Home Party Decorations Cake decorating 13 Birthday Cakes for Men You Won’t Be Able To Resist

13 Birthday Cakes for Men You Won’t Be Able To Resist

13 Birthday Cakes for Men You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Birthday Cakes for Men

Design a birthday cakes for man is always a problem and causes a puzzled, while it’s different when it comes to women’s birthday cakes design ideas, in this case, not to puzzled, probably you will find a selection of suitable cake design ideas such as flowers, hearts, ribbons and pink cakes design, all these options are available. Specialty cakes ideas either man is always more difficult.

If the traditional design of the birthday cakes for men is a shirt design, today on our blog ” DecorationY” show you other alternatives for men’s birthday cakes design with fantastic and unconventional ideas that can help you choose an innovative and beautiful design.

beautiful birthday cakes for men

The basic approach to decorating birthday cakes for man is the same for all kinds of cake decoration, you can start with a rectangular, square or circle cake. Then let your imagination free rein create unique designs such as ideas in pictures below:

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what is the best Birthday Cakes for Men that you prefer:


There is much suitable design idea for man as cakes:
1. the function cakes:
this is a Perfect idea for cakes designs for men’s birthday cake. you can design a cake by function such as doctor, photographer, engineer, a businessman. Etcetera

cakes for men according to his job:

Dr cake decorating ideas
Dr cake design ideas
camera cake design
photographer cake design

2. hobby cakes:
Look for the man hobbies as a glockenspiel prefer for him like a guitar or prefer game as chess, you can design his favorite hobby shaped shortbread will be a pleasant surprise for him.

palystation cake design
PlayStation cake design
guitar cake design
guitar cake design ideas
creative birthday cakes for men
computer cake design
Chess cake design
Chess cakes ideas

3. cars cakes:
Cars from the most appropriate designs for men and boys, are suitable for boys birthday and it is suitable for man birthday cakes, and this cake design innovation can drive like one design components such as tires or steering the car or brakes. Etc

BMW cake ideas

cake design dir boys

beautiful birthdy cake for men
4. clothes cakes:
this design is most common in men’s birthday cakes designs like a bow or a tie or which is suitable for the groom like wedding black suit and white shirt.

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men birthday cakes

birthday cakes ideas for men
5. football cakes:
If a man of football fans, this is great, so that you can design a cake shaped like a soccer stadium or football would be delighted so much, you can design the cake as shaped like his favorite club shirt like Barcelona or Spain. Etc

birthday cakes for men
6. mustache cake:
mustache Cake design is very suitable for birthday cakes for men it os simple and elegant and cheerful design.

mustache cake







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