How to feng shui improve your physical health with paint colors

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Feng Shui world represented by 5 elements “water, fire, wood, Earth, metal” and takes into mind the interaction between these elements and how to create positive or negative energies flowing through them. and if you follow the Feng Shui tips in coordination way between these elements will flow to you the positive energy and your life will be more peaceful.

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The color plays a very important role in the philosophy of Feng Shui, given their direct impact on physical and mental and emotional health. And every element of Feng Shui is linked by a set of colors that express and symbolism.
Feng Shui energies are divided into two energies:
“Yang” warm
“Yin” cold
Learn the meanings of these colors and how to choose a color that suits you most for decorating your home, Office feng shui or your home garden.

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1-Yang colors
as ” yellow, Brown, lavender, gold, red, Orange, beige ”
Yellow: Earth element and symbolizes the optimism and boost morale. It is also the color of sunlight so it gives a sense of vitality and energy, warmth and happiness, clarity of thought. But beware of using the yellow color in large quantities it causes anxiety and stress. A suitable color as Feng Shui living rooms and children for the profundity of a sense of vitality and activity.

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Brown: is associated with the element of Earth and symbolizes the stability according to Feng Shui. This color also provides a sense of security and confidence and strengthen family relationships and also very suitable for living rooms and dining rooms.

Beige color: this color also symbolizes the Earth element arrangement and help soothe feelings and Feng Shui bedrooms are very suitable for relaxation.

Red: is associated with the element of fire, and symbolizes the passion and love and anger. If you want to increase your energy level, you can count on this color. You can also promote your emotional side as Feng Shui rooms waking up through the use of this color in the furnishings.

Lavender: This combines the blue and purple, it stands for quiet meditation and tranquility. Using this color relieves motion sickness and calls to soothe feelings between individuals, is suitable for children’s bedrooms and blue special is suitable for boys and purple is suitable for girls.
Orange: the orange color between yellow and red. According to Feng Shui, this color helps others to express their feelings without fear or anxiety and is also the color management and franchise focus and suitable for kitchens and bedrooms.
Golden color: the color of spiritual awareness by Feng Shui.

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2. YIN colors:
as “blue, white, black, silver, green, pink, purple”
Blue: associated with the water element and symbolizes to the color of the sky and the sea, and therefore color meditation and tranquility and adventure. This color has great significance in Feng Shui because it helps ease stress and creates a sense of peace and confidence. Either dark blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.

White: according to Feng Shui a metal. This symbolizes the clarity and precision, confidence and gives a sense of fun and optimism. White works best when combined with Golden or silver color, especially in bedrooms feng shui.

Black: associated with the water element also symbolizes to money and income. And the color is excellent for the profession, especially when combined with metal. The black color of passion and power according to Feng Shui and suitable for Office rooms.

Green: is associated in accordance with Feng Shui wood element, you can rely on this color to enhance the sense of adventure and change. It also symbolizes the rich ,physical healing and balance.

Silver: the color of trust and romance by master bedrooms Feng Shui.
Pink: love, passion, romance and suitable for teen girls rooms
Purple: purple color has great significance in Feng Shui. It promotes spiritual awareness and is excellent color.


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