Coolest 1st birthday cakes ideas for boys & girls

1st birthday cakes

Birthdays are beautiful, but it lasts only a few hours. To save these memories for the 1st birthday of your child, it is best that you create unique items. Here are some suggestions that may help you preserve memories for a lifetime. This Such as 1st birthday cakes design ideas for your child. Today we present ideas for your child’s 1st birthday cakes design, some fit for girls and some suitable for boys and also including designs fit both.Celebrate your child’s first birthday is one of the beautiful concerts that lasts only a few hours, and it’s nice to be unique and innovative on everything so be nice memory through concert photos that will help you keep the memories life

1st birthday cakes ideas

1st birthday cake

Your baby’s first year full of events which will occur for the first time, such as first smile, sitting for the first time, the first tablespoon for the first time and, above all, his first birthday!

No doubt you want to establish your child’s 1st birthday party in better shape. Why not use these ideas for celebrating this important event in your life and your child’s life with innovative and unconventional way?

1st birthday cakes designs

1st birthday cakes for boy

1. plant a tree: the tree will grow over the years where they will be planted in the ground and extend branches branching. Over the years, and on every birthday, can you pick up pictures of your baby near the tree.

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2. photo album: selected picture your kid favorites from the past 12 months in the crib besides a particular photo album with your child. Repeat year after year.

3. devise future gift: gather supplies, which summarizes the first year of your child’s life: your pictures, your favorite piece of blanket, the game he loved, and recording for your favorite song, and so on. Then bake in a closed Fund and serve him in the 18th birthday. This event will remain for the rest of your excellent memory.

4. the first birthday clothes: choose baby clothes, unique and elegant birthday I to keep the memory of a lifetime.

1st birthday cakes for boys

Perhaps you already invited your relatives and friends and chose the theme of the birthday party. But what 1st birthday cakes to choose? We will help you! In our photo gallery, you will find a generous selection of fantastic and original ideas that will inspire you to choose the birthday cake theme for the feast of your baby.

1st birthday cakes for girls

Surprise your little Princess and guests to your party with 1st birthday cakes special. Decorated with a little Crown, flowers and ribbons, sprinkled with confetti or glitter powder, this thematic cake will make the atmosphere even more particular and festive! Be sure that your little girl will appreciate this special anniversary!

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1st birthday cakes ideas

beaituful 1st birthday cakes

best 1st birthday cakes design

Concerning the 1st birthday of baby boys, most popular themes are a circus, wild animals – such as lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, etc. themed, vehicles and superheroes. The jungle and dinosaurs are also a good idea to decoration on the birthday cake.
Once the theme and decoration of the cake are selected, it only remains you that make garlands, colorful, small surprises for guests, tasty snacks, etc. Get a camera to keep the memories.

birthday cake for girl

cool first birthday cakes ideas

cute first birthday cakes

The 1st birthday cakes should be fun and richly decorated. Babies love bright colors; this is why the color palette plays a significant role. Accents and decorations on the cake, in red, blue, pink, yellow and orange are perfect so that it draws the attention of the baby.
One of the most unusual cakes for 1st anniversary, this is the Rainbow cake. The variety of colors are used as an accent on the table and gives the party a final and original touch.

first birthday cake for boy

first birthday cake

pink 1st birthday cakes

simple 1st birthday cakes ideas

Celebrate your children’s birthdays is a burden to you? But after this article isn’t it became easy?


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