DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas and Tips

Do it yourself or even the word DIY is a current trend, which currently comes up in various areas of life, for example, clothing, food or furnishings. nowadays we want to do everything ourselves for many reasons such as the preservation of the environment, recycling, low- budget and also to be happy doing something unique by our hands. These DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas could be a nice motivation to begin a DIY project.


DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas

easy DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas

If it is your first DIY project choose one of these simple DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas and then start your first step on the way of the style of the DIY project.

amazing DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas

Bring your own personality and individual taste into your living room with the rough edges and small details of the DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas which make it unique. DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas are mostly made of natural materials. We have collected the best tips, instructions, and inspirations to help you get started.


Super simple DIY coffee table

DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

It’s really hard to think of a less complicated project than the coffee table of the wooden cable drum. No disassembly effort needed! You only need to make just a few small changes in order to beautify and customize the wood. Because it is clear to everyone that the shape of the cable drum reminds of the shape of a table. The wooden cable drum designed from two flat surfaces joined by a wooden cylinder.

DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

So, you have everything starting from the round base, feet and a tray on top!  you can use it like the past idea or you can cut one of those round surfaces and then install wheels in it, and use the other with the base without wheels so, you can have two tables instead of one Making a coffee table from a cable drum is the simplest idea of all other DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas.

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DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas with pallet

nice DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas

If the cable drum is the perfect starting point to create a round coffee table, the shape of the pallet is the perfect choice to create a beautiful rectangular coffee table. Once again, you can skip the dismantling step and use the pallet as it is. For more height, stack a few pallets on the top of each other. Putting a glass top tray on it is a practical solution as the table will become much easier to clean. However, if you want, you could disassemble the palette, cut and rearrange the wooden planks to create a piece of furniture design and 100% customized.

How to make a pallet coffee table?

Here are simple steps that you can do in the blink of an eye to get your new coffee table.

nice DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas

The first thing to do of course is to find a palette. You can get a pallet for a low price by visiting a construction site, a warehouse or the surroundings of local shops. Then you can proceed to the next step which is sanding the surface of the pallet. We advise you to do it outside to avoid having the huge miss that comes from the dust released. In order to be able to polish the wood, make sure to remove, or drive the nails deeply so that they do not scratch off! For your convenience, it is better to use an electric sander! Continue until polishing reveals the veins of the wood.

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DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

Now you have to decide if you want to keep the raw look of the wood or give a more modern touch to your farmhouse coffee table. In the first case, you may end up applying a coat of varnish but in the second case, it is recommended to start by inspecting the state of the surface! Does it have holes? In this case, consider filling them and masking with wood pulp. Use sandpaper to eliminate small irregularities. Continue with two coats of paint wait until it dries before applying each one. At the end, apply a coat of varnish to keep the paint as long as possible. Finally, all you have to do is install the wheels on the four corners of the back of your palette.

Old trunk coffee table

DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

It is also very simple to make a nice farmhouse coffee table using an old trunk. You can easily add a glass top tray on it or you can use it as it is.

DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

in both ways, it is one of the best DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas so, it is up to you to choose between adding a glass top for more table look or leave it the way it is and put some accessories on, for example, put some candles, a nice vase, potted plant, or some magazines to improve the look. You can also install wheels to make it easy to move.

Recyclable crates

DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas pinterest

The crates or pallet boxes are another recyclable material that is charming, easy to work with and also one of the simplest DIY farmhouse coffee table ideas. The crates are the kind of materials that you can get easily and even for free. In addition to being recyclable, they are very practical because their natural shape allows the creation of integrated storage at the coffee table.


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