2018 Mid-Century Living Room Decor, Designs, and Ideas

Mid Century Living Room

Before you start thinking how to update into a mid-century living room design. You should know the basic elements of this style. Along with four pioneer mid-century designers in the industry.

collecting basic elements will let you know what exactly your living room lacks to own the mid-century style. And knowing those four designers’ creations will inspire your choice on the living room centerpiece in a way that grabs the attention of your visitors.

mid century living room elements
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Ready to master the mid-century living room style?

This style is formed out from the Bauhaus which started in Germany. The Bauhaus style then moved to America with the migrated Germans after World War II.

Mid-century living room set may have a vintage appeal, but it is not exactly vintage. I like to think of it more like a James Bond living room style.

Plywood, glass, metal, plexiglass, vinyl, and Lucite are the basic materials in mid-century furniture.

The colors of the mid-century style go from neutrals to bold… A lot of black and white. Giving special interest in geometric patterns and animal skin carpets.

Mid-Century living room ideas & features

The furniture of this era is most characterized by its thin lines, black & white patterns, geometric glass globes and contradict shades.

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stylish mid century living room with black and white
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Following with hanging portraits or art collectibles. And old TV or radio and a guitar in the corner would do. In addition to some greenery plants and texture vases for the final touch.

The color schemes range between green and brown, black and white, blue and grey. Another brought to life scheme is tangerine, avocado, and mustard – 60s inspired.

mid century living room on a budget
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Using only white can save you a lot choosing the colors of your furniture.

Also, using a living room with fireplace will bring the spirit of the mid-century era to the place.

Black & White Patterns

People after WWII were occupied by geometric and black and white patterns. They used it in their living room, bedroom, on their walls, curtains, and carpets. Though it’s safer to avoid too many patterns in one place.

black and white patterns for mid century living room
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Budget Mid-Century Living Room Decor Updates

Follow similar furniture style & color to this collection of mid-century themes.  Pin the pictures you love so you can get back to it when shopping.

Famous Designer Pieces

1# Charlotte Perriand – (1903,1999) French designerCharlotte Perriand Mid century living room designer

Charlotte designed this oak bench with rectangular top and round legs, cubic cushions. Following this bench’s style as a centerpiece could light up the mid-century appeal in your living room.

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2# Eero Saarinen (1910, 1961) Finnish Architect

eero saarinen mid century living room marble top table
via interiorsecrets.com

Eero Saarinen designed his classic marble top table in 1956. He eliminated any extra parts including the extensive table legs. And until 2018, the simple lines and marble topping still look modern and fresh. A simple answer for what makes mid-century living room design timeless.

3# Oscar Niemeyer (1907, 2012) Brazilian Architect

oscar niemeyer mid century living room table
from mcmdaily.com

Oscar Niemeyer, best known for his buildings. Expressed his love of curves on anything he designs whether buildings, furniture, or tables.

“I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman.”

4# Rudolph Schindler (1887, 1953) Austrian Designer

mid century living room by Rudolph Schindler
Via: thespaces.com

I hope you like our list of four pioneer mid-century designers & architect. And that you’ve learned the basic elements of mid-century living room designs and decoration.

You are now able to adopt, buy and even craft new materials that outlook the mid-century appeal to your house.

Looking forward to your replies!


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