Ultra modern laundry room ideas for a small space

laundry room

Laundry room are basic spaces at home due to the largeness of private and family purposes. It contains besides the washing machine and drying machine, soiled clothes and tools you use every day like Ironing table and washstands and accessories. So do not neglect these rooms and remember they need decorating and more interest in cleanliness and organization.

beautiful laundry idea

To get the perfect laundry design ideas have enough corner or room to put a washer and dryer, ironing, washing powders, washing basin and storage units .
It’s not hard to make the laundry design with storage area more effectively, it just needs good ideas for storage in the laundry room, to achieve this goal, we brought you some laundry ideas that equipped with excellent storage space especially suitable for small spaces.

laundry room ideas

laundry cabinets

Here are some tips and clever ideas to organize and decorate your laundry room:

1. strong lighting:
Provide adequate lighting of the room, to be strong and bright lighting so you can see all the items inside the laundry room. And most importantly provide the ventilation that helps avoid moisture and heat output of the washing machine and drying machine and irons and germs and bacteria in dirty clothes.

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laundry ideas
2. smart storage methods:
Customize a broadly to cabinets and shelves attached to the walls, to put her stuff and detergents, in order to store them in ways described in the organization makes it distinctive and comfortable to look at your fingertips.

laundry place designs

3. decorate the walls with pictures or words:
decorate the walls of laundry rooms with words and images that reflect the kind of the room so that you feel when you’re around inside with comfort and joy. And if you can get the delight room décor colors, don’t hesitate to contribute to increasing the number of laundry rooms.

home laundry ideas

4. elegant and colorful baskets:
Finally, put the colorful baskets with a distinctive way, white with the drawer to decorate towels. And provide a place to hang clothes dryer, so you’ve made the process move to places to hang.

laundry storage
contemporary laundry design with unique white cabinets
narrow laundry
smart laundry design idea for narrow and small space


small laundry room ideas
small laundry designs idea with colorful storage baskets


small laundry
black and white laundry design
unique red laundry room
creative laundry decor idea


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