The Essentials for a Proper Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living room lighting

Deciding how to organize and decorate your house, your living room lighting is the central point of your house, it shows the beauty and comfort of the entire place. While the lighting creates the intimacy of your living room, we are here to give you the essential ideas to get your living room lighting done effortlessly.

If you’re one of those who spent their whole time thinking about which sofa to choose or what would be the paint color of their living room. Though all this stuff is highly important. But man, you have wasted your time on stuff that wouldn’t really do its worth if there’s no proper living room lighting.

Living room lighting Via: HGTV

Living room lighting ideas (Essentials)

  • For the perfect living room lighting scheme, don’t hesitate to use different kinds of light. I know some of you might fear the overdue lighting, but that’s probably far to happen in a living room.
  • Go for the dimmers that allow you to control the level of light so that it’d suit the various activities done in the place. and to know how to install a dimmer switch in 10 minutes and feel like a boss, check here
  • Use different kinds of light to illuminate your living room and create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Take the size of the room into your consideration, evaluate your lighting needs to determine your best lighting positions and the number of fixtures.
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Living room light fixtures

Choose a stylish lighting fixture of your own preference. This chandelier below can be a romantic example of what you might look for. The natural details and simplicity of that living room make it even more gorgeous. I believe one chandelier is of certain essentiality in anyone’s living room.

Living room lighting fixture ideaMore fixture ideas on Pinterest

Recessed lighting living room

Recessed lighting often comes in various configurations.

  • The recessed lighting is typically placed from 18 to 24 inches from the wall.
  • It’s better used in a series in order to spread light on a larger surface.
  • When light is put on a vertical surface into a room, it makes a good lighting on the entire space that you’d notice the wall more than the fixture itself.
  • You can use recessed lighting to spotlight your favorite decoration pieces in your living room.
  • Test the color quality of the LEDs before applying. For residential applications, you should go for the safety side and use the warmest LED color available.
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Many of the affordable LED lights have little consistency in color quality that you can actually notice various shades of light from one fixture to another. Try Elements for the perfect recessed lighting LED colors.

Living room recessed lighting  Via: Homedsgn

Here is a guide to install recessed lighting.

How to light a living room with no overhead lighting? Read below!

Lighting your living room with no overhead lighting and have it lighten perfectly can be a bit of a challenge for some. Though of course, illuminating a living room without overhead lighting is so much easier.

  • Floor and table lamps can be easily used instead. Though their only drawback is they often provide the light for a limited area.
  • In this situation, installing (In addition to two lamps at least, according to the size of the room) a hanging light fixture is your effortless savior trick. – That will provide light to a much larger area in your living room (With much inexpensive material).
  • Notice to choose the correct positions to hang the fixtures for a proper lighting.Avoid overhead lighting by using table, wall hanged, and floor lamps


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