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20 Romantic cake designs for wedding anniversary

20 Romantic cake designs for wedding anniversary

Romantic Cake Designs

the Married life is the world full of love and sacred bonds between the couples. Among the things that increase the love and attention between the couple celebrate their anniversary each year on the same day to bring romantic feelings that collect between them.
Lots of couples and especially wives are always looking for innovative and romantic ideas to celebrate this anniversary.
Next to search for a romantic home decorating and suitable gifts, don’t neglect to choose elegant anniversary cake design¬†to complete the celebration.
Today on our blog ” DecorationY” show you 15 cake designs for a wedding anniversary with romantic and beautiful ideas.

wedding anniversary cake designs

beaituful cake designs

What a beautiful! if you can Eat the wedding cake after a year of this wonderful event!
You can keep the piece of the wedding cake for your wedding anniversary by following the tips below:

1. When you cut the wedding cake at the wedding party, not cut the top layer only cut the rest of the layers.

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2. ask to retain the top of wedding cake in a box to take it with you to your home.

3. remove any additions on the cake like flowers or ribbons and also cake topper and any sugar decoration or fruits from the cake.
4. place the cake in the refrigerator for several hours to cohesive the sugar dough that covering the cake.

5. packing the cake by a plastic cover.

6. place the cake in a bowl and close it well and then put it in the freezer.
7. do not open the covered cake until you want to be more fresh on your wedding anniversary. Get out the cake from the freezer and let it melt to become you can eat it and celebrate in this day.


cake designs for anniversary

Here are some suggestions and ideas for the wedding anniversary :
1. go to dinner together in a romantic restaurant or a place carrying a special memory for you.
2. booking a night at one of the hotels or at the place that you went on your honeymoon
3. If there is an old habit used to do it together before the marriage, and because of work and family concerns are not doing now? Like a walk, coffee in one place, going to the cinema. And other, Retrieved those habits again.
4. decorate the House with beautiful and romantic ideas such as roses and candles.
5. choose one of the wedding cake designs suitable for the occasion, you can choose one of the cake designs displayed below.

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cake designs for wedding anniversary
Fluffy White cake with pink flowers
chic cake design for anniversary
unique white cake with black ribbons and decorating with pink sugar flowers
floral cake deisgn
beautiful white cake decorated with yellow roses bouquet and simple bow
fluffy wedding anniversary cake
awesome white cake design decorating with unique little purple flowers
gold cake decorating
simple gold anniversary cake design
heart cake design
beautiful heart cake in white and decorated with red flowers
hearts cake ideas
white Three-tier cake decorated with small pink heart
love cake ideas
red and black cake design

Pink wedding cake

pretty cake design

purple cake design

romantic cake design

unique cake design

wedding anniversary cake design

wedding anniversary cake

wedding anniversary cakes ideas

wedding anniversary cakes

wedding cake




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