17 Tasty Chocolate Cake Recipe Decorating ideas

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t loves Chocolate Cake Recipe?!
Women and men around the world love chocolate and there are some health studies confirm that adored the chocolate up to the point of addiction! Several other studies confirmed that chocolate cause of happiness.
Today we review 17 great chocolate cake recipe decorate ideas for chocolate lovers.
housewives always Looking for chocolate cakes recipes or candies recipes ideas for happy family and children. so we give you today as a great chocolate cake and very delicious. and this will be great for you if you are looking for romantic cake design to be suitable for love events.

Cake Recipe decorating ideas
cake recipe decorates with chocolate chips

Cup sugar
Cup milk
1/2 cup flour
3 eggs
3 tsp cocoa
1/2 cup oil + 1/2 cup butter
Picking powder
2 tsp Nescafe or coffee
Hazelnut or almond or cashew + chocolate chips for garnish
Method of preparation:
mixing well sugar, cocoa and Nescafe or coffee and vanilla , then adds the milk, then add the oil gradually and then butter and mix well until smooth mixture, then take him a cup for garnish “sauce”.
Then add eggs to remaining mixture in Blender well mixing, then add flour gradually with Picking powder and a pinch of salt. After that mix all ingredients well, preheat the oven, and place mixture in baking dish by fatty substance “oil”.
And put in the oven are entering the oven over medium heat 20-25 minutes.
After you finish do not take it out directly, leave time, then put the Cup chocolate sauce and nuts and put chocolate chips for garnish the Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Chocolate Cake Recipe decorating ideas

best Chocolate Cake ideas

The benefits of chocolate and Chocolate Cake Recipe:

1. the benefits of Chocolate to heart:
A Swedish study confirmed that eating chocolate in moderation weekly may contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease in men by about 17% of the consumed about 63 grams per week. Another study recently conducted in Australia in 2012 has confirmed that eating dark chocolate that contains at least 60% of cocoa protects against the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

butter flourless chocolate cake recipe

2. the benefits of chocolate for the skin:
Chocolate contains antioxidants (flavonoids), which works to protect body cells from inflammation. Journal of nutrition published a study confirms that people who consumed a drink hot chocolate daily for 12 weeks decreased the risk of effects of sunlight have a quarter. And it works antioxidants in chocolate to protect the skin from damage to collagen, so protecting the skin from wrinkles, according to American dietician.

Cacao Cake

3. the benefits of chocolate for pregnant women:
Dark chocolate can be helpful for pregnant women if ingested in small quantities regularly, where American study showed in 2010 that chocolate can reduce the risk of premature birth. Another us study published in 2008 confirmed that eating dark chocolate works to reduce the risks of what is called preeclampsia.


Chocolate Cake decorating

4. chocolate slimming benefits:
In 2012, the study confirmed a link between eating chocolate regularly and moderately and reduction of body weight. Where Dr. University participation that the results confirmed that the energy emitted from the chocolate may make you eat less on stored as lipid. But these results do not call for eating large amounts of chocolate. Therefore, it is useful to lose body weight and enter into diets.

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Chocolate Cake ideas


5. the benefits of chocolate to children:
It is widely believed that chocolate is not always beneficial for children and have avoided completely. But a recent Australian study shed light on the benefits of chocolate to children. So the researchers said that children who ate dark chocolate have decreased blood pressure, and is also a good sign researcher suggest the lower risk of heart disease, the biggest killer in the country. In another study published in the journal of nutrition milk link confirmed by chocolate cut the risk of obesity in children.

Chocolate Cake Recipe decorating ideas

6. the benefits of chocolate hair:
The study confirmed that chocolate contains useful materials and nutritious, containing proteins, vitamin a, and many important minerals, such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and sources confirmed that chocolate can be used directly on the hair to prevent hair loss through melting chocolate in a hot water bath and then put an equal amount of melted chocolate with other oils. Since this sauce works to lighten the pores of the scalp and hair supply antioxidant that protect them from damage.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Now we show you some Chocolate Cake Recipe ideas and beautiful cake decorating ideas ….

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

coffee chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate cake

Nutella Chocolate Cake

Vanilla and Chocolate cake

yummy Chocolate Cake Recipe




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