Amazing Finished Basement Ideas for 2018

I think it is the time now to speak about the basement and for you to choose between the best-finished basement ideas. Do you like to use some of our past man cave ideas to have your own one? Or you can take a deep look at our finished basement ideas before and after, small, or cheap finished basement ideas

Best Finished basement ideas

cool finished basement ideas

With the desire to maximize the living space of a home the need arises of making unused areas comfortable and functional. And that is what we are talking about here in finished basement ideas.

 new finished basement ideas

And it is not only about how you can increase the living space, but it is more about how you can turn it into a unique place? For you to use only for yourself or to make it like a warm place which will gather your friends in it and make them enjoy the time that they spend in there and look for more moments with you.

Small Finished basement ideas (cave man)

man cave finished basement ideas

So, if you are a family man and searching for some time for yourself or with your closest male friends. And you have a basement in your house!! So, you have a hidden treasure at your home, here you can free your imagination to turn the basement into a chamber of secrets which has its own law and a secret password to get into it. Use some of the man cave furniture and add your personal touch to make it look mysteries.

finished basement ideas small

Install colored spotlights and a very large screen on the wall with a sofa in front of it. Be the master of the cave and add one of the wingback chairs only for the personal use, no other person could come close to your throne. Install a very fast Wi-Fi to keep in touch with the team.

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cool finished basement ideas 17

Do not forget the snacks corner, having one will make you survive for a long time without any interruption from the out world. To enjoy your favorite music install one of those incredible sound systems that will separate you of any other sounds that could bother you. Now it is the time to choose a theme, it will always depend on which idea that you are a fan of? Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Italian mafia, the cowboys of the Wild West or you can be one of the star wars warriors.

Crazy finished basement ideas

cool finished basement ideas 20

As I said before a basement in the house is a real hidden treasure. So what if you decided to make it a crazy place for fun to all the family? You can install a home Gym, or you can use it as a game room for your kids. But it would not be crazy enough!! So, what about having an above ground pool? Are you now in a shock? Please do not be, it is easy if you make the right steps to install it. Try to take a look at our above ground pool ideas.

nice finished basement ideas 19

Having a hot tube in the basement is also a great idea; it will make you free of the sneaking looks of unwanted persons. Use some tropical lighting with a large poster on the walls of an amazing island and make the pool act as your one privet ocean.

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best finished basement ideas 21

The furniture must also be crazy as the idea so, try to use some of the reclining chairs of the beach. Do not forget to hang some surfing boards on the walls like open shelves in the snack corner.

Finished basement ideas before and after

before and after finished basement ideas 16

To make your basement livable, it points first to the painting of the walls. Opt for bright, neutral colors such as white, gray or taupe. Replace the old tiled floors with light and shiny tiles to lighten the environment. You will need to maximize efficiency to make the area functional and livable. You may require permissions to demolish one or more partition walls. In this way, you will get a more open environment. Generally, the basement windows are so small which light does not pass through properly. Therefore, to illuminate the environment plays with artificial light. Avoid angles with dim light bulbs. Instead of it, you can use spotlights. Direct some to the corners of the ceiling, to highlight the most shaded spaces. Use table lamps to light your floor. Having mirrors in the room will adequately reflect light throughout the basement.

Cheap finished basement ideas

best finished basement ideas 18

Finally, you do not have to spend too much money to achieve one of those finished basement ideas. You can always use pallet furniture as a creative solution for cheap finished basement ideas.



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