10 Open Shelving Kitchen Specially Picked Styles

Open shelving kitchen

At the main time, the open shelving kitchen styles have become more popular than ever. Whereas some people address it as a new style of decorating that adds a distinctive appearance for modern kitchens. Still, it’s appeared many times in vintage and old movies. However, apparently, there have passed a few years since the new generations have started appreciating nostalgic and vintage appearances. For this reason, old fashion styles have become today’s trends! Now, if you’re going to makeover your kitchen design, open shelving kitchen will be the absolute modern style rather than the traditional you already have.

Open shelving kitchen style

Open Shelves Kitchen Cabinets

To the end that you have successfully adopted that style in your kitchen you’ll be able to:

  1. Increase your storage space.
  2. Enjoy a large space and brightness in your kitchen.
  3. Feel the sense of warmth and clarity that have been missing for a long time.
  4. Maintain the best appearance of utensils, and that’ll probably be the reason you get rid of the ugly ones.
  5. Enjoy a new look every time you change the organizing of the shelves.
  6. Take the chance to show your collection of favorite dishes and cups as artworks!
  7. Let alone the low cost required to do the open shelves in kitchen huge makeover!
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Colorful open shelving kitchen shelves

Simpy & Chic Open Shelving kitchen

Kitchen with Open Shelving (How To’s)

You can follow these steps to easily transform into the required style:

  • Organize the shelves and make sure they’re close to your reach
  • Choose the sizes of the pots and organize them properly. For you need to show your dishes & cups beautifully without having them broken every each day.
  • Make sure the dishes and cups are stored in a coordinated form on the shelves.
  • Place the mostly used cooking pots and dishes clearly in front of you in order to avoid wasting time searching for it.
  • Choose a set of colorful pots and distribute them neatly on the shelves as a part of the kitchen decor. Use 2017 Kitchen colors will give your kitchen an innovative and unique appearance.
  • You can use empty bottles & mason jars with distinctive colors or shapes to keep dry foods and spices, it will add a beautiful touch to the kitchen décor.

ِAlso, you can DIY kitchen decor ideas yourself as an expert!

open shelving kitchen colorful design

Open shelving kitchen ideas

If you’re still hesitant about taking the change decision to open shelving. You can begin with removing the doors of your kitchen cabinet for some time until you get used to it. I’m sure you will love the look and the feeling of the space and clarity.

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Whether you’re convinced yet or not, you’ll end up wanting this kitchen designs made in your home. However, you don’t have to go so far to get some brilliant and creative ideas. We will help you with some cool stylish open shelving ideas to renew your kitchen!

  • Install hanging shelves at the top of the bar to put spices and tools that need to be at your fingertips always while preparing food on the bar.
  • Install the storage shelves at the same height as the chimney to maintain the horizontal line of the wall without causing chaos and crowding in the wall.
  • Add some of the LED lighting strips to the shelves to avoid the shades and light up the shelves.Use the corners
  • Hang wide shelves to contain large pots in the empty corners.
  • Apply glass shelves if you have a small kitchen because it doesn’t occupy a lot of visual space.
  • Utilize porcelain pieces and decorated dishes to decorate the kitchen.
  • install -how many you need- hooks in the shelves to hang the cups.
Open shelving kitchen style
kitchen detail open shelves shelving vintage bowls crockery glassware table worktop not used l etc 11/2006 p116 real home


Beautiful open shelving kitchen design

DIY open shelving kitchen vanity

Open shelving kitchen vanity

Open shelving kitchen display
Kitchen Open Shelving Kitchen Trendy Display Kitchen Islands With Open Shelving Open – Home Interior Design

Open shelving kitchen white vanity


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