Summer wedding colors and trends 2017

Summer Wedding Colors

Every season has it`s own theme in decorating the wedding ceremony, but the best idea is a summer wedding which has a lot of themes and venues.

If your wedding in summer season or you are thinking of making it in that timing, you are Right!, the summer wedding will open a lot of choices for your like making your wedding on beach which will be beautiful and charming, also, you can make it outdoor or even garden wedding, at least you won`t be afraid of raining.

In the beginning, you have to make a good Wedding reception ideas and wedding cake in a unique design. After that, you can take care of wedding colors.

Wedding Colors

Choosing a summer wedding colors can be easy, but try to start with combining your fav color with your couple, try to add your own style in the wedding color by using the color which means a lot of you, or you can read this inspiration wedding colors list that we will show below.

  1. Aqua
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
Aqua wedding tablecloths
Aqua Wedding tables colors – Source

Aqua Wedding

Aqua or (Turquoise) wedding color will be characterized be very original wedding color perfect for every bride needs an organized wedding design with a cheerful spirit. And will be very consistent if you are making a beach wedding.

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Decorating wedding tables in aqua color will be easy by adding some orange color for the wedding table to be more cutting edge can combine red and aqua wedding decorations.

aqua summer wedding colors

aqua wedding reception table

wedding table decoration aqua color

summer wedding colors
Aqua ( turquoise ) wedding color –Source

Red Wedding Color

wedding colors for summer
red wedding colors – source

Red wedding decoration is a very good idea for more vibrant and attractive color for a wedding and will play a key role in decorating the ceremony.

Start with Decorating wedding tablecloths or centerpieces and flowers with red that will be more attractive and elegance.

red wedding

red wedding decorations

wedding in red
summer wedding colors and decorations in red

Yellow Wedding

yellow wedding color

Yellow summer wedding colors become a trend color in 2016; it will fill the wedding with refreshing and friendly and can be combined with pastel colors containing red like pink and purple.

For decorating wedding tables, you can use an orange color that will be harmonized very well with Yellow; these color combinations act cheerful and light. And will be a great color for a wedding candy bar.


yellow wedding candy bar
wedding candy bar in yellow
summer wedding flowers in yellow
the most attractive wedding flower colors are yellow and white.

yellow wedding centerpieces

Green wedding

green wedding trends
green summer wedding colors

Decorating wedding with green color is very associated with spring and summer, the color symbolizes a calm nature in spring and summer, so in the wedding will be a symbol of hope and immortality.

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green wedding ideas

classy green wedding table

beautiful green and white wedding


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