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Large Kitchen Island Designs and Plans

Large Kitchen Island Designs and Plans

In the past owning a large kitchen island was a dream that in few cases became reality. But now you only have to get the right dimensions, a suitable budget and the right spot in your kitchen to install a large kitchen island and finally perhaps just the courage to opt for one. 

Large Kitchen Island ( Designs & Plans )

large kitchen island ikea

Unfortunately, most kitchen spaces of apartment buildings do not have sufficient areas for placing such a practical, functional and externally attractive piece like the large kitchen island. But over time the situation has changed, more and more apartments improved planning. Now apartments can offer owners more spacious designs, not to mention private houses.

large kitchen island ideas

The large kitchen island could be fully packed with function, such as a refrigerator or dishwasher, open shelf for everyday porcelain and cutlery, a box of spice storage, bookcase for cookbooks, holders and wire baskets on the side of the cookware for kitchen towels.

Large kitchen island measures

large kitchen island types

The island should be free and allow sufficient circulation space to be around, the ideal is a spacing of 100 cm, but 70 cm already provide good circulation, should take into account the furniture surrounding the large kitchen island, for example, if you have another cabinet with drawers you will need a space for opening the drawers.

Finishing material

large kitchen island design

Both the material of the island and its finish must meet its functionality. The islands can be executed in MDF with the most diverse coatings like wood laminates, stainless steel sheets, and stones. The same is done with the island top if you choose to install the cooktop or the sink in the island it is necessary to check if the material of the island is preventing infiltration.

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large kitchen island ideas

In general, natural stones such as granites and marbles, industrial stones like Marmo glass is the best choice. But if you choose wood it will be in need to have a special treatment to prevent infiltration.

The lighting of the island

large kitchen island ideas

Do not forget to design a lighting that values your island, sometimes it can be away from a window and needs an extra light beside the basic lighting that will highlight your large kitchen island.

large kitchen island with worktop

Large kitchen island types

large kitchen island ikea

Large Kitchen Island could be with a bench to support cooking materials, with stove or cooktop with scrubber or hood, with sink, with shelves, cabinets, and drawers, with table or countertop for meals and island with a refrigerated counter. 

Island With built-in equipment

large kitchen island types

In this design, we can see the best use of space provided by the drawers, built-in equipment such as the cooktop, and the use of the countertop for fast meals.

Island with sloping side panel

large kitchen island with sloping side panel

This type of Kitchen Island is used for cooking and for support. The sloping side panel makes it easy to organize the utensils and takes advantage of the space below the storage shelf.

Island with bench

large kitchen island with bench

This design is wonderful, cheerful and very modern.

large kitchen island types

With the installation of the large kitchen island with standard table height it is possible to use benches also you can use chairs that are more comfortable and high stools.

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large kitchen island ideas

Island with sink

large kitchen island ideas

This is an island model that serves and support the time of cooking, the stainless steel worktop is excellent for handling food and very practical in cleaning, however, some care must be taken to avoid infiltration.

best large kitchen island

The large kitchen island could also be supported with double sink and dining bench.

Large kitchen island plans

Without proper planning having large kitchen island could make a mess, it is important to pay attention to how convenient it is to the layout.

modern large kitchen island

For example, drawers and shelves on the wall should be easy to open without disturbing the person who may be working on the island’s surface.

modern large kitchen island

The difficult task is to plan the place for the dishwasher because, at the times when the door is open and someone goes along, it’s easy to get caught up.

large kitchen island designs

The minimum distance between open installations, such as doors, drawers to the surface of the island must be three feet or 90 centimeters.


amazing large kitchen island

The large kitchen island, with their spaciousness, practicality and design diversity, has earned the desire of all who are interested in the interior design of the kitchen.

large kitchen island ideas

So, if you want to manage your space in a harmonious and functional way, to enhance the living space of your home and to live a practical and dynamic lifestyle, the kitchen with large Island is the smart solution you are looking for and it is a great choice as one of the luxurious kitchens designs.



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