Mudroom lockers (Ideas & Tips With Pictures)

Mudroom lockers

What are mudroom lockers? What’s the point of having mudroom lockers? Many people like to have their coats and shoes handy, so they have usually put it in the entrance of the house. But sometimes that special storage area begins to be messy.

But do not worry because you can create a well-organized and functional storage place in your home for your coats and shoes, even if you think right now that you do not have enough space! Mudroom lockers made to solve this problem.

The mudroom lockers are made for dressing/undressing as well as storing all of the accessories necessary to go outside. It is often composed of lockers, hooks, storage baskets and a bench. Each member of the family has its own space to store his things!

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If you have children mudroom lockers will give them a feeling of self-responsibility that keep them neat and clean.

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Even though I am not a child, I love the locker concept because digging for my coat that stacked under 3 others on hooks isn’t a nice thing.

Mudroom lockers tips

Today, we present a selection of chic and functional mudroom lockers that we hope it will inspire you to have your own mudroom.

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Find your corner

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If you do not have enough space in the entrance you’ll just have to think about a place in the corner of a room or a place in the house. In this space, you can put wooden boards hanging on the wall with hooks for coats, boxes for shoes or boots.

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Closet storage

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if you have a closet in the hallway or somewhere in the house, do not hesitate to remove the door to give more amplitude, paint it a white, put a bench, cushions, shelves and everything you need to make it a cozy place where you can place your coats And your shoes.

In the garage

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The garage can also be a great place to create special mudroom lockers. empty spaces are not at all useless places If you have a ramp in the garage or a place where the car does not reach you can use it to install one.


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Deep baskets are perfect for containing your family’s collection of sneakers and other sports gear. And it will be nice if you add mirrors and lights into the mudroom lockers


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Choose a washable paint with a semi-gloss finish or an oil paint. Wallpaper is another alternative provided it is moisture resistant and washable.

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Hang hooks

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You might not ever get your kids trained to hang coats in the hall closet, but in the mudroom lockers, Children must have easy access to storage spaces. It is therefore important to install hooks, baskets, lockers, cabinets that are within their reach so that they can hang coats and deposit sports and leisure equipment, school bags, hats, and mittens.

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Mudroom lockers ideas

  1. Traditional entrance area and the foyer is usually the common place to install mudroom lockers.

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  2. For houses that do not have a front entrance area or one that opens into a carpet floor area, mudroom lockers could be installed in a laundry room, garage or kitchen.

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  3. Mudroom lockers could be customized and they have common storage option. They could be either opened or with doors.

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  4. Storage hooks are a simpler and cheaper option when space or budget is a problem. You can add a small bank, small chests of drawers or other pieces that fit well in the space and in your budget.



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