Planning to Buy a Portable Ice Maker? Check Out These Tips 

If your home or office utilizes a lot of ice, then it may be a good idea to get a dedicated ice maker rather than rely on a refrigerator alone. These machines can output ice faster than regular freezers, and thereby help you save money. There are many ice makers on the market that definitely make for a good buy. Below, we look at four things you should keep in mind when selecting a portable ice maker.

Portable Ice Maker

Output Capacity

One of the first things to look out for is the ice output capacity of the machine. Though most models have similar outputs, a few model can give you much more ice in a short period of time if that is what you are looking for. Production capacity can range from about 20 to 35 pounds of ice every single day. And if you host many parties at your home or plan on setting up the ice maker in your crowded little office, then it is recommended that you go for the higher capacity models.

Type And Size Of Ice

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Ice can come in many types, including cubes, flakes, crescent, and so on. Generally, most portable ice makers will produce ice in the shape of small bullets. And this should be sufficient for home or office use. There may be machines that output ice as cubes. But since the texture of ice almost remains the same no matter whether it is in cube or bullet form, the type of ice the machine needs to output really just depends on your preference. In addition, you should also check whether the machine is capable of outputting single size ice cubes or multiple size ice cubes. If you cater to many guests at home, you should consider getting a machine that outputs ice in multiple sizes.

Water Usage

Make sure that the ice maker you purchase is capable of using all the water that is inputted into the machine. Many a time, you won’t be using all the ice generated by the ice maker. And the ice that is left unused melts back into water. Most models do have a feature that utilizes this melted water and converts it back into ice. And this is ideally the model you should purchase.

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Auto Timers

If you need the ice to be ready at a specific time without you having to switch it on every instance, then you should buy ice makers that come with auto timers. For example, suppose you reach home after work by 6 PM every day and often feel like drinking a cold glass of water. In such a situation, you can use the auto timer function to automatically switch on the ice maker by around 5:45 PM so that ice is ready by the time you open the door and enter your home.

A good way to choose a portable ice maker will be to visit which lists some of the best ice makers currently available in stores. And since all the pros and cons of each model are thoroughly analyzed, you will have an easier time in selecting the perfect ice maker for your home or office use.


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