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22 Best Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

22 Best Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

Do not leave the walls of your house naked for this Christmas and let your imagination cover them. We will lead you to the way to achieve it with our Christmas wall decor ideas. Decorate them just as you will do with other spaces in your home, such as the balcony or the entrance door. We present some ideas so you can decorate the walls at Christmas very easily.

Christmas wall decor ideas

amazing Christmas wall decor ideas

Here are some Christmas wall decor ideas to create a beautiful mural to beautify your home during the Christmas season! Get inspired by these examples and let the magic of Christmas to enter in your home. We suggest you be creative and use your imagination. You can combine several Christmas wall decor ideas.

Important tips

DIY Christmas wall decor ideas

The whole of your home should have a homogeneous decoration. And do not overdo the decoration, if you do not want it to look overloaded.

Decorative Christmas Dishes

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

Do you know that collection of Christmas dishes that you rarely use or just come to the table on Christmas night is one of the best Christmas wall decor ideas? Enjoy and display them on a wall, which will make the wall look more beautiful with this beautiful Christmas dishes collection. It will look good on the kitchen wall and on the wall of the dining room.

Small wreaths

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

It is true that most of the time we restrict the beautiful Christmas wreaths to the entrance door, but it is also true that this is a perfect Christmas decoration to make a plain wall instantly more festive. For an even more original look, place two or three large wreaths or expose several small Christmas wreaths along the entire wall. For more about best Christmas wreath ideas, you may love to take a look at our past article.

DIY Christmas wall decor ideas

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

To have some DIY Christmas wall decor ideas to decorate your wall is not that hard if you follow these ideas.

Christmas Frames

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

Is there a wall full of frames, meaning no space for an original Christmas decoration? Remove all the images from the frames by storing them in an appropriate place. Then, suspend a Christmas ornament from each frame (so that it is framed by it) or paste a Christmas image or paper in the middle. the possibilities are more than many and, together, will create a Christmas wall that will be an inspiration to others!

A gift wall

amazing Christmas wall decor ideas

Take a white pasteboard, paint or wrap it up as if it were a real Christmas present – remember the ribbon and label written with the recipient’s name. Try to add a fun Christmas message! Display the wall present from the ceiling to the floor or make several other wrapped screens. These hanging gifts will transform your Christmas decoration into a true work of art!

Suspended decor

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

To transform a simple plain wall into the most festive wall of the house, you only need a good wire stretched from side to side and well attached, from which you can suspend small ornaments, Christmas stockings, Christmas cards, drawings or family pictures from the past Christmas. Use satin ribbon or pin to attach the chosen embellishments to the thread. And you will have a fast and original Christmas decoration!

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Christmas Wall Tree

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

Use pasteboard to cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. Once attached to the desired wall, decorate the Christmas tree with the Christmas ornaments that may have reserved especially for this decoration. The idea is to fill the entire image with the ornaments, which will eventually create the outline of the Christmas tree. Simply use double-sided tape to leave the ornaments tightly attached without damaging them.

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

If you prefer, you can perfectly use a Christmas tree in the form of a sticker to decorate that wall that is asking for a beautiful Christmas ornament.


Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

Enjoy a blank wall to create a beautiful advent calendar for everyone to see and enjoy the countdown until Christmas Day! Create 24 envelopes from Christmas paper for example (or decorate white envelopes), number them from 1 to 24 and attach them to the wall or suspend them from a string or tape. Put a little surprise or message in each and enjoy this Christmas decoration every day!

Giant Christmas Present

Christmas wall decor ideas pinterest

If you prefer a more minimalist Christmas decoration, but still unique, attach to your plain wall a gigantic ribbon or lace, with an equally large sticker, so friends and family visiting your home on this special day can write a Christmas message. We hope you a Merry Christmas and good decorations. And we hope that we have convinced you (do not leave your home walls blank!)



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