Home Interior Design 10 Best wall colors & Ideas for 2018

10 Best wall colors & Ideas for 2018

10 Best wall colors & Ideas for 2018

Wall colors for 2018

Wall colors play a vital role in the home interior design, each color has a specific effect on mood, mental state, and the house energy. Using modern wall color ideas can increase the feel of relaxing and comfy or it can cause disturbances and tension.

Best wall painting 2017 - Wall color ideas

Changing the wall colors one of the cheap tricks and play that great role in renewing the house decorations significantly!

Choose the color of the walls is a sensitive process be undertaken carefully not only for aesthetics but also taking into mind the nature of the color and effect in the place and nature of the room. To help you in choosing the right wall color we list this bright wall color ideas for 2017/2018 and painting colors trends.

Wall colors ideas

unique wall color ideas


Red is the color of power and authority but must be more cautious, exaggerating that color will probably encourage anger and agitation. Best leave this color only for wall or used with furniture.

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turquoise wall color ideas

Turquoise promotes calmness and harmonizes the soul. In addition, promote green shades. this color associated with the color meadows, mountains and nature generally. Even for the turquoise bedroom color but the rule has always favored the lighter color, tone and soft. The color is perfect for any room in the House, but best avoided in the kitchen.

purple wall color ideas


Pink and Purple: these colors help to relax and calm. the pink is ideal for bedrooms and the purple living room color scheme is perfect. the color-inducing delight and preferred colors for ten girls rooms.

blue wall colors

Blue: a color that represents the thinking and reflection, and despite being one of the colors that seem to convey peace, Feng Shui advises you: risk slipping into depression. The solution is to avoid a dark blue and opt instead for lighter ones. Discouraged even the living room completely Blue: best to use this color on one wall.

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wall colors 2016

Yellow and orange color: nature, Sun and transmit heat and energy. Orange is also the color of creativity. Perfect for living areas, especially for the kitchen, and that should be avoided in places to rest as the bedroom. Choose to stay at most a very slight tint of yellow.

What sets the wall colors for decorative?

In one word? Very much. Almost any color can suit all others if nuance. In this follow pictures, you will get some creative ideas in that direction. Maybe you will be surprised with some color combinations because they’re really creative and exceptional. Certainly, there is something for every taste.

light blue wall idea
Mixing Blue & gray colors in the living room decor
bright wall colors
Gary & white bedroom interior design
bright wall colors 2016
Rainbows living room decoration
blue wall design
white and blue bedroom design ideas
painting color trends 2017
Green & purple bedroom wall colors and furniture




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