+15 Sweet 1st birthday cakes for girls

birthday cakes for girls

Celebrate your child’s first year one of the memorable events and must become a distinct memory in their life.
one of the highlights of a birthday party is the birthday cake, how to choose 1st birthday cakes for girls,it needs more precision to choose a beautiful design and the best taste.
Today on our blog ” DecorationY “we shoe you 15 design of the 1st birthday cakes for girls you can choose your design and execute it in your daughter’s birthday party.


1st birthday cakes for girls


Parents are always looking for new ideas for birthday child small especially on her first birthday, especially they want ideas suitable for babies and how to delight them in that day.
Often be the design of birthday cake girls with white and pink colors because they are fluffy and suitable colors for girls, unlike birthday boys cakes, are mostly blue color with white

1st birthday cakes for girls

1st Birthday Cupcake Cakes for girls
Regardless of the design of the cake, you will choose in the end, should be beautiful and tasty cake, edible and not pretty apparently only, don’t bother with the exterior design of the cake and neglect the taste or interest in taste and neglect decorating it! The cake must be a taste and have a beautiful design.

Tutu Princess Cake

The most popular ideas for girls birthday cakes design include roses and butterflies and Crown or Princess Tutu design with pink and violet colors .
Now show you in the Pictures below some cute designs and distinctive for 1st birthday cakes for girls with some decoration ideas for ceremony and fluffy themes suitable for infant girls :

Awesome 1st birthday cakes ideas

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beautiful 1st birthday cakes for girls

best birthday cakes design

bithday cakes for girls ideas

Butterfly 1st birthday cakes for girls

Your child’s first birthday is definitely worth celebrating. However, you may want to save money to buy a gift for your baby instead of doing a big party at a high cost . Do not press yourself and complicate things. Will your child not appreciates this kind of extravagance, the small things be pretty and simple at this age!
Now we give you tips for help you to organize a ceremony for 1st birthday for girls:

1. Maybe your child is afraid of strangers and new places at that age, so only invited family and close friends only to your home. If you want to invite more people, ask some of your friend’s moms attend the ceremony with their children to enjoy your child plays with them. Home is the place where your child will feel safer. You will love your child little colorful decorations.

colorful birthday cake for kids

2. choose the appropriate timing of the ceremony, probably in the first year your child is used to sleep during the day. Is the worst time for the atmosphere of enthusiasm in celebration when your child is tired, so opt for the afternoon after the sleep . If you will call other children, make sure their mothers about their siesta times. If someone started crying, everyone will cry! Try not to prolong the celebration; about one hour is sufficient at this stage.

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cute 1st birthday cakes for girls

3. the high voices maybe scare with the balloons explosion , also increasing the risk of suffocation with leftover balloons. Replace balloons with some games and activities that playing in the park with lots of fun and laughter

floral birthday cake

4-choose a simple food because most of them will end up on the ground! Maybe bring bottle feeding mothers or cup full of their favorite drink, but prepare water, milk, and fruit juice. avoid peanuts and other foods that may harm children in that age can also make jelly or candy that children centered around them. Young guests eat too little food, so trying to equip a variety in taste, shape, and color, and does not focus on large quantities.

fluffy birthday cakes for kids

5. birthday theme one of the important decoration for your child at this age. You may want a scene consistent colors, but that would be for photography.


pink cake for gilrs birthday

6. choose your little girl clothes such as princesses Tutu with wearing a Crown.

pink Tutu Princess birthday Cakes for girls

pretty birthday cakes for girls

strawberry bithday cakes for girls


unique 1st birthday cakes




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