17 Window Seat Ideas – Cushions & Benches

 Window Seat Cushions & Benches

Having a beautiful interior house design is no longer too far to reach. However, having a house with a view is rare to see nowadays. But if you were lucky enough to live in a house with a window view, you must consider making a window seat to get the most of it!

We are always here to give the help needed for such things. At this point, if you’re ready to know more about window seats. Let me take you on a journey full of ideas and essential tips before applying your window seat. See more of our brilliant decor ideas!

window seat with built in storage

Window Seat Bench

The window seat is not only the ideal place to spend the time watching and enjoying the outside view of the window it can also be a great addition to your unique interior design. Before you apply this brave touch to your house design, we present a huge variety of window seat bench styles and the different advantages they offer. Feel free to choose and pick what fits your home design and contact us for further questions!

  • Sleeping-window seats could be used at the small bedrooms instead of the traditional bed and must be placed in the bedrooms only.

window sleeping seat

  • You can also use window seats cover the tubes or radiators. We call that “awkward places” window-seat… Yeah.

Awkward window seat place

  • A really efficient type is the storage window seat bench. Use a built-in storage. In this manner, you can store whatever suits the activities done near or on the seat! Some books, movies or C.Ds for instance?

built in storage window seat

storage window seat

  • The bay window seat bench is categorized by the shape of the window.

window bay view window seat


As you can see, the window seats are categorized by the type of sofa applied to the window. By its function such as; sleeping-window seats. Also by its shape like the bay window seat. Therefore, no matter what the category of the window seat. You can always choose the one fitting your needs and your space.

I’m not saying space can forbid you from having a window seat. Naaa… Either small room or big, tiny window or large, window seats are created to suit the window no matter its shape. Here’s a tip, if you have a small bedroom, install the seat & replace it with the traditional bed. Don’t hesitate to built-in storage under the seat to store your private stuff. Don’t feel trapped, got the idea? You just have to omit other furniture in order not to crowd the room!

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Window seat ideas

Because it is very pleasant to watch the rainfall in a corner of interior padded and comfortable window seat, the idea first began in the traditional UK homes but now you can find it all over the world!

best window seat cushion ideas

best window seat storage

window seat storage ideas

installing a bay window seat with storage
installing a bay window seat
  • If you have some wood paneling and the small window with frames of natural wood in the form of a semicircle, you can create the perfect corner window seat.
  • If the location of the window was in the entrance area of the house, you can make an amazing window seat reception using only bank square and don’t forget to advantage of the available space that remains in disuse in the corners by adding some decoration items.
  • Who hasn’t dreamed of contemplating the rain from a comfortable padded window seat in their own bedroom? This kind of seats allows enjoying the outside landscape in those areas in which the weather conditions do not allow outdoor leisure.
  • The window seats could also perform a second function when it has drawers, or compartments with shelves it could be used to place books and create a very well lit place for reading.
  • The integrated design of a sofa under the window could create the perfect seat to you with your computer.

Window seat cushions

If you have doubt about designing your cushion, scroll among the best cushions for each type of window seat.

window seat with corner bookshelf

  • You need to tie your cushion with the furniture.
  • Choose the fabrics and the button carefully when designing your cushion.
  • Remember, when taking the measurements of the cushion it should be in centimeters.
  • Fill the cushions according to the furniture.
  • You can use hollow fiber silicone for all cushions according to shape and high-density foam for cushions.
  • For the seat cushions, you can choose between the normal, medium and hard setting.
  • If you are looking for rigid seats you must choose the hard filling, which provides a great recovery when we lift the seat returns to its original position.
  • The middle filter and the normal filler are widely used on most seat cushions, as it combines a pleasant sitting with a curved aesthetic to the cushions.
  • The handmade cushions guarantee the quality and uniqueness.
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Need more ideas? View more on Pinterest!

Bay window seat

This type of design emerge from inside and provide an extra corner to the room that could be used to build a hollow bench to sit and store objects.

beautiful window seat

This type of windows have usually three sides, one wide front, and two narrow sides, and are arranged in an arc. Thanks to this shape, the resulting recess is taken advantage of, to enjoy the views while being comfortable.

In addition to having a seat with storage unit under the window, the raw material will fit just fine with the bay type it will not have angled cuts and it will be easier to make the drawers under the window.

Cat window seat

The previously mentioned perches! In order to enjoy the view outside your window seat, the good company is required. And there is no better than a sweet kitten to share the special moments with you. So, if you choose to share the view with your pet try to make a special place for him.

perche window seat

perche window seats for cats

You will be amazed of the many shapes and sizes that available for the cat window seat. You won’t do too much effort to have one for your cat. just buy the one which fits your design and installs it near your seat, you will enjoy the company while you are at home and the warm welcome when your cat sees you coming back home from the window seat.

Perches window seats are the easiest style to apply, and it doesn’t stop at the living room! Cat lovers will relate!

Window perches for cats!

cat window seats

Cat perches window seat ideas


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