Best Window Blinds That Can Transform Your Office Room

While designing and decorating offices we tend to pay attention to the furniture, the walls and maybe floors too. But, most of us just ignore the window blinds. Obviously, the primary function of the blinds is to give privacy and control the amount of light entering the room. But, this is not it. Blinds do bring the aesthetic look to the office rooms.


window blinds for office room

Best window blinds for Office rooms

Window blinds should be an integral part of your office interior design. They can completely transform a space from being casual to stylish.


Whether you are building a new office, remodeling an existing office or just trying to change the feel of your office, you should choose a right window blind. The blinds come in so many designs, colors and materials giving you an array of choice. You can get your blinds tailor-made according to your choice and need to give your office the feel you want.

Vertical Drape / Vertical Blind – The vertical blinds are one of the most common blinds used in offices. One of the basic reasons behind the popularity of these blinds is that they are very easy to maintain. They come in varieties of colors and textures that you can choose according to your choice and needs. Let alone the colors, these blinds come in a range of fabrics to adapt to the demands of the office. The verities range from dim-out or blackout to solar control to anti-bacterial. If you order these blinds from, you’ll get flame retardant drapes. Not only windows but these are appropriate for big doors too.

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Roller Blinds – Another popular blind choice in offices is the roller blinds. These blinds can literally transform almost any room into a professional and elegant looking office. In addition to covering the windows, you can use these blinds as your silent brand builder. Yes, you can easily get your brand logo printed on these blinds. If you get your brand logo printed the roller blinds would be a perfect fit for the external windows. You can choose whether you want some lights to enter your room or to completely cut-out the lights with the blackout roller blinds. The blackout roller blinds are the perfect choice for office room that is used for presentations as they completely block external lights. They provide a sophisticated look to the boardrooms. These blinds come in a very wide variety of colors and materials. So, you can easily choose the color to complement your office surroundings or your company logo colors.

Venetian Blind – This is the kind of blind that has evolved and transformed it completely over the past years. Previously these blinds used to have twisted slats. But now, they have transformed into sleek designs matching the taste of modern professional office decors. These perforated and solid aluminum slats are also available in the extensive color range. These are now widely being used on external windows as well as internal partitions of the office. These are growing in popularity as they allow the optimum amount of light into the room without messing with the privacy. These versatile blinds are perfect for entire office i.e. boardroom, meeting halls, and private chambers.    

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Motorised Office Blind – This one is the newest member of the office blinds family. You do not need to call a staff or get up from your chair to adjust the blinds. As the name suggests, these blinds are motorized… you can control them sitting in your chair. These blinds are controlled via a wall control panel, mobile device or a remote control. These blinds are the perfect choice for giving your office professional as well as a classy look.

The huge range of blinds available can be quite overwhelming for anyone. If you are planning to standardize your office with blinds don’t get confused. Most companies have their consultants who are more than happy to help you in making the perfect choice for your office.

Let’s say, you are choosing the Commercial Blinds to decorate your office space. They will not only suggest you the best blind according to your need and budget but also customize the blinds according to your office. If you choose to get the motorized blinds for your office you’ll get onsite training to operate the blind too. They also provide you the option of digitally printed blinds. This means you get whatever you imagine; you just need to communicate your imagination effectively.

What are you waiting for? Get your office space transformed with one of the lowest investment – Window Blinds!


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