Farmhouse Foyer Ideas 2018

Give your house a mini-makeover with these farmhouse foyer ideas. The foyer is the first place which welcomes all of your guests so; try to make it look the way that shows your personal taste. Using the farmhouse foyer ideas will make your foyer unique and individual. The non-standard design of the foyer will give your house special features; make it different from other houses.

Farmhouse Foyer Ideas

modern farmhouse foyer ideas

A beautiful decoration for the foyer does not mean that it is necessarily expensive. There are many tricks that will help you to decorate the foyer in a beautiful and original way. by applying some of the farmhouse foyer ideas and adding a little imagination, creativity, and combining all this together, you can make your foyer looks like a piece of art.

The walls

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First of all, try to pay more attention to the walls, you can dive in bright and scenic colors, perhaps using the neutral tones of green that often used in the farmhouse style will be the perfect choice to cover the walls. You can also use wallpapers with natural patterns.

The floor

nice farmhouse foyer ideas

The second step is to the floor, if you do not have beautiful tiles, choose a carpet or a rug as a basic element on which to start decorating the rest of the foyer. Buy it according to your taste and, possibly, you can opt for a material that is both durable and easy to clean. Use a simple design and color to improve the farmhouse style.

The Closet

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Optimizing space is a fundamental component in the organization of the foyer. If you have the chance, put a closet for storing jackets and coats; otherwise, a coat hanger will be fine. You can use one of the DIY coat rack ideas which will fit great with the farmhouse style of decoration.

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Nice table

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If you have a free wall, even if it was small, add a small table, maybe an old wooden table with a simple design so that it becomes the focal point of the foyer. Clearly, the size of the table must be fit to the size of the foyer and must not create an obstacle to the passage. If the space is really small you can choose an old trunk instead of the table it will be less in size and in any case functional.

The mirror

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It is the time now to find a corner free to hang a mirror. This solution is often used both in large and small environments but it is a must for small foyers just because the mirrors create the feeling of enlarging the spaces. In addition to this, they are essential for a last-minute look at hair and makeup.

The lighting

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Another important point in the decoration of the foyer is the lighting. Create more sources of light, in addition to the common light of the chandelier, organize small bright accents, perhaps through a small table lamp placed on the wooden table and, if you can, install one or two wall sconces that will help you to illuminate even the darkest corners.

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Plants and flowers

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One of the best farmhouse styles of decoration ideas for a foyer is opting for the natural materials in the decoration. Try to add a lively touch to the foyer by using plants and flowers. Potted plants and vertical gardens which you can make by yourself with pallet wood and wicker baskets are a nice choice. If you have a “dead” corner you will see it revitalized simply with beautiful Ficus plants. They are beautiful and break the boredom of the space.

Final tips

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To make the place as pleasant as possible, do not just rely on sight, but also involve other senses. For example, offer an inviting scent with fresh flowers or scented candles. If you have an old bench of wood or maybe a chair, the foyer is the right place to put it in to provide a place to rest at.

farmhouse foyer ideas pinterest

Wooden furniture and wicker baskets with natural colors on the walls and stone or wooden floors are the main elements which basically used in the farmhouse foyer ideas also; DIY pallet furniture became a farmhouse trend lately.
We said that the foyer is the welcoming card of our house and for this; we have tried to offer useful ideas for its decoration. But we must keep in mind the foyer functionality of this environment, here we place the bag, hat, mail, keys, and umbrellas So, try to choose practical objects to organize all these things and to find them easily when leaving.



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