15 Brilliant Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception

When it comes to weddings, wedding decor, wedding reception ideas, what your system colors. From lighting to the list, are all essential elements in table centerpieces for the wedding. Round-table meetings and encourage conversation. How do you decorate wedding tables better round, the article with the following information.


Choose the wedding reception decorations ideas somewhat puzzling, everyone wants to choose a distinctive and unique decorations, there are many styles of wedding reception ideas such as modern style and classic, romantic and vintage.
An essential element of the marriage reception decorations using flowers such as white and purple, pink and sometimes Red Roses as a symbol of love and romance. The use of lights and lanterns and colored lights on the trees of traditional ideas. Also there you prefer romantic atmosphere using candles on either side of the concert and the idea of romantic ideas favored by a lot.


When choosing a reception ideas for an inexpensive wedding buffet, make sure you have done the wrong thing to do. If you invite a large number of people who want to come to your marriage, you can choose individual tastes of foods to eat.

Also, you must choose the wedding candy bar carefully; we have excellent ideas and variety of wedding candy bar in a previous article you can read and learn about the different types of a candy bar.

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Wedding Reception Ideas

awesome wedding reception ideas

beach wedding reception

The outdoor wedding is a perfect idea for couples who love nature and want to escape into space. And the ceremony and reception can be arranged only on only one side for easy movement. Usually outdoors wedding be in parks, and often decorated with elements of the gardens summer or spring. But here if you decided to create a wedding party on the beach this is a romantic idea especially in the summer with air breeze.

beautiful wedding reception

creative wedding reception idea

The vintage trend gained much popularity recently in various fields such as decoration, jewelry, home furniture and fashions. Very sexy vintage style to many, with nostalgia. Vintage motifs tempted to romance and her charm and fun. And styles preferred by many when choosing reception decoration ideas

lovely wedding reception ideas

luxuey wedding reception

If the wedding in outdoors, you can use brightly colored decorations and hang the lanterns and lights on trees. Try to choose colors like pink, blue, green and orange for lanterns because they attract attention more than other colors. Also picked the perfect floral table centers. Choose flowers with harmonious colors decoration for your wedding and put in a glass vase. If you want to customize your decoration to your marriage, you can, for example, choose the vase engraved with the names of the bride and groom, as a kind of privacy.

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purple wedding theme

a purple centerpiece, flowers, and candles.

romantic wedding reception

vintage wedding ideas

And we are currently in the winter, wedding reception ideas, certainly in the winter her character, for example, the colors of winter white color snow and silver as Crystal accents and elegant white satin ribbons. And the flowers that you can use for a winter wedding decor for reception “red roses and calla lilies Amaryllis” centerpieces in the winter the best thing to use candles to add an air of romance and also conveys with the warm reception site. Use white cotton to give symbol snow winter. Music also has an excellent effect and selection of romantic music to make the place even more beautiful. As a classical pianist during dinner, a sure way to create a romantic atmosphere. Or violin. Also, choose a wedding cake with a wintry pattern makes the ceremony more elegant and romantic winter nature.

vintage wedding ideas

wedding centerpiece

winter wedding theme with candles decorating idea.

wedding decoration ideas

wedding reception ideas

wedding table decorations




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