2017 Interior Design Trends & Interior Design Ideas

Interior design trends for 2017

Unexpected twists for the 2017 interior design trends have blown the known design trends away. However, it’s nothing to fear of – because this year has come as what every house owner loves and prefers. Many of us may have already gone for these things before they’re on 2017’s trend. Some other people would have to reconsider their home interior design ideas and furniture though.

Patti Carpenter, the global trend ambassador says:

“It’s all about finding a place of calm and comfort in this constant chaos and information that we constantly have coming at us”

2017 Interior design trends is about comfort – not edginess – Time for rounded edges and circular furniture!

Home interior design ideas & trends for 2017

2017 Interior Design Trends

In 2017, the DIY EVERYTHING trend is going deep down. I hate to disappoint you, but this year’s design trends are turning from the easy and quick crafts into the artisanal work instead. So if everything in your house starting with your lighting to your toothbrush holder is a DIY – you need to reconsider what you’re doing there, woman! This year is for the high skill level projects. Check out this Pam Top Ruffle Plum Vase below.

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Home interior deign ideas DIY

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I never liked that trend, but if you ever considered using burnished metals in your house design, well, you haven’t thought this well. Think of shinier and warmer metals instead, like bronze or gold – Because that’s hitting the interior house design

modern interior design trends 2017

Img source: Houzz

This one is probably surprising, but it’s pretty cozy & beautiful. The word “modern” usually stands for smooth, sleek and flat house designs. But 2017 interior design trends are going for more textural and warm furniture/items that would help you connect to the room on an emotional level. I don’t know how you like things in your house – But I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how I like it to be!Home interior design 2017

Img source: Elle Decor

Honestly, I never liked this huge plush couch in my living room, but hey, I don’t have to keep it anymore. Because oversized furniture will vanish from 2017’s house trends! It’s all about space-efficient furniture now. Isn’t this wonderful?!

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House trends 2017

Img Source: Today.com

Home interior design ideas

Opt out of the Zigzag Pattern of Chevron. Just keep away, especially if it’s only two to three colors. This will make it look cheap or two-dimensional. Instead, mixed and colorful patterns are gaining more popularity. They were first spotted at the New York Fashion Week in fall 2016. But no way this one is going out trend in 2017, this beauty is still going and you will begin to see these patterns more often in home décor this year!

2017 interior design trends

Via: Polyvore

Talking about the 2017 home interior design ideas for color of the year: Pantone Greenery is the world’s brightest colors. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone Greenery represents refreshment, rejuvenation, and rebirth. So if you’re thinking you need some change in your life or looking for something new – Start changing your apartment color into Pantone Greenery!

2017 interior design trends

Img via: Slodive

Check out these 8 house design 2017 trends and stay tuned for the latest top décor news & trends!


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