scale, which makes cooking easier. The inner range indicates the amount of water or other liquids that are already in the pot at regular intervals – 0.5 liters, 1.0 liters, 1.5 liters, and so on. This avoids the need to use an additional measuring cup.


best induction cookware amazon

The unique costs for the purchase of induction-appropriate pots and pans, Induction pots are slightly more expensive than standard cooking pots, and they work only on the suitable induction foci.

Cleaning induction pots

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Induction pots are coated from the inside as well as the outside so that the risk of something burning in it is low. Therefore, induction pots can easily be placed in the dishwasher. Also, the pots can, of course, be cleaned by hand with a soft sponge. Scratchy sponges should be avoided, however, in order not to damage the coating.

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Energy consumption

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When cooking with best induction cookware, the energy consumption depends on the required power of the cooking field. Since the boiling-up time is virtually non-existent and the pot heats up in seconds, the energy consumption and above all the energy loss is very low. The cooking plate of an induction cooker is roughly estimated to be about 2,000 watts. However, these can be found in the operating instructions of the induction cookware.


best induction cookware sets
  • Please pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions if you are planning to place your induction pots in the dishwasher.
  • It is crucial that you buy a pot that fits precisely to the cooking plate. If the pan is too large or too small, the perfect heat transfer can’t take place.
  • Pay attention to the distinctive marking on the bottom of the pot that shows it is suitable for an induction cooker. The symbol for the appropriate induction consists of a square in which the coil is located.


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