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25 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decor 2017

25 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decor 2017

It is important now to take the decision about where you want to spend this Christmas. And if you were lucky enough to have a farmhouse I think it will be great if you choose to spend the holiday there, we will help you to get a natural and a nice farmhouse Christmas decor.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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So, if you choose the farmhouse to enjoy Christmas you must add nature to the farmhouse Christmas decor and celebrate the most magical time of the year surrounded by nature. It’s a fantastic plan! While you put it into practice, we will give you some farmhouse Christmas decor  ideas to create the purest rustic and country style at the time of Christmas.

Farmhouse Christmas tree

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

Imagine spending the holidays in a farmhouse surrounded by your family. Enjoying the scene, gather in front of the fireplace while you watch the flames crack, make excursions in the morning and live the warmth of the house in the afternoon. The Christmas tree will increase the magic if it was decorated with simple ornaments.

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

You can put lights, but better to be simple and white decoration. For the ornaments, choose natural and simple materials like crystal balls without too much ornamentation, balls covered with fabrics, wooden ornaments, raffia ribbons or non-shiny fabric. If you used these ideas the decorations will look white and have a frosty or snowy effect. And for the gifts that are placed at the foot of the tree choose rustic style wrappings made with Kraft paper and ribbons and simple bows. For more help in decorating the tree take a look at our article about DIY Christmas tree decorations.

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Farmhouse Christmas decor idea

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

We are going to tell you how to use natural materials to make some farmhouse Christmas decor ideas. How about creating a decoration with branches to make it more beautiful and original?

With thin branches, thicker trunks, small flowers or with leaves still attached to the wood, the decoration with branches confers a rustic and natural air to the environment, leaving it much cozier, with the feelings of a farmhouse.

DIY farmhouse Christmas decor

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

With the twigs you can create unusual and different candles, picture frames made from several small branches, a wreath to the entrance door, ornaments for the Christmas tree and even your most beautiful ornaments for the Christmas table.

Twigs ornaments

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

When it comes to decorating with twigs, what should come to mind is the fun and the luck of being strolling somewhere and coming across the perfect twig. Take the free time to walk through the park and see beyond what we normally see.

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

the materials used in this project are twigs (of diverse sizes and thicknesses, preferably a little more aged to facilitate the handling and to bring an even more rustic tone to the ornament), assorted fabric scraps in Christmas tones, colored glue, sequins or any other element for decoration that you like to use, Instant glue, string, scissors, ruler.

The steps

farmhouse christmas decor ideas
  • First choose a thicker twig to make the base of your ornament and break it, leaving it with about 8cm. Try to choose twig from a more aged tree with less rigid wood, so that the sawing intervention is not necessary.
  • start to cut the smaller twigs, which will form the “pyramid” of ornament pine tree, choosing a thinner twig, break it with approximately 8cm also, and then go breaking the others in smaller sizes, always placing one on top of the other in the pyramid format, to be sure of the dimensions.
  • Position the base stick, on the pyramid you formed, to see if the sizes are proportional if everything is right.
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farmhouse christmas decor ideas
  • Start the glue, place the base twig next to the pyramid, and glue the twigs one by one, starting from the largest to the smallest. Press the pieces for a few seconds, being careful not to break them, to ensure the correct glue. One tip is to wash all the pieces before you start gluing, dust can get in the way of glue fixation, and the wet wood will also absorb the glue less, allowing a greater contact between the surfaces.
farmhouse christmas decor ideas
  • Now you need to make the top handle, to hang the ornament on the tree. You can use fabric or string for the task, use the red polyester felt to make the top, only one flap is enough, cut it in a rectangular shape and joined the tips with the same glue, being careful to leave the face printed out.
  • After making the handle, fix it with the glue on the upper tip of the base stick, now you only need to use it to decorate! You can use creativity and create ribbons with strings and different designs with colored glue, release creativity and enjoy!


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