Easy DIY Christmas Decorations on a budget 2017

DIY Christmas decorations are the solution to those who love Christmas decorations but do not like to spend too much money to make the decoration that is used only once a year. There are lots of cool things on the market. But what if you could also have really cool things spending a lot less and still have fun doing? After all, we love doing it ourselves!

DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations ideas

Let the Christmas mood come into your home in a simple and original way. Nothing better than having DIY Christmas decorations made by yourself! And if you have children at home, put them to this activity that is much more fun than riding the traditional Christmas trees.

Glitter balls

DIY Christmas decorations ideas

You will need Christmas balls in a transparent material, glitter of your favorite color and one piece of paper. Then just open the ball nozzle and with the piece of paper, make a funnel, helping in putting the glitter inside the ball. After this process, just cover the ball and hang on your tree.

DIY Christmas decorations ideas

Follow the same step by step of the ball with glitter. Put the artificial snowflakes, you can use some cotton you have there in your house.

Candles with Cinnamon

easy DIY Christmas decorations

I loved those candles decorated with cinnamon. The aroma should be delicious! You can stick the cinnamon sticks with hot glue, but if you are having difficulties, you should also be able to warm the paraffin a bit to soften and try to paste the cinnamon later!

DIY Christmas decorations on a budget

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Do you want to create a beautiful and themed decoration, but without running out of your budget or need to have that whole job of going to buy things from stores? This content is for you! Check out these DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Finding alternatives that fit your pocket and balancing your priorities is the best solution for anyone who wants to put together the useful and enjoyable decoration for this time! A simple technique is to recycle materials that can be reused to provide a decorative object for the home, without the need to make high investments.

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Decorated pine cones

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Getting pine cones is not only very simple but also very inexpensive. And they fit perfectly with the Christmas decoration! You can use them in the natural, or you can decorate them according to the already predefined colors of your decoration. For example: if you are going to make a golden Christmas, buy a metallic spray and paint your golden pine cones as well. Or you can even buy a white spray and use it on the pine cones from far away, so it looks like the little tips are snowy! The result looks cute, and the costs and effort are minimal!

Book Tree

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Are you in love with books at home? Have you thought about using all of them to create a different Christmas tree? Usually, the tree is the most expensive part of a Christmas decoration, and since today there are several modern options for those who want to get away from that traditional big tree, you can innovate and save at the same time! Just stack your books with a broader base and go tune up, forming a tree yourself. Then put some lights around the books to give that final touch of Christmas!

Easy DIY Christmas decorations

diy christmas decorations on a budget

DIY Christmas decorations are too many and you can make many beautiful decorations your home. All you need to make everyone admire your decor is to find some easy and impressive suggestions.

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Ornaments with sequins

diy christmas decorations on a budget

One of the easiest ways is to create ornaments with sequins is buy Styrofoam polka dots of varying sizes, various pins and sequins of colors that match the decor you want best. Attach the sequins to the Styrofoam balls with the help of the pins. To hang them cut a ribbon and glue the ends, and then fasten the glued part to the ball, also with the help of a pin.

Ladder tree

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Another way to create a different tree with something you already have at home is to use a ladder. Place it open where your tree would stand and adorn it with various ornaments, lights, any way you think best. If you want to go beyond, you can also paint your ladder green and put several flowers on it.

Snowflakes made with Popsicle sticks

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Just stick the Popsicle sticks together and make your own snowflakes. Then you can even paint them with a spray of color that best matches the rest of your decor. The best part! Snowflakes are all unique and different, so you do not even have to follow an exact model, you can let your creativity free. If you have children at home, I am sure they will love this more than the other decorations.

Painted Bottles

diy christmas decorations on a budget

Just pick up empty glass bottles and paint them to have unique DIY Christmas decorations. You can paint snowmen, trees, ties, or you can even paint them whole in one color. And when it comes to using them it can be used for various things, you can use them as a vase, or even put LED lights inside them to be used as DIY lighting. for more inspiring ideas take a look at the past article about decorating living room for Christmas.



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