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Kitchen Lights

What do You need for a Perfect Kitchen Lighting? (Professional Kitchen Lighting Ideas)

As we know the kitchen is one of the hardest areas to light because the design approach must fulfill two needs: It must meet a functional need to provide adequate light for the tasks involved, but it also has to be aesthetically pleasing and complementary to the surrounding spaces.

The kitchen has become the hub of family life, and with the open floor plans popular today, it’s not visually divided, as kitchens once were. to make your kitchen more stylish you will need to follow these best kitchen lighting ideas.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When we talk about the budget, those kitchen lighting fixtures are probably the best affordable and elegant to use in your kitchen. Please don’t tell me you have fallen for that boob light you keep seeing everywhere; it’s a trap. Check those out, and I hope you’ll be able to apply the perfect light for your modern kitchen. (Flush mounts are also ideal for low ceilings) you will have the best kitchen backsplash ideas with lights.

Kitchen lights 2017

If you’re looking for some more fancy look and expensive kitchen lighting fixtures, you can choose from those options as well:

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Modern Kitchen Lights

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Kitchen ceiling lights

For the low ceiling kitchens, flush mount lighting fixtures would be the second perfect choice after of course, pot lights. Because anything that hangs down from the ceiling will make your kitchen feel more squashed. You’ve got to act smart, choose lights that shine up, and sideways your ceiling will appear higher, don’t fall for the ones that shine down – it’ll make the ceiling feel lower. (You can also use pots to illuminate kitchen workspaces).

kitchen ceiling lights 2017 - Modern kitchen lighting ideas

Kitchen lighting is the hardest of all. However, there are numerous ideas to ease the process. But you need to be aware of the overdue light. Some of the worst kitchen lighting ideas are usually the ones that accidentally over lighted the kitchen. Therefore, you need to think this through. Don’t pick up any kitchen light fixtures just because you like them; you need to know what’s right for your own kitchen design.

Kitchen Track Lighting

If you are afraid of that common mistake. Consider using Track Lighting. There are various of track lighting ideas for your kitchen design. The real fun of installing kitchen track lighting is not so much the tracks – it’s the fixtures. Once you have the tracks installed, you can swap out the fixtures to your heart’s content.

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kitchen track lighting ideas - kitchen lighting ideas 2017

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Kitchen island lighting ideas

We’ve collected various ideas for a kitchen island lighting as well: Starting with the Mini-Pendants – my favorite. They offer functional lighting and usually grouped in threes, fives, and sevens.

kitchen island lighting 2017

Kitchen pendant lights

  • Fluted-Glass Pendant: Fluted-glass detail is found in many antique fixtures and can add a sense of history above a kitchen island. Commonly found in transitional- and industrial-style fixtures, fluted-glass pendant lights for the kitchen are available in single-, double- and triple-arm versions. will be on of the most space-saving kitchen lighting pendant lighting ideas
  • Glass bill pendants like the ones shown here are elegant and maximize light. These versatile and classically styled fixtures work well with a variety of architectural styles including Southern traditional, Victorian, Georgian and farmhouse.Best kitchen pendant lights

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Selecting the suitable lighting system for a kitchen can be a daunting task. We hope these different options have helped to make the selection process easier for you. Share these kitchen lighting ideas with others.


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