Best 5 Ideas for Effectively Growing Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

Effectively grow your indoor herb garden

Whether the winter season is making it difficult for your outdoor garden to grow naturally or the lack of outdoor space is what you’re missing. We teach you how to say NO against all the circumstances that may block the way for your thumb. Here are few effective ideas to help your indoor herb garden grow better.


Hang them behind the Kitchen Window

Though keeping a plant alive indoor can be a huge challenge for some people, however, keeping the herbs in a handy way close to the sunlight is one of the best solutions – Simply put the herbs in any style of pots you’d like and hang them behind your kitchen window so that they grow naturally and still be easy to reach – like shown in this picture.



Use the space above your kitchen sink to grow your indoor herb garden

     Source: HouseBeautiful

The Mini Green House

The Mini Greenhouse would act like a perfect solution to grow herbs indoor when the season is not in your aid. When the winter enters with its cold freezing weather, it would be difficult for your outdoor garden to grow healthy and fresh. So consider putting this easy carrying mini house close to your kitchen for your daily use.

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Mini Green House indoor herb garden

Source: Theplaidzebra

Mason Jars

Use Mason Jars to grow herbs inside if you lack outdoor space. Looking for an inexpensive and stylish idea? You can easily and anytime grow your daily used herbs inside the house. Whether you like using recycled jars or some stylish mason jars, both would perfectly do the job. As long as you keep them close to your hands, it’s always a better solution. Choose your favorite herbs whether it’s basil, rosemary, or of course, mint. Then let them grow in the little jars you’ve chosen – Your little garden will grow fresh and enough for your daily use. Don’t forget to put them in the sunlight for at least 5 hours a day. (Or you can save the effort and put the jars behind a window)

Planting your indoor herb garden into inexpensive mason jars

Use magnets!

When talking about indoor planting you always search for the perfect place to grow your favorite herb garden. it can still be close to your thumb. You can use empty antique tea tins, put your favorite herbs, attach magnets and hang them on the fridge for easy access. This idea is one of my favorites. It keeps my kitchen clean and classy at the same time while I’m cooking and having my special plants close to my hand.

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Plant indoor herb garden using stylish old tea jars & attaching them with magnets on the fridge


Indoor Window Herb Garden

Another beautiful solution: Whether your window has a hanger or not, you can buy an inexpensive one then attach it to a suitable window. Pot your herbs in clear drinking glasses and then hang them across the window. This one would make the whole plant process easy and breezy and so much accessible to you.

Indoor Herb Garden window

Via: balcony garden web

Antique Terra Pots

Write the herb names on its classic terra cotta pots, that will keep you from accidentally throwing in Sage when you needed a handful of basil. Those classy little pots would act like a perfect decoration inside your house.

Classy Antique Terra pots to help grow indoor herb garden.

Via: Pinterest

Check out these indoor herb garden ideas!


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