Top 15 red velvet cupcakes ideas for Valentine

red velvet cupcakes

A few days to celebrate Valentine’s day, and everyone is looking for ideas for Valentine’s day. We have offered in the previous topic beautiful collection of valentine’s day decor ideas, and today we complete and review ideas for red velvet cupcakes with beautiful forms suitable for the occasion.
Valentine cake is one of the most romantic Valentine’s day gifts. Red and pink colors that you can use to decorate your cupcake Valentine and you can prepare it in a simple way. 
From the best cupcake in Valentine’s day, the red velvet cupcakes and you can prepare it in a simple way as follows, and this will be perfect if you are looking for the best cake design for romantic events.
Ingredients red velvet cupcakes:
570g Greek yogurt
One tablespoon vanilla extract
One pinch of salt
100g oil
210g flour
200g sugar powder
One large egg
165ml of fermented milk
20g cocoa powder unsweetened
6g baking powder
For the decorating:
110g of cream cheese
30g soft butter
One teaspoon of vanilla extract
270g sugar ice
1. heat oven to 175 degrees
2. mix all ingredients in a bowl except the flour, cocoa, salt, and yeast.
3. Add flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt and mix only to combine well.
4. Add the dye, enough to get a good dark red mark.
5. fill your molds 3/4 and bake for about 20 minutes.
6. leave to cool for 15 minutes
Vanilla frosting recipe
Mix first three ingredients. Then add 1/3 of the powdered sugar stirring and continue adding the remaining quantity so get the consistency right, prepare your cake immediately and enjoy!
Below is a collection of innovative ideas to help you decorate red velvet cupcakes in a pretty romantic way:

red velvet cupcakes ideas

beautiful red velvet cupcakes ideas

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cool red velvet cakes

cupcakes ideas for valentine


If you love soft and romantic styles, always looking for excellence, we recommend choosing cupcakes instead of regular cake on Valentine’s day. Use hearts made of sugar, to add a special touch to the cupcakes. You can also write a private message to reflect your love to your lover on a small paper, and planted in the red velvet cupcakes.

love velvet cupcakes ideas

red velvet cake balls for valentine

Flowers of the most beautiful things you can use to decorate your cupcake Valentine both were made of sugar or natural to apply this idea:
1. After you work cupcake pick a bunch of flowers that you want to use in floristry and preferably Orchid flowers, make sure not to be exposed to any dust or contamination.
2. make sure you washed and dried well.
3-cut the flower stalk and leave a short about 1 inch to make it easy to install.
4. in addition to fresh flowers you can use flowers made from sugar and spreading them beside the flowers.

red velvet cupcakes decoeating ideas

red velvet cupcakes decorating

You can also use fruit in red the other way and great for decorating cake valentine’s day and give the appearance of more romance, strawberry or cherry from more types of fruit that suggests a love you this innovative way:
1-prepare Chocolate Cupcake template.
2. rinse well and dip strawberries in chocolate liquid, and leave to dry.
3. after dry chocolate gently placed on top of the cupcake.
4. you can use white cream around it to add style to the cupcake.

red velvet cupcakes for valentine


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red velvet cupcakes ideas for valentine

Finally, ideas which you can adorn reply Velvet Cupcake with chocolate, chocolate linked Valentine, therefore adopting the chocolate cake decoration of the most commonly used and Valentine
Use grated chocolate for garnish, as follows:
1. after making the cake reheat white chocolate or dark chocolate template as desired until it melts a little.
2. vegetable peeler through a coil.
3. you can repeat that form these scrolls as you want by either wood sticks on the cylindrical shape or any other like it.
4. leave to cool the coils then decorate her cake.

red velvet cupcakes

romantic red velvet cupcakes

valentine velvet cupcakes ideas

velvet cupcakes ideas for valentine

velvet cupcakes ideas

ymmy red valvet cupcakes


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