Best 27+ Cool Bedrooms Inspired From Movies

Cool Bedrooms

Who wouldn’t wanna live in a room inspired by his favorite movie? Cause I know we all do! Talking Harry Potter, Pretty in Pink, Twilight. I remember was redecorating my room recently and got a bit lost in the many ideas everywhere & couldn’t pick a theme. So I thought why don’t I compile all the cool bedrooms inspirations in one article so that no one would get lost anymore! So here it is, the unconventional movie inspired bedroom decorations.

Cool Bedrooms Ideas

If you are here for the same reason I wrote this article, you’d know by now you’ll need the courage to apply these ideas. Not because they’re scary, but because these cool bedrooms are no ordinary. Of course, it will be different from the whole house. Let alone the distinctive theme over the rest of the house. Like this whole house theme inspired from man cave.

cool bedroom movie inspired bedroom

You don’t have to adapt the whole design of a movie bedroom. Since everybody has contradictions, you could fall for two different styles of cool bedrooms at one time! So what to do? Well, you can have only one theme for the room, it could be from any movie… or a whole bunch of movies, maybe not even movies… Hollywood actors! The inside little details, like photographs or lamps, bedding, wardrobe, etc. It could be inspired by lots of things! Check the below picture. and explore this collection of the best bedroom interior design ideas & trends for 2017 / 2018.

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Cool bedrooms inspired by holywood movies

Cool bedrooms for girls

Almost everybody when inspired by a movie, gets fallen for every detail in it. How your favorite character lived, and how his/her house looked like, how his/her bedroom was organized and even its decoration. That’s how I went for the You’ve Got Mail bedroom. and this collection will show you best girls room ideas.

Cool bedrooms inspired from movies - you've got mail

We can say that Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly’s) bedding is a bohemian style. Alongside with the pictures on the wall and her pile of books that shows her personality, but those are the obvious things. You cannot hesitate when it comes to adapting her retro standing lamp & hanging a photograph on that wall above it. In addition to that distressed cabinet, it actually adds to the cheerful colors of the bed. Kathleen’s cool bedroom is a grand example of any girl’s dream room.

Cool bedrooms for guys

Decorating guys bedrooms is not as difficult as it seems. Most guys love to involve their hobbies & personalities in the decorations of the room. Guys mostly like the dark colors such as black, brown and blue and rarely of them like vivid colors such as orange, light blue, and gray. Guys consider their rooms as a refuge, private space and also the furniture where they could receive their friends while this space could serve the bedroom and the social area with a flexible and multifunctional furniture. find inspiration boys bedroom ideas in this collection.

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cool bedrooms inspired from harry potter

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