Star Wars Room Decor & Remodeling Ideas

Star Wars Room Decor

Every one of us sure has a special admiration for a particular movie or series like the epic movie star wars or the endless battles on the game of thrones. Neither old or young, this film has taken over our minds that we even want to live the star wars in our homes! And when it comes to star wars room decor, there are plenty of creativity out there. Mostly the best creative ideas come from DIY-lovers. And so we are here to inspire your star wars remodeling creativity and help you have all things star wars in your bedroom.

Star wars room decor nursery design

To apply star wars room decor in your child’s bedroom is easy:

  • You only need several star wars toys with some wall paintings to add some fun flavor.
  • DIY Yoda & Anakin’s shapes with fabrics and attach them to the drawers alongside with other characters as you prefer.
  • DIY bookends to the form of star wars characters or symbols from the movie series.
  • Print Yoda’s quote, “Do or do not, there is no try” or “May the force be with you” on a pillow or the bed as an encouragement and also to saturate the room into the star wars theme.
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There are plenty of other decoration thoughts and ideas to try in your house or bedroom. Read on for more inspiration. You can take these ideas as starting points and personalize them for your favor.

Star wars decorations on wall

Star Wars Room Remodel

To remodel a room into the star wars world what the first thing you should be thinking? The color scheme of course! If the bedroom already has the tones of blue, gray, red, green, brown or biege, then you are okay to go with it. If not, you have two options. Whether you think about repainting it, or you save the cost and try to add decorations with two or three of these colors to the wall, making sure they go in harmony with the room colors and give it the right effect.

star wars room decor - star wars theme

However, pink walls, purple walls. You know these girly colors certainly won’t match and you have to repaint. Any other painting I think is easy to overcome with the decorations. And then, choose the rest of your colors according to what matches with it. The following two pictures will help you with the room colors.

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Star wars decoration color scheme ideas
blue star wars room decor

You can have a marvelous piece of artistic painting on the walls or instead, use large posters or wall decals inspired by the movie like these cool bedrooms!

Star wars bedroom decor remodel

The next step is to choose the right and matching bedding with the wall. Remove any out of star wars style decorations and replace them with ones that are matching with the theme.

star wars room decor theme

Get yourself a bookcase or shelves to lay your books decoratively alongside with some star wars toys and bookends. See the pictures below and tell me what you think and what else you need to fulfill the star wars room decoration!


Don’t forget about the bedroom area rugs! If you have started off to remodel into a star wars room decor, you have to change every detail into that theme. Therefore, you cannot abandon a star wars rug just to keep your old carpets and save some buckets. It will be out of style and leaves the room with something missing in it.

star wars room decor r2 d2 rug

Tell me other options and suggestions in the comments section below and share these ideas with your star wars fan friends!


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