French Country Decor Ideas (Ultimate Guide)

The French country decor is an unmatched style. it is elegant, chic, and very sophisticated, and it adds the glamor of the style and transmits it into everything else in the house.


Its decoration is a mixture of the old and the new, from the traditional to the modern, and that is why we decipher the secrets of the French country decor to give that glamor to your house.


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French country decor Ideas & basics

1. Shine

Add a little shine in the shape of a vintage chandelier or chandelier lamp, the older, the better. The idea is that your ceiling looks bright.

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The abundance of sconces, table lamps, floor lamps with voluminous lamp shades and candlesticks support this style.

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Imagine the effect of a lit candle at the mirror in a massive gilded frame! It will already transform the space.

2. White walls

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Keep your walls white to maximize the amount of light in the room. But if you want some color, you can add it to one of the walls. and find out the best wall color ideas that you can use to have a perfect interior design.

3- Decorative elements

When you begin choosing decorative elements for this style, try to spend some time researching and choosing carefully those special items from antique fairs.

4- The carpets

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A large carpet as the center of the floor is almost mandatory. It will give color to your room.

5- Mix old art with new

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This kind of French country décor mix will create an eclectic and different style. You can create French country decor by combining antique pieces with modern furniture.

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6- Color palette

A French country palette should involve blue and antique white. Blue may be as light as cornmeal, or as intense as cobalt and old white is preferably matte rather than glossy.

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It also integrates yellow lavender sun, intense red and pale as accent tones.

7- Fine Arts

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Choose prints of oil paintings of the French countryside, gardens that are color riots, cabins are found on a country road and baskets full of flowers.

8- Accessories

Many items of crystal and glass, mirrors, objects with glossy or gold-plated \ silver-plated surfaces are basic of the style with a glare of light – one of the main things of style.

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Porcelain figurines and vases with flowers, caskets, ceramic dishes, classic paintings and compositions from sketches, stucco and carved elements – all this can be found on shelves and walls.

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A pendulum clock, a light screen and a fireplace (or its imitation) will be the finishing touch to the French interior.

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9- The Textiles

Textiles are also selected for complex textures to refract light: organza, velvet, taffeta, silk, satin, velvet, brocade.

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Do not regret the fabric for heavy long curtains with draperies on the forged cornice; they are an important element of style. On the sofas should lie a lot of pillows, and the fabric of the shades is matched to the tone. The most popular pattern is a combination of a flower ornament and strips, but it should be in measure and on brightness and by quantity.

10- Furniture

The basis of furniture in the French style is eclectic, that is, a deliberate mess of unique, carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of comfort.
Collect pieces of furniture of different styles and eras in flea markets, antique shops or find modern copies of amazing shapes and colors.

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The French style has several items. Its low and deep, surprisingly comfortable armchair, small round table top and figured legs, and a dresser – a cupboard for dishes, the main decoration of the dining room.
Characteristic of the French style is a large number of different tables in one room, with furniture legs often carved, straight or slightly curved.
The French style can assemble furniture of different shades of wood and different materials under one roof.

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In the bedroom, this feature can be a bed with a forged back and even with a light canopy. Forged metal generally looks good in the French style, furniture with wrought-iron legs and other elements of metal will play in other rooms.

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In the living room, there will be an appropriate ottoman or couch, an interesting form of a coffee table.

Best French Country Decor Tips

There are actually no rules when it comes to French country style. Any house can be transformed by the French country decor. It is about creating a home that is comfortable, warm and welcoming.

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Using furniture that looks old or rustic, dressed in a cozy pillow or two, allow visitors to feel relaxed enough to put their feet up and stay for a while. The imperfection of this decorating style is to acquire the parts you need will be cheap or quite possibly things you already own. From colors, fabrics and motifs will tie the decoration together to complete the look.


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