Unique Fireplace Mantel Designs and Ideas

Get inspired by the coming fireplace mantel designs and ideas presented in this article and prepare your home for winter. A living room with fireplace is the ideal environment to gather family and friends on colder days. But they are not exclusive to the living rooms, and can also appear very elegantly in spaces such as bedrooms or outside areas, leaving the place cozier. Choosing between the fireplace mantel designs will help you get the elegant appearance which you are seeking to have in your house.


Best Fireplace Mantel Designs


Fireplaces can be firewood, electric, or gas and usually steal the eyes and be the main item in the decoration of the environment. Whatever the kind of the fireplace that you will use in your house you must choose one of the fireplace mantel designs that fit right with the entire design.


Fireplace mantel designs ideas


If you have decided that you need a fireplace to improve the look of your home then you just have to choose one of the fireplace mantel designs before calling a contractor to build it for you. Now the most difficult part of installing a fireplace is choosing the right design for your home. This can be a serious problem as you will have to think about the size, materials, and appearance.


There are many types of fireplace mantels, with different sizes, styles, and materials.There are several styles such as classic, modern and traditional. You can use the classic style of marble or plaster stone fireplace mantels. They may be more expensive than most fireplace mantel designs but at least you can be sure that they are of great quality and that it will last longer than the other fireplace mantels. These will add elegance to your home. For more modern fireplace mantel designs, use wood and cast iron. You can also combine the two and perhaps some of the marble and it will become an original fireplace.

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Fireplace mantel designs wood


Before installing fireplace mantel designs wood, you should familiarize yourself with these inherent positive and negative sides in it.

  • Fireplace mantel designs made of wood perfectly fit into any interior and can become an ornament of any room. Their drawback is the need to regularly look after it, which is somewhat burdensome.
  • The cost of wood can’t be called very inexpensive. But from different kinds, you can choose a material with a lower price.
  • For the installation of fireplace mantel designs wood, rooms in which there is a high level of humidity are not suitable, since the wooden surface has the ability to absorb moisture, which leads to its spoilage. As a result, there will be a need to restore the appearance of it, which requires investment and time.
  • The duration of the use of the fireplace mantel designs wood is quite high and if the room is heated in the winter, it can be in excellent condition for many years.
  • Given all the above points, you can decide whether to choose this type of material or not. For the production of the fireplace mantel, you can use any kind of wood species, which will have a different value.

Fireplace mantel decorating ideas


The fireplace attracts the eye, and therefore its decor is especially important for creating a harmonious interior. The fireplace mantel decorating ideas can be permanent or changeable. We have prepared for you several cozy ideas for every taste.

Seasonal decoration


A good reason to update the decor on the shelf above the fireplace is the change of the seasons. On the calendar of October, and the creation of autumn decorative compositions, this is a real space for creativity and a great way to save longer memories of the wonderful days of autumn.

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They are remarkably suitable for the fireplace shelf. Their lights harmoniously complement the flame of the fireplace, creating a resonating composition and adding even more coziness to evening gatherings. Choose candlesticks from the same style of the interior and enjoy the aesthetics of your living room. By the way, you can choose the aromatic candles and fill the house not only with warmth and an atmosphere of calmness but with pleasant smells.

Flower compositions


Compositions of living or dried flowers and plants will decorate your shelf above the fireplace and add a cozy feeling to the living room. In this case, the flowers complement the fireplace as the central element of the interior.

Fireplace mantel shelf ideas


Do you have some favorite vases, but you do not know where to put them so that it’s nice to use it and to place them on the shelf above the fireplace. This will surely become an excellent place for your beautiful vases.

Pictures and photo


To decorate the shelf above the fireplace, you can use family photos, paintings or just empty frames as a new trend of the decor. Each of these options has its own functions, the pictures complement or shade the interior, empty photo frames attract the eye thanks to the originality of the idea, and favorite photographs create a soulful and harmonious atmosphere.


Finally, the lack of decor is also a decoration, especially when it comes to such styles as minimalism, hi-tech, industrial. If the interior is already filled with decorating items, or there are bright accents in the design, the absence of additional details and decorative elements, as decorating the shelf above the fireplace is not only possible, but it must also be left empty or almost empty.


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