Home Interior Design Modern Fireplace Designs & Ideas – Fireplace Mantels

Modern Fireplace Designs & Ideas – Fireplace Mantels

Modern Fireplace Designs & Ideas – Fireplace Mantels

Modern fireplace

Today, a modern fireplace has become more relevant, and more essential in most vanity houses.

When the first man discovered fire, he found in its presence a feeling of safety and warmth. He also found a special kind of beauty in the fire. After all these years, humans still feels the same about the fire but in a different way. They managed to increase the beautiful side of the fire, and they used it to decorate their houses by having a fireplace that suits their decoration and gives a warm touch to the design.

Due to the evolution of the world, it was natural that fireplaces will form in many modern shapes. We will guide you to the right modern fireplace shape that will suit your home design.

Luxury modern fireplace

Modern fireplace ideas

A fireplace can mediate the room if it wasn’t fitted with a frame.

black modern fireplace

The best installation for a modern fireplace is to install it inside the main wall with a panel of transparent glass, while carefully coating the surrounded area by wood or marble. Otherwise, you can install a stainless steel fireplace on a wall with a plank color if the room is full of colors.

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In order to connect the colors of the room and achieve contradiction. Highlight the geometric shape around the fireplace by choosing between several types of marble fireplaces. Coat the wall around the fireplace with wood or stone, match it with the design colors of the room. However, if you don’t have too much space in the room, you can use one of the suspended from a ceiling fireplace. It’s one of the most creative fireplaces that doesn’t require too much space and gives a trendy appearance.

Modern fireplace mantels

You can choose between wood, stone, glass, metal and marble to have a modern fireplace mantel. It all depends on the room design.

modern fireplace mantel

The fireplace comes in a variety of designs from the small fireplace in one corner, to the huge rock shelves light up the room, you can choose according to the available space and decoration.

  1. Decorate the fireplace mantels with a set of candlesticks, family photo frames, or a number of small antiques.
  2. Hang a wall clock on the wall above the fireplace.
  3. Also, consider natural images inspired by autumn and winter atmosphere. Or a mirror with a classic frame can be used, especially if you want to feel more space free.
  4. I highly recommended decorating the fireplace with a collection of books with dark covers. Or accessories cleverly distributed to fit the decorations prevailing in the room.
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Modern fireplace designs

  • The separation wall between two rooms can be a convenient place to accommodate a modern-style fireplace. The position in the middle of the wall can make it look more attractive.
  • Open fireplace in the middle of the living room is very modern and sophisticated fireplace design.
  • If you place a corner fireplace inside the wall and at the end of your living room, you’ll give the room a mystery and fantasy look!
  • Use harmonic colors to make it fits your living room color schemes, bedroom color schemes or bathroom color schemes, That will help in making a luxury interior design.

modern fireplace tips and tricks

Mid century modern fireplace

The mid-century modern fireplace is designed to be the central point of the room. It tends to be elegant without too much ornament in the design. Natural wood, stone or marble they all work best in the Mid-century style environment as they relate to the natural colors.

mid century modern fireplace

modern fireplace mid centure


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