7 Key Decorating Tips That Will Make Any Room Look Exquisite

Home improvement takes on many forms, including construction, interior architecture, and décor. While the first two may require the skilled hands of a professional, you can take on the decorating bit into your home. Although it may sound daunting, making some decorations is something you can endeavor on your own. One trick though is to follow these fundamental decorating principles to ensure excellent results.

Room Decorating Tips

Hang Your Artwork At The Right Height

This idea is derived from design galleries and museums that hang their artwork so that the center of each is 57’’ to 60 inches from the floor. This should also apply to your house. If your room has a soaring roof, you might be tempted to hang your artwork higher. However, this will not work. Your artwork needs to relate to the human scale and not that of the structure.

Be Bold

By now, you should be aware that personality is what makes a great space. When decorating your home, do not be afraid to make your statement, get creative and have fun.

Use Mirrors To Make Your Room Look Bigger, Brighter And Airier

Interior designers love to play around with mirrors when decorating. This is because mirrors help to amplify the look of the interiors. Therefore, you should carefully think about where to place your mirrors. For instance, you can match your mirror with the chandelier so that it is perfectly reflected. This helps to add to the beauty of the room.

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Create Flow

While every room in your home is different, they should all connect to each other so that there is an excellent flow between them. Avoid doing one room in a modern style and the next in a traditional style. Make sure that the style from room to room is consistent. The colors do not have to be consistent, but they can be complementary.

Find A Fabric That You Love

One thing that can tie a room together is excellent fabric. When choosing fabric for your home, take your time to look for something that speaks to you. Also, remember that reupholstering your sofa with a new fabric is way cheaper than getting a new set. Also, you do not have to go that big when redecorating your home. Sometimes, a pair of the best bamboo sheets for your bedroom, accent pillows, throws in or a gorgeous fabric is all you need to make a room pop.

Layer Your Rooms With Color And Texture

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A bland room is a dull room. Strive to layer every room in your home with colors and textures. These help to give a room depth and new life. If you are not for the idea of using a lot of colors, consider making your room interesting using different textures.

Finally, Pick The Paint Hue Last

One big mistake most new homeowners do is to choose a color for their new home before moving into their new home. While it makes a lot of sense wanting to come home to freshly painted walls, it is not always ideal. Paint colors come in different shades, tints, and tones and they will look different from one home to another, most probably due to the different light sources.

When decorating your home, you want a color that complements your upholstery, rugs, artwork, and one that shows the unique features of your house. The best way to pick that color is only when your stuff is inside the home.

Just about anyone can implement these tips, as you do not need to take years to master them. In fact, consider them as the foundation for creating your own quirky, creative ideas to create beautiful rooms.


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