Modern Kitchen Trends Ideas For Best Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Trends

the Modern kitchen is characterized by simplicity and functionality and elegance that the dream of every housewife that is available in home decor. Kitchen design depends on the size of the kitchen, which perhaps is the problem facing a lot so you need decorative designs process. must be practical and comfortable, even shorten housewife time while preparing food for her family.
And kitchen area has been divided into 4 parts:
1. zone of dry preparation
2. the sink area
3. cooking area “oven”
4. food preparation area and the refrigerator

In order to get a perfect and practical kitchen here’s 10 tips to make your kitchen decor is more spacious and modern.

1. be careful to make a simple kitchen decor and choice of furniture and kitchen cabinets suitable for size.
2. to add more space on kitchen decor you must use White wood gloss and to introduce modern touch can enter gray.
3. the lighting is an important element in the decor of any room in the home special the kitchen, it is a place for a long time to prepare food, and you need sufficient light
4. a portion of the central table decor kitchen dining area to become more practical
5. can exploit kitchen decor to become more practical elaboration of bookshelves on one wall for fast cooking books
6. do not use on kitchen decor absolutely carved oak and wrought iron and gold-plated handles.
7. to increase the beauty of kitchenware and tabletop decorating his perfuming must be central in the kitchen decor with beautiful and fresh plants used in cooking such as Mint and oregano and other herbs with beautiful scents.
8. to add some special touches to kitchen decor, you can decorate the place with wood and clay pots with beautiful carvings, all these things give kitchen nature and vitality.
9. do not use for kitchen lighting is absolutely a ceiling chandelier
10. highlight with large ceramic and not covered by carpet.

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Kitchen trends

According to the latest trends for modern kitchen decor in 2016 review 25 modern kitchen design ideas to suit all areas and spaces. and here you can find the 2017 kitchen trends and design ideas.

2016 kitchen trends
contemporary kitchen design with stylish colors
beautiful kitchen design
unique kitchen with marble central table
beautiful kitchens
luxury kitchen with Parquet wood flooring
black and white kitchen
simple and luxury new kitchen design
black kitchen island
black and white kitchen idea
modern kitchen ideas
yellow kitchen cabinets
contemporary kitchen ideas
blue kitchen cabinets design idea
pink kitchen decor
Fluffy pink kitchen decoration
red kitchen decorating
contemporary red kitchen cabinets
green kitchen
Green kitchen cabinets design

creative kitchens design

grey kitchen design

kitchen colors 2016

kitchen interior design

kitchens ideas

luxury kitchen design

luxury kitchens

Modern kitchen 2016

Modern kitchen design


Modern kitchen trends

Orange kitcheninterior design


uniuqe kitchen

white kitchen design

white kitchens



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