20 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Styles to Renovate Your Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The most charming about rustic kitchen cabinets is that it brings the countryside style into the kitchen. We have recently covered the most stylish rustic wall decor ideas for the living room and bathroom. So Today, it’s time to renovate the kitchen to match the rustic theme of the whole house. Rustic decor is not only about old, shabby chic decor; it is also about vintage, wooden material and the nostalgia vibes it brings to the house.

Rustic kitchen cabinets styles
Source: HGTV

Country Style Cabinets

You can quickly change to a rustic kitchen style with the right cabinet designs. First, you need to know the broad range of different styles out there. Thinking about rustic cabinets requires you to determine on the material you wish to use in your country kitchen.
On that matter, I already told you before that wood is the base material for any rustic decor. But let’s not limit the options to only that…

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Best rustic kitchen cabients
Source: greentower.info

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

There are other materials. Like laminate, it is a good choice to imitate the look of natural rustic wood cabinets.

laminate rustic kitchen cabinets
Source: touringa.com Laminate kitchen cabinets

Pine Kitchen Cabinets

One of the other reasonable choices is knotty pine kitchen cabinets since it shows the knots which are the one thing rustic kitchen cabinets are famous for. Its knots appears most with rustic white kitchen cabinets. It is also cheap and widely available, yet it might not be a suitable material for long-term use.

Pine rustic kitchen cabinets
Source: roselawnlutheran.org Pine kitchen cabinets

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

A few other competitors are cherry, oak, maple, and hickory. Cherry could be the best choice of these four -it does not crack, leak or wrap after long-term. Plus, it offers an impressive dark wood rustic kitchen units.
Cherry kitchen cabinets - rustic kitchen cabinets
Source: ceden.Us Cherry kitchen cabinets

Rustic Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Natural hickory cabinets are durable wood elements. However, when thinking about the pricing scale, the cherry wins. The Hickory still stands as the best next choice after wood and cherry rustic kitchen cupboards. Honestly, I think hickory cabinets have the best appearance of rustic kitchen cabinet doors.

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rustic hickory kitchen cabinets
Source: homecrestcabinetry.com rustic hickory cabinets

Oak Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Oak on the other side is an outstanding competitor since it combines three main elements of choice in the industry which are: strength, good appearance, and cost.

luxurious oak rustic kitchen cabinets
Source: gen4congress.com
After you have made your mind on the wood material you want, it’s time to head to any hardware store according to the availability of the material they have. Though don’t underestimate the different types of pulls, knobs, and rustic cabinet door handles. Most home improvement shops will give you a wide set of rustic wood kitchen cabinets counterparts to decide on. Therefore, you should face no obstacles determining the precise rustic kitchen cabinets. Plus, check out a few more rustic cabinets for more influence:


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