Best Area Rugs for Kitchen – Kitchen Area Rugs 2017

Area Rugs for Kitchen

Are you asking yourself how to get the best kitchen area rugs with no effort? You spend between three to four hours a day in the kitchen. How about giving the kitchen a nice and warm touch? Using the right rug will both fit the kitchen’s decoration and make it a pleasant place for your full-time cooking activities! Don’t worry, we care about you!

Kitchen area rugs

1. kitchen rugs ideas

In 2017 the kitchen rugs are very colorful, they really add a good feeling and can match all kitchen designs. Dark gray, yellow, blue, beige, orange, purple, and white are the popular rug colors this year.  After you choose the rug color, here comes the role of selecting the right place to put the rug.

  • Choose a rug that will fit with your flooring, kitchen furniture, and cabinets.
  • Place the rug under the kitchen table for sound damping.

For the perfect size stick to these tips!

  • A too small rug is lost in large, open spaces and goes down optically.
  • A too large rug makes the kitchen visually smaller and has an oppressive effect.
  • Always keep in mind the doors and the radius of the doors when opening them before buying, so that doors do not stop at the rug.
  • Measure the length of your cabinets before buying the rug.
  • It must be enough space between the kitchen cabinets and the rug or it will look “crowded”.
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Bohemian kitchen area rugs

Follow the trend and apply open shelving kitchen besides your new rug!

2. Best area rugs for kitchen

You know the more it fits your need, the more exceptional it’ll feel!

  • Cotton and chenille rugs are very practical, they are light, colorful, easy to move them with your feet and they are very absorbent, and if it needs cleaning, you only have to put them in the washing machine.
  • The polyamide stamped kitchen rugs are easy to clean and doesn’t slip, which protects you from any domestic accidents.
  • You can find the polyester rugs in a multitude of prints and colors. Being very light will mostly suit any kitchen!
  • Bamboo rugs add an oriental touch to your kitchen, you should know that they are made in many colors. At its base are protected with anti-slip, which prevents falls. They are very resistant to stains and can be scrubbed with a damp cloth and soap.
  • Vinyl rugs don’t fray and are cleaned very easily with soap. There are many prints and colors, its resistance to stains and liquids is very high.
  • The Teflon vinyl rugs are made of vinyl and polyester. They are antibacterial and fireproof, which will keep your kitchen perfect. Also, you can easily clean them like any ceramic floor. Heavier than other styles of rugs, which will make it easier to keep them without moving while cooking.
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Vinyl kitchen area rugs

Before you decide to buy a rug for your kitchen, consider the number of your family members. If there are kids in your family, and the way you use your kitchen, is it for hard working? Or you do fast meals? After asking these questions, I’m sure you’ll pick the right rug which fits your lifestyle.

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think!

Trendy kitchen area rugs 2017

Vinyl kitchen area rugs - easy clean rugs Rounded kitchen area rugs Bold trendy kitchen area rugs 2017

2017 kitchen area rugs

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