4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Plastering The Walls

Plastering Walls

Applying plaster can make the wall more durable and give it a smooth finish. And if you are considering to apply plaster to the walls of your home, then you must know about a few things before you start with the process so as to ensure that the plaster is correctly applied.


tips for plastering the walls


Twin Coating

You should always apply two coats of plaster to the walls. For the first coat, you can apply the plaster thinly. But make sure that sufficient pressure is applied so that it sticks to the wall. This will ensure that the coat will not fall off at any point in time in the future, making it perfect for a second coat. Now, before you do apply a second coat, the first coat must still be slightly wet and pliable. This enables you to apply the second coat with far less pressure, and to a thickness that you desire.


Angle Of The Trowel

When using a trowel to apply the plaster, the angle of the trowel must also be taken into consideration.  Only use a 10 mm angle on the leading edge of the trowel when applying the plaster. And when you apply good enough pressure with this angle, it will ensure that the plaster coating is correctly flattened to the wall. If you change the angle to more than 10 mm, then there is a risk that the trowel will scrape away the plaster, even revealing the coating underneath the new coat you are trying to put up. So, do yourself a favor and try to stick with a 10 mm trowel angle, until conditions require otherwise.

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Good Tools

One thing you must ensure when looking to plaster the wall is to use the right tools. These can be anything from trowels, rulers, plastering brushes, spatulas, joint knives and so on. No matter what type of tools you use, as long as they are top notch, you will be able to plaster the wall exactly the way you want. Without a good quality tool, you are likely to face difficulties while plastering. For example, using a cheap, low-quality trowel might not be able to get the plastering firmly stick onto the floor. So, you can use a good company such as plastering tools from Plasterers One Stop Shop, and you won’t have to face any such difficulties.


Flatness Vs Smoothness

When applying the first coat of plaster to the walls, always keep in mind the purpose of the coating – to provide a good foundation for the top coats. That’s it. As such, you need not concern yourself to smoothen the first coat. Instead, the focus should be to flatten it very well so that the secondary coats can be applied over it without any issues. And it is these top coats that will provide a smooth look to the walls. An important thing to note is that you must always ensure that the corners are absolutely flat. This alone will guarantee that the walls look much better.

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So, keep in mind the above tips when plastering the walls, and you should have no difficulty in getting a firm, long lasting, smooth finish to the walls.


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