13 Impressive 50th birthday cakes designs

50th birthday cakes

Today we present ideas for 50th birthday cakes suitable for men and women. Mother, father, and grandmother of famous figures in all of our lives, and not enough of anything to do versus what they did for us. The simplest things that can express our love for them and their importance for us to celebrate with them at age 50 and strive to delight their hearts
There are multiple ideas for 50th birthday cakes design is appropriate for men, including appropriate for women and there are designs fit both.

The Internet is full of ideas for adult birthday designs if dedicated search ideas for 50th birthday cakes we find excellent ideas such as classic ones, funny and funky ones and many
Today we present ideas for 50th birthday cakes for you to choose from:
The Internet is full of ideas for adult birthday designs if dedicated search ideas birthday cakes 50 we find ideas very good classic ones such as funny and funky ones and many
Today we offer you ideas for 50th birthday cakes for you to choose from:
1. traditional cake in the shape of number 50
2. regular cake with putting candles in form of No. 50
3. sugar paste cake design and colorful writing forms no. 50
4. Design a cake with a picture of the father or mother or the birthday party own
5. choose a cake design is suitable for the position of his birthday “, for example in the form of a doctor or an engineer or other functions.”
6. choose the design that suits the men, for example, design a birthday cake-shaped shirt.
7. select a design suited to ladies like cosmetics
8. you can choose to design a funny as the embodiment of comedy to raise joy and fun atmosphere.
9. birthday cake design wants either chocolate or cream or fruit depending on the preferred bait.
10. you can create a birthday cake gift 50 black and white men, or pink and violet for example for the ladies.

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cool adult birthday cake

betty crocker


50th birthday cakes

 pink cake box

50th birthday cakes design


sure also confused in choosing gifts for 50th birthday, to be easier to check, we’ll split gifts into two first ladies gift ideas and gift ideas for men II:

1. the invitation to spend the day at a healthy place.
2. the invitation to spend a day at the beauty salon to do some changes.
3. participation in a gym, for example,
4. perfume bottle
5. accessories
6. the full range of skin care
7-gold or diamond ring
8. elegant evening dress
9. fluffy bouquet
10-invitation to dinner at a quiet restaurant

Ideas for gifts for men:

1. smartphone with good capabilities.
2. the keychain.
3- ــ Flash Memory
4. coffee maker
5. elegant pen.
6. comfortable shoes
7. electric shaver
8. sports machine
9. perfume bottle
10. laptop.

50th birthday cakes for women

great happy birthday ideas

birthday cake for 50th


happy 50th

happy birthday cake images

red birthday cake for adult

well dressed cakes by brett

50th happy birthday

pink cake box

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beautiful 5th cake idea

wellington cakes

50th cake idea for men

great happy birthday ideas

Celebration cakes

the cake works


50th cake for her


birthday cake idea


Finally don’t forget the birthday mother, father or grandparent is an appropriate time to express our feelings and gratitude to them and who might overlook expressed clearly and directly due to daily concerns, so the most beautiful gift to them is a good word and a warm bosom assure them they are in mind always. And equipping them with ceremony and home decorating with balloons.

If you are in the last moments and did not have time to prepare, or not available in your amount of money to buy a gift, don’t worry! Here are also some simple and inexpensive ideas to celebrate with your parents 50th birthday:-
1- not angry father’s or mother’s Day Breakfast prepared for you when you were a kid so that you can reply this beautiful birthday morning.
2-Bake your favorite dessert or tried to buy my favorite type of bakery.
3-Giving favorite book or novel, and if he likes to read on your iPad, get it from the online store of the device.
4-Search Facebook, computer and digital camera all the old photos that accumulate you folk in print. You can put in private album photos or printed on a T-shirt or coffee cup or a pillow or other.
5-Tickets for concerts, sporting events tickets, or tickets. Choose what might matter more cock and book online the night before one of their birthday.


  1. Perfect list, and I came across it just in time as I’ll be decorating a cake for my son’s third birthday this weekend!


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