15 Modern Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Design

Ikea Kitchen

IKEA Kitchen from the best and latest kitchens designs, IKEA is famous for its lavish designs and modern kitchen at the same time. You can choose any design to any kitchen you want via IKEA kitchens catalog 2016. in the past, buying a kitchen complex and very expensive, but with IKEA things changed, all people can buy their kitchen dreams without having to spend a fortune and that provides for the client an easy way to save time and money.


Don’t deny anyone the importance of kitchen room in the House, most of the time we spend our lives inside a kitchen for preparing meals daily so you should have a comfortable design and decoration experts tips avoiding the 5 things to make your kitchen tidy and convenient:
1. avoid professionals:


The decision to design the kitchen yourself to save money is a common mistake that can waste more money, time and energy, kitchen designers have the latest trends and ideas and details that help you identify specific needs according to your taste.

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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

beautiful kitchens design
Ikea Kitchen idea for small space

2. don’t make anything hold you back about access to the kitchen triangle:

More than three things are important functions in the kitchen: refrigerator Heating stove, water banks, and so-called triangle kitchen. Because these things ask fidelity handle you should not make it by your arrival to any obstacles


new kitchen design idea
large Ikea Kitchen design for more elegance look

3-bad lighting:

The question of good lighting in the kitchen is very important and is related to personal safety when it comes to dealing with kitchen, rooms generally need three types of lighting: lighting general lighting, task lighting, low light, and work areas should be evaluated in the kitchen and focus on how we can provide you the spotlight in the places needed, consider adding lighting directly over all the major areas of work in the kitchen, use hanging lights or small regions of enhanced lighting, Whenever the light is best in the kitchen where the most beautiful.

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black kitchen cabinet
black Ikea Kitchen cabinets design

4. don’t forget ventilation:

The good ventilation system will help improve indoor air quality and also helps maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and improve the smell, effective ventilation systems also help prolong the life of your appliances.
One of the biggest complaints about kitchen design is the absence of ventilation slots in the kitchen with all kitchen activities require ventilation.


black kitchen design

5. inadequate storage space:

Kitchens have typically many necessary things you need usually prepare food so you have to take into account that provides good places and shelves and storage until then not compel to buy units increase storage is expensive, and you should be aware of the status of storage rack to keep the kitchen room.

contemporary kitchen design

ikea kitchen

kitchen decoration

Modern ikea kitchen

modern kitchen

red kitchen cabinets

silver kitchen

unique kitchen decoration

white ikea kitchen

white kitchen design

wooden kitchen design





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