DIY Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas and Tips

It is the time to make some DIY Christmas tree decorations, just as our grandmothers made Christmas tree decorations with natural materials such as nuts, fruits, and cones at the time, we can also gather with the whole family and have fun by making some creative decorations ourselves. The DIY Christmas tree decorations have a special glamour not only because they are inexpensive and easy to make, but also because we can make great memories with our family.

DIY Christmas tree decorations

 DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

Use walnuts and almonds to create beautiful stars and flowers. If you want a little more glamour, paint it in gold or silver. Pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and dried fruits are also perfect for DIY Christmas decorations. But if you want more creativity in your DIY Christmas tree decorations here is some more ideas

 DIY Christmas tree decorations UK

The materials that are probably the most used are the polystyrene ball and the hot glue gun. If you have worried about them, everything else depends on your creativity and your personal taste.

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

You can use any kind of decorations such as buttons, lace, beads, sequins, papers, and flowers to beautify DIY Christmas tree decorations.

DIY Emoji

 DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

Who does not know these faces today? I bet they are part of your daily life. But the proposal here is to take them out of the virtual world and turn them into ornaments for your Christmas tree, leaving your decor much more fun and more to be up- to- date. Paint plastic balls (they can also be Styrofoam) in a tone of yellow that produces the colors of the virtual faces. Then with colored pieces of paper, you will make the necessary details for each face. Just pick up your cell phone and go looking like they are what colors and what formats the details have. Draw them on paper, cut and paste them onto the balls.

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Sweet cupcake

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

These sweet cupcakes will make your Christmas tree much more cute and appetizing. You can make it with big size, or you can make a mini version as if they were small candy. The body of the candy will be a Styrofoam ball, you will determine the size, if you want the cupcake, choose a bigger ball, but if you choose the candy, use smaller balls. Then pass white glue onto the ball and cover it with transparent glitter (it may be well-minced cellophane as well).  Once the glue has dried, attach the ball to a piece of paper (for a cupcake or candy, depending on the size you have chosen) and glue around candy on top. Oh, do not forget to attach a cord so you can hang your candy on the tree.

Mini Trees

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

Who usually works with felt, should have a lot of leftover fabric; this is the perfect opportunity to use them!

Cut the felt in various squares; start with the largest, which will be the size of the base of your tree, and gradually decreasing, to be able to mount a proportional cone. In this case, you can use many colors this is your discretion.

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

With a needle, thread a piece of the thread right in the middle of the stacked squares of felt, always starting from the largest to the smallest. Just remember to leave enough length to hang your ornament on the tree. If you want to give a finish, make a roll of felt and glue it to the base of the tree with hot glue and pretend that it is the stem of your felt pine.

Colored Stars

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

These stars, in fact, will be cookie cutters. If you do not find it so plastic and colored, you can use the same metal with a nice layer of spray paint. Draw the cutter’s shape on a very cute scrap paper. Cut out the shape with scissors (it is interesting to cut off the mark, so the paper cut “about” a few millimeters out of the cutter). Then simply glue the ends of the paper and glue it on the cutter. The scrap paper will be the background of the ornamentation. You also do not have to worry about sticking your stars. Just use a drop of hot glue on the tip of the cutter and stick a pretty piece of ribbon in inverted drop shape and use the ribbon to hang it.

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Christmas tree decoration ideas

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

The Christmas tree decorations are so important that we have to decide at an early stage how exactly our Christmas tree should look this year. The decorations, themes, and styles are numerous. Blue and silver, gold and brown, red and green are the best colors for decorating the tree. If you decorate the Christmas tree, your imagination must know no bounds. As in fashion, the Christmas decoration has its trends and styles. So, you must decide which theme you will use this year. The Christmas tree decorations can be traditional, unconventional, sometimes unusual and bizarre, but with glamorous ornaments and colors.

DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas

Anything that inspires you is an ornament for your Christmas tree. If you or your kids are interested in sports then it would be great to decorate your tree with tiny skates and gloves. Decorate your Christmas tree individually and very personally with framed family photos or create a magical sparkling tree with golden garlands and sparkling fairy lights. And of course, if you want to decorate a bright, colorful Christmas tree, use unusual colors like pink and materials like starfish. also, you may love to take a look at our Christmas wreath ideas for more inspiration.


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